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Th Story of Cedany

December 16, 2019
By Anonymous

I knew this stone giant. He was surprisingly sneaky. I don't know how he moved the way he did, but he did and we all benefited because of it. He was a strange fella never giving much about himself, but over our adventures, I learned that his past is a twisted one. This is the story of Cedany.


He grew up a slave. Not a slave that you may think. It’s hard to brutalize a creature made of stone. He was made to fight monsters for the riches pleasure. He only cracked a few times but when he did it would take a long time to heal. The healing process would be painful, stone melting and forming together again. The only good thing about this process I that he would get a break to heal. As soon he was ready however he would be pushed into the arena again. 

From the age of about 14, he started fighting. Before fighting he was responsible to clean the remains that may be left by either the other goliaths or the creatures that were killed. Most of the goliaths would win but on occasion, elderly or young blood would be thrown in and be killed. Every time this would happen the hatred for Bugbears. They took his tribe from their home. 

Most goliaths are brutes. Big, strong, melee fighting menacing stone people. Not Cedany. He was the runt. He was shorter, smaller, not nearly as strong but faster than most. He always found a way to find the joy and silliness in situations, often cracking the same joke like an insane person, He took notice of the first Goliath he ever saw wield a longbow. He often came to him for advice. Like Cedany, he was different. Now he was old and so his silliness was even more unaccepted especially for the situation they were in.

Cedany started to take lessons from him. From a small child, he would hunt rodents, small birds and anything else he could drag. Again he was one of the weakest of his age. 

Once he got in his teens and was made to fight he would always use his master’s longbow. It was big for him at the time but he did to carry on his honor. He had died. Hadrian the Headful, had died. He was fighting two bears and was putting one out of its misery when the other caught him with a fight then pounced. Both bears mauled him until he broke to no repair. Cedany watched it all. 

He took him off with more care then he had anyone else. Even his own father when he fell. He took his bow, for if he didn’t they would have destroyed it. It’s a beautiful bow, with gold streaks on the lower and upper limb meeting at the grip with a swirl of gold, teal and crimson red. The string made strong, even after a lifetime and a half of use never breaking. Light but sturdy, thick but portable. The perfect bow. 


Cedany fought the beast from the age of fifteen to twenty. All of those years he planned revenge and an escape. He was the only person that moved the fighters or the remains of the beast. Now that he was a fighter they sent a group of five to do his old job. He would start to walk back to the cages then stop just outside and hide and wait. When they came out he would fire. He was skilled with his bow by now, almost never missing a shot. After he fired five arrows the rest of his people would rush the gates on the other side. Some would stay back with him and give him fire support. Tybalt, Borin, Sadon, Rowan and his only remaining family member, his brother, ______. 

Fwoop, Fwoop, Fwoop, Fwoop, clank. The last arrow hit his last targets helmet instead of his exposed spot. “Charge!” He ordered. There was no turning back now I suppose. I remember him telling me this whole story and I could not believe it. It was truly unbelievable. 

“Of course there would be casualties. Death is better than being controlled and made to sacrifice yourself for their enjoyment. The losses were not in vain, I’m here and the ones that made it out are  everywhere.” This is what he told me after he saw my expression, it was like he read my mind because I kept thinking if it was worth it.

The last guard that came to collect the remains didn’t stand a chance against all of them. However, according to Cedany, it was like he didn’t even try to fight back. He just stood there and let himself be slain. 

They broke through the cage. Little did they know, the Bugbears built the entrance/exit of the arena in a bottleneck. So when they charged they slammed into the wall and each other. Looking like a bunch of king’s jesters. Many were shot from the balconies surrounding the compound. As it was told to me though, even with their numbers falling they were still able to power through the Bugbears on the ground. The team lead by Cedany was able to give them fire support from both the beasts on the balconies and on the ground. 

Cedany made it out. He lost one-third of his people. His team lost two, Sadon and Tybalt. Himself, Borin, Rowan, and his brother stuck together. 

The arena that they used was not even part of the outside. The arena was made to look like part of a deep forest with white walls separating it from the rest. In reality, they were on a mountain with a flat top. There were trees, but they felt nothing like the ones they knew. Maybe the few elders that remember before they were captured. There were a few left but of the ones left they died in the fight. There were three left. Were because they are probably dead now. 

The three of them went to the biggest tree. No bigger than an adult goliath arm, according to Cedany. They felt the ground that surrounded it all the way to the last branch. The three of them left the tree with tears in their eyes. They went to the ledge of the flattened mountain and went to sleep, to not wake up. 


For the next few years, he would hunt game to sell to whoever would buy the meat and fur. Usually, the buyers were butchers but once in a red moon a bushy, grizzly man would come along and take it off his hands. 

He settled in a little town, where the dear was prevalent. Here he met some, particular people. There was a Tiefling, an Orc, and a Human Although they came to trust one another the first introduction was not pleasant. 

The Orc and the Tiefling got into a tiff. How it started, I don't know but it came to a climax when the Orc threw a mug at the Tiefling. Right before it hit the bard deflected and hit the bartender in the head knocking him out. 

When the bartender came to he was furious. Understandably so. Cedany stood up for the Orc trying to push onto the bard. The bard was still able to convince him was able to convince that Cedany and the Orc threw the mug, which was true.  Sometime later the group was formed and was on its way through the land. 

After a while, they stumbled upon a broken-down carriage. There they found a ___. The ___ came with them, to explore and fight. while they walked they came across a cave. In this cave, there was a bear. The bear, although furry, was not fluffy and cuddly and so it attacked.  Before it did Cedany found a tree as he was the only ranger. The rest of the group stayed on the ground. Cedany knew what to do due to all of his years in captivity. He shot the bear in the shoulder to slow it. 

The newest member attacked it’s back. After stabbing its back he was thrown off and knocked unconscious. The rest of the group was unable to kill nor stop it. The bear bit at Cedany. The bear bit Cedany, but where it did was… well, let’s just say, unclassy. In anger, he drew his daggers and dropped down on the bear stabbing it in the eyes, killing it. To get the revenge he cut the head off. He would get it cleaned out as soon as possible to make it into a mask. With this on, he would look fierce. 


The ragtag group continues after patching up Cedany. He keeps his head up high even with the pain that jam-packs his head with regret. 

“So stupid. So stupid. So stupid!” He is angry at himself. He thinks about what he could have done to avoid the loss of his jewels, however, how the battle was described to me, it seems that there was nothing he could have done. If he had not climbed that tree the group could have been in serious risk. Cheers to you Cedany wherever you may lie. 

The group reaches a town. This town is modern, seeming to be kept up to date with the style. The reason this is odd is that though not poor, the town was not a big export of anything. So how they came up with the money to make new buildings consistently seemed to be impossible. 

They hear of one of the older buildings. A building that stood out due to the obvious age of it. It was old, not even close to modern. Suspiciously unsuspicious.  Another odd thing was that even though it seemed unimpressive at every broken corner, it was guarded.

Excluding Cedany they all agreed to venture into it. So Cedanywanting to keep with his group but to still stay moral decided to only distract the guard. I guess it would be pretty distracting to see a giant stone man with a bear mask.

The group got out with modest loot. One found a bunch of what seemed to be testicles encased with brass or copper or a mixture of the two. The Orc, who found them fascinated them into a whip. The one thing that did that was worth something was a glimmering statue. 

As they left the building they spotted the mayor of the town entering. It was clear it was his house. He did the typical homeowner things. Tended to his hedges, watered his plants and etcetera.  

That night as they were trying to settle their nerves, they heard news of the mayor dying. Th, however, did not look normal. He seemed much older than people thought. There was no telling how this was real. When the guards found him, he was in the room where they stole the artifact. 

The ragtag group left as soon as possible not wanting to be caught with it. All of them except the human. He couldn’t stand being with them. He was loyal to the law and couldn’t bring himself to continue with them. 

It doesn’t make sense to me. If you are going to steal, be smart and know when you should fold. It's all a risk, everything you do or don't. Whatever you do make it calculated. 


So our “brave and strong, resilient and victorious” leaders, all self-proclaimed, are on their travels once again. I would call them “stupid and sloppy, hard-headed and lucky” but hey, whatever gets them through their day. So enough of my opinion, let's continue with them. 

“How much longer?” the Orc groaned, as said by Cedany. “This is absolutely terrible. I would literally rather die.”

“Shut it pickle man.” Replied Cedany. “We are all tired, we are all hurting, we are all walking the same trail. So you can shut your dog mouth up.”

In my opinion, I think Cedany was way to savage here but hey, it’s funny. 

The group eventually found another town. This town, however, was different. It was strong. It had a military. 

So what would you do if you found a military-based town? Find a ship and raid it? Me neither. But that’s what our “brave and heroic” buddies did.

“I hear that there is a giant ship. Probably great items on it. Let’s wait for night and sneak on to it. Cedany, you will wait by the boat we are going to rent. When we give you the signal or start running you get the crew working and get us the hell out of here. Got it?” Instructed the Tiefling.

“Yeah, whatever.” Responded Cedany. “I’m going to see if I can get some gold and buy more rations beforehand.” 

Poor Cedany, always the one that has to distract or stay back. I’m surprised he didn’t do what he did sooner. But that is for later. 

There was a Halfling in this town. The halfling had nothing to so she decided to join them. I don't know how she knew they were there, Cedany just said she joined while he was working with the blacksmith to make some more gold. 

After dark, the plan went into action. Cedany stood by the boat they had rented and the rest went and scavenged the ship. Guards were killed and things were stolen. Neither compares to what happened at the end.

They felt a rumble, they heard a rawr, then they saw what was the origin of it. A dragon from within the massive ship burst through the side and began to attack. 

So as planned they hauled it off to Cedany and their boat. Now I say boat only because it was much smaller than the ship they just left. Their boat was a pretty formidable ship. 

The crew was surprisingly well trained. They knew how to get out of this situation with almost ease. It was almost like they had been training for it. Of course, it’s hard to do anything with ease when there is a dragon attacking you. 

For good reason Cedany’s brother stays behind, not wanting to be like them and most likely be killed Of course this is not what happens. 


So now they are on the ocean. Sailing fast, breathing faster. The dragon did not follow them for whatever reason. Where will there travel lead them? Who cares? No one. Here you go.

“Can I go with you? I could use a drink.” Cedany stated to his comrades. 

Hell no.” Both the Orc and the ___ said simultaneously. They left him to go to the ship’s bar. 

I don’t know why they didn’t let him go with them. It seems he was always nice. Maybe he was too nice and appeared as a pushover. Funny considering that he comes from a family of giant stone people. 

They probably regretted not letting him go. They got so drunk that they passed out with the highly flammable alcohol next to them. This wouldn’t be that bad if Cedany had not found them and poured the rest of it on them and holding a flint and steel next to their faces. He then proceeds to hold down the Orc until he cleaned himself off like a cat. From then on the Orc’s nickname was kitty. 

Feeling justice he leaves them wet and scared. He heads topside to feel the breeze as he always dreamed to do. Even in dire situations, he found the good, as I’ve stated before. 

After a while, they see another ship. There is something off about it. When it gets into a clear view they can see that it is a ghost naval ship. This was very possibly not good. 

When I say ghost, I do not mean a transparent, very possibly nonexistent, boogie man that you tell stories about, around the campfire. No, the ghost I am referring to is one of the highest ranks of the ship there can be. the only rank higher are the Royals, which a nation's army is only allowed one. 

The crew of the shipboard our hero’s boat. They demand to know who all is on the ship and what their business is being in this restricted area. 

So apparently they were traveling in a highly restricted area. Bad news bears. 

“Sir our crew includes an Orc, a Tiefling, a Goliath, a ___ and myself a halfling.” Says the newest member of their party. “Which an all-human crew.”

As I understand it, she was the one taking charge because she has a naval rank. Her word means more than any other person’s. 

“Would you happen to have a stowaway? Human?” The Captain questioned. “It would appear that your people and he have crossed paths. Maybe even traveled with him.”

“No, sir. We do not. We have fully checked to see if any...undesirables, made it on and we came up with nothing. I can guarantee you that we have no more people than what I have just presented to you.” The Halfling responded with. 

With that the Captain let them go just as long as the got out of the area. So they did that. 

Before they left and the Halfling was still trying to get them out of their precarious situation, Cedany decided to walk down a couple of levels. He found wet footprints from an ajar window. He followed the trail to a room of pickle barrels. Then he spots something. 

“Come out, now!” Cedany demands drawing his bow back. “Wait. You? How?”

It seems that they did have a stowaway. The captain was right, the human that they had traveled with. He was a hard opponent even for a goliath especially for Cedany since he tries to only use his bow.

Despite this Cedany picks up the ques that he is about to lunge so he does it first. He tackles him to the floor and draws his bow. Fwoop, the all to a familiar sound, Fwoop. He is still fighting. It makes Cedany hesitate due to pure terror. 

The human is able to push off Cedany and pull out a knife and slits his throat. Luckily Cedany is made out of stone so it didn’t penetrate deep enough to kill but to hurt him bad. The human wins the fight and now is raining down punches from on top of him. 

Cedany’s people hear the commotion. They run downstairs to see the sight. They pull him off and neutralize him, hogtying him. 

“What the hell are you doing here?” The Tiefling questions. “I thought you were to busy solving who stole a Tomato.” Do you get that one? I sure don’t. 

I didn’t expect this but the group actually tried to convince the human to join them. He rejects and so they throw him off the boat still tied. I’m pretty sure he drowned. A little harsh I think but he did attack Cedany. 

Cedany is healed and either lounge around or scouts the seas.

Obviously, these “chapters” are not actual chapter and several of them are short. These are just the major parts that I think changed Cedany. Without further ado let's start again. 

“Guys? Do hear that?” The ____ exclaims. “Is that singing? It’s beautiful.” 

“I do believe it is.” The Halfling responds. I found this surprising, she seemed to have it together but I guess we all have a breaking point. 

Cedany and the Tiefling figure out what it is. It isn’t singing. It’s a high electric sound that is produced by things called Sirens. What they do is lure people in with their “singing” then devour their bodies. 

Cedany and the Tiefling are able to contain the Halfling, ____ and the Orc until they too figure out was is happening. This, unsurprisingly, anger the Sirens. 

The Sirens are known for being almost impossible to kill. They all know this. That’s why when all three decided to attack there was fear all through the ship. 

“Cedany can you hit it?” Yelled the Tiefling. 

“Let’s see shall we.” Responded Cedany firing and hitting the biggest Siren. 

then, out of nowhere, the Orc leaps from the ship and swims toward the Siren. What a fool. Orcs are not good in the water and Sirens live, hunt and breed in the water. The Orc is quickly taken down. Not dead, but nearly. Then an arrow gets him square in the chest. This arrow is not from Cedany. They all look towards where the arrow came from. Cedany’s brother was there on a smaller boat firing at the Sirens. 

The Sirens take note of this goliath. As they begin to go to Cedany’s brother, it leaves the rest a chance to get their Orc friend. 

The Sirens attack both boats crippling them severely. They start to sink so they all jump for whatever will float. The Sirens seem uninterested in them now and leave. The human crew dies but our heroes remain. 


Thye float for a while. Not only drifting on the water but also in and out of consciousness. Cedany is not a cusser. He never thought that it was necessary. But here he did. He cussed and cursed at God. He finally got away from a life of pain and loss. Now he is here, nearly dead with all of his friends dying. As he is about to give up on God a bird lands on him. This bird was beautiful. This bird could speak. It wasn’t a parrot. It seemed like a number of different birds. It spoke, “If you die I shall take your place.”

They made it to a shoreline. There they were pulled into an inn, similar to the one the original crew met. They were patched up and fed. 

I think Cedany broke. He was quiet. His charming joking self was mute. He now seemed like a grizzled old man who spent a lifetime killing. His eyes seemed glazed. What he did was unexpected. But maybe it was justified. 

As the rest made a plan to leave as quickly as possible, Cedany kept to his room. As they were drinking and trying to shake themselves back into things, Cedany cried. As they stayed up, Cedany stayed in bed. He was depressed. He was gone. His body was there but what made him who he was, was gone.


With his brother in the room, Cedany shot himself in the head with his own bow. Later on, he was cremated. However, the group had no time to mourn. They were on the move, no time for slowing down. What are we after? I don't know. 

Now how do I know his story? I was that bird that landed on him. I am now pretending to be his reincarnation. Luckily for me, he kept a detailed journal that was given to me after I convinced them I’m him. I don’t feel bad about lying to them. They need me. The wouldn’t let some strange bird man join them otherwise. The Halfling is different since she is half-human, she “can be trusted” which is a bunch of crap in my humble opinion. My kind is known to be deceitful, true, so that is why I choose to pretend I’m him. Hwy I joined them is because I’m curious where they are ging. If it’s money lucky me, if it’s death, well we are all going to die one day, might as well have fun. 

So far we have traveled very little. However recently we did get into a fight with a ghost that could only get hurt with magic. I do not have magic spells but I was able to hurt its feelings by saying “pish posh you need to floss” when it said get out. I did get hurt from the fight but my flame insults were so worth it. 

So if any more exciting things come up I will be sure to write them down for whoever decides to do some researching of an old bird man’s story. Bye. 

(Based heavily on my DND game)

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