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How Much Is Happiness Worth?

December 19, 2019
By Nerdbomber04 BRONZE, Willard, Ohio
Nerdbomber04 BRONZE, Willard, Ohio
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            Hi, the name’s Bella and the only thing I wish for is to be happy. Hopefully, with any luck, that day will come soon, I’ve been waiting 16 years for this. And Finally, after all this time, I almost have enough points. That’s how the world works here, you get points from the government. Inside is my favorite place, beings as outside isn’t the best. In this area, NYC, we have a division of ‘worlds’, the happy live in a huge bright town. The rest of us, live in a small, gloomy, run down place. You could ask anyone here and they’ll say their only wish is to be happy, well, almost everyone at least. I snapped out of my fantasies of the happy world as I heard knocking on my window. As usual, it was my best bud Felix, he and I had been here together for as long as I can remember, but there’s one thing that sets us apart. I opened the window and Felix hopped inside, “You weren’t fantasizing again were you?” he said with a stern look. I rolled my eyes and didn’t answer. “I told you to stop with that garbage. I’m telling you, this is all hogwash and this isn’t the way we’re supposed to become happy.” Although, as he spoke I found myself not paying attention.


             “Bella? Bella really? You were ignoring me again?” Apparently, he had finished his big speech and had been sitting there waiting for me to reply. I turned back to him and sighed, “Look Felix.. I just don’t wanna believe it.. What if we try what you want and we lose our chance to be happy?” Felix shook his head slowly and stared at me in silence for a moment, concocting a plan. Before Felix could say anything about what he had come up with my mama came in. I could tell she was going to speak to me when she first walked into the room but she then turned to Felix instead. “Hola Felix, ¿Cómo estás?” She smiled at Felix fondly; she liked how he thought outside of the box. Felix paused for a moment, trying to remember the reply, “Hola Senora, Mas o Menos, y tu?” He grinned when he finished. Mama looked at him for a moment beaming and then turned back to me, “Mija, dinner is ready.” She said and then vanished through the door.


             It was later that evening and Felix still hadn’t given up on the idea of us trying to stop what he called “nonsense”. Finally, I stood up and looked at him, “I’m trusting you on this, but if I lose my right to be happy over this, you’ll regret it.” I stood with my arms crossed, still very unsure. Felix jumped at this agreement and headed out my window, “I have to go home and get prepared.” Was the last thing I heard of him that night. I laid in my bed with this conversation passing through it time after time. What would mama think? What would Governor Porter do? Would we be able to actually accomplish this mission?  The last thing that ran through my mind before I fell asleep stung, Would I ever be happy?


             I woke up the next day to loud banging on my window. I bolted up and opened the window frantically, “Can you not be so loud?! What if Mama hears you?!” My eyes were the size of golf balls but Felix didn’t seem to care. “We have work to do Bella, we can’t worry about Mama right now.” He mumbled and went back over to the window and pulled two big bags in through it. “These are our supplies.” He said before I could ask anything and handed one of the bags to me. I swung it over my shoulder and sighed, “Are you sure this is gonna work?” I asked worried. Felix flashed a small grin, “I’m not sure anything is gonna work.. but it’s worth a shot.” I shook my head but didn’t say a word, I even smiled a little. “Let’s go.” Felix said standing up.


               “Here, let’s take a minute to rest.. My feet hurt.” Felix sat down and motioned a seat next to him. We had made it almost all the way to the governor’s place. My mind was still racing, I was anxious and I wanted to call it quits and go back. Felix obviously saw that in my face and put his hand on my shoulder, “Hey, its ok. We can do this. We’ll earn what we deserve.” He smiled trying to reassure me. We didn’t rest for too long before starting our travel once more. It was so beautiful inside this side of town, but, for some reason, it just didn’t feel like home. I looked around at all the colorful buildings and the happy people and it just didn’t feel right. “Maybe you’re right Felix.. this doesn’t feel right.. Maybe this isn’t the way to be happy.” I mumbled under my breath and looked down minding my step. Felix looked over at me after hearing what I said but kept quiet. “Ya know, you might just be onto something Felix..” I said out loud all of a sudden, and then frantically glanced around to make sure no one heard me. Felix was bent over laughing at me, “You shouldn’t be so quiet about that.. But whatever floats your boat.” He muttered and grabbed my hand and dragged me onward, “Lets go, we’ve got a ways to go.”


                 “Hey Felix, what gave you the idea that happiness isn’t found through this messed up system?” I glanced sideways at Felix just in time to watch his expression change. “Well.. I guess part of it was growing up without my parents because mom had just moved here when I was born.. And when I met you, I felt happy for the first time in years.. so I vowed to myself that I’d show people that this corrupt way of living isn’t the way to be happy.” Felix got all bashful and stared at his hands. I got a big smile on my face and I felt all warm inside. What was this feeling?? “Felix.. I don’t feel right..” I mumbled and he immediately looked up at me, his eyes widened. “What do you feel like? Are you ok?!” I could see the fear in his eyes. “I have this fuzzy feeling inside.. and I can’t stop smiling.. what’s wrong with me?!” I panicked, I had never felt like this before, but, it felt sort of nice. Felix took a big sigh of relief and calmed down, “That’s what happiness feels like.. you f-felt it from w-what I said d-didn’t you?” He asked, and as I looked at him I saw a slight pinkness in his cheeks. I relaxed and smiled, laughing a little, “Y-Yeah I did.. So this is what happiness feels like? I like it..” Felix turned away from me again and stopped in his tracks. I looked at him in confusion and was bouncing up and down a little. “We’re here.” He mumbled and I turned back to a huge brightly colored building.


                 “State your name and business here.” Rang out a high pitched joyful voice from a small speaker box. At first Felix froze, unsure what to do and then he clicked the button and spoke into it, “We’re here to see the governor.. This is Felix and Bella.. from the other side of town.” Felix regretted the last part. “THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN?!” came the shrill voice, “Come in.. I’ll get the governor right away.” The gate opened and I looked over at Felix shocked. “That was easy..” I heard Felix mumbled as we walked through the gate and inside the building. Within minutes, we were sitting in front of the governor of our small area. “The answer is no.”  He said sternly and I watched in silence, I hadn’t uttered a word the whole time. Felix was out of his seat and he was furious, “Have a heart would ya?! People have no clue what real happiness is all because of your stupid lunatic run government.” I grabbed Felix’s hand and he looked back at me. “Settle down..” I said and stood up. When I stood up Felix sat down and I stepped up to the governor’s desk. “Sir, please, just give people a chance to find happiness on their own.. Children are losing their families to this rule.. If you could just let them-“ before I could finish the governor started shaking his head. “Absolutely not! You children get out of here now. You will earn your happiness when I see it best.” The governor barked and gave me and Felix a hateful look.


               Felix started to argue but I stopped him, “Yes sir… thank you for your time.” I said quietly, getting up and started walking away. “So much for seeing my parents again..” Felix mumbled and followed me. The governor looked up at the two of us again, “Wait..” He said. We both turned around and he took a hard look at Felix. “Son? Is that you? You’ve…You’ve gotten so big.. “ Felix’s eyes grew wide and he ran over to the governor and embraced him. “Dad! Its you!” I had never seen Felix cry before, so it was weird to watch it now. I watched both of them talk yet I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn’t hear a word they said. Did that mean we’d get to be happy? Would Felix and I still be able to hang out? That means mama was right..Felix was smart for thinking out of the box.. “Right Bella?” I heard Felix say and snapped back to reality. “Huh? Uh yeah.” I said quickly and looked down. Felix walked back over to me and put his arm around me, “Let’s go home and get your stuff.” He smiled at me brightly. The governor’s expression changed and he seemed confused. “What do you mean? She can’t come here. She belongs with the rest of them.” I could almost feel the anger radiating from Felix; He got in his father’s face and growled. “She comes, or I don’t come back.” He said in a low undertone. “Then so be it.” The governor snarled at his son, “And that means the rule shalln’t be lifted.” I almost yelled at the man. Felix grabbed my arm quickly and dragged me out of the building. We headed back to our neck of the woods and Felix vowed we would be happy, despite that stupid rule. “Are you ever gonna go back to see him again?” I asked Felix. Felix smiled faintly at me, “Never.” He said softly. “Ok.” I murmured.

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