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The Knights tale

December 16, 2019
By Anonymous

             This tale begins with a knight that lived in a very dark time where Dragons ruled the land with fear. Men had designed castles to keep the dragons at bay with archer towers. But the people that lived in the outskirts of land were very open and unprotected from the dragon’s wrath. Food was very scarce because of the fire that the dragon brought that turned the fields to waste lands. The kingdom wanted rid of this awful beast. So the king himself offered his Daughter to marry whoever would go and face the dragon and slay it and bring back the tongue of the dead dragon. All of the brave knights wanted to slay the dragon and become a hero in the land but, only one would receive the king’s daughter. So the knights prepared themselves with armor that covered their body with steel. On the right of them laid their sword, and on their bows with many arrows laid on their backs. So they set course to the dragon’s realm. There was one knight that stood out in all white armor. This knight’s name was Oliver. Oliver and his horse traveled to the Far East of the land. Eventually, all of the knights had reached the land where the dragon lived. There was a split in the road with one that headed to the north while the other headed to the south. All of the nights decided to go north, but Oliver was brave and decided to go south. Oliver traveled a little way down the road but came to a halt. The road that he had been traveling came to an end where it led to a dense wood. Oliver tried to bring his horse with him but the horse wouldn’t go. So Oliver decided to leave him tied up to a tree. However, Oliver had to cut his way through the thick brush until he came upon a cave that was on the side of the mountain. The cave was colossal and Oliver thought to himself, “I believe I’ve stumbled upon the Dragons den.” Oliver walked very quietly in the cave. The cave seemed like it went on forever in all directions. As Oliver was walking he heard a very loud noise coming from depths of the cave. When he investigated even deeper into the cave he found the dragon in a deep sleep. The same dragon that has terrorized the land the of the king for centuries. Oliver thought to himself, “How will I kill the dragon.” So he drew out his sword and started heading towards the head of the dragon. Oliver knew that it would take many blows to the neck to cut it. The dragon would have to be in a vulnerable spot for him to hit it before it awoke. So Oliver made a blow to the throat of the dragon. The dragon immediately awoke and threw Oliver thru the air into the stone wall of the cave. In the rush the Dragon took off towards the entrance of the cave and leaped into the air. He flew a little way into the air before he faltered and crashed into the ground. With Oliver’s heart beating rapidly he rushed out of the cave and saw the beast lying dead on the Ground. Once he got to the dragon he saw a puddle of blood laying underneath of him. So Oliver grabbed his knife and cut the tongue of mighty beast. He immediately got his horse and headed back to the King’s palace. Once he arrived at the palace Oliver spoke to the high authority saying, “I need to speak to the King, for I have killed the mighty dragon!” Oliver marched into the king’s chamber and handed him the tongue. The king was very impressed for the work the knight has done. The king gave the brave knight an abundant amount of treasure. But the grandest of all the treasures that Oliver received was the hand of the kings Daughter.

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