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Battle of Lincoln Park

April 26, 2008
By Anonymous

This is the story of Rob Forewhat and his interesting story of the battle of Lincoln Park.
Chapter 1:
The beginning
I couldn't remember everything but I'll tell you as much as I can. It was world war III and I was in the frontline. I was determined to win, why? Because it was the battle of Lincoln Park our capital city and where our families are, with also our history. Lincoln Park is very special and we wouldn't give up. The war started in December 13, 2017, North and South America fused together at this time and we became one continent, Parada. Parada had 77 states and over a million cities. We learned every single language to humans so we'll understand each other when people went on foreign lands for a vacation, cool right? On our side (allies) we had the British and the rebels had the Germans on their side (axis).
The day the war started was when the nicro rebels attacked Foreway. The nicro rebels are rebels that just are actually wannabe rebels because they don't have a reason to be rebels; they just want to be rebels. Their army is the size of 5,000 while ours is 3,000. We bombed their camp and we just started the war. The rebels control half of Parada (South America). Well back to the battle. They bombed Lincoln Park and then we charged at the army. The city is half destroyed and almost in ruins. We already asked for reinforcements.
The battle lasted for over 30 months. Well, now here's the real story. I was with my troop and we were ordered to go kill their frontline with troop 76. I was in troop 77. We started charging at their camp. I had a 7.62mm NATO Battle Rifle and a 15 March 2004 Handgun also had some grenades. There was like only 20 soldiers in their camp. We started shooting their faces off. Body by body the rebels died, blood splashing on our faces when we shot them. Once they all died we thought that was too easy. They didn't shoot back but, off the top of the hill we saw something horrible. It was their whole army. The devilfish carriers arrived instantly. They are troop carriers that have good weaponry on them and only carry twelve soldiers. There was about fifthteen of them. Sending out the soldiers they charge at the army killing around hundred of them. We felt like we were in a war at area 51 because the rebel's troop 45 got turned to zombies once, luckily we killed them.
Trucks and tanks came in a hurry. The cities' national motto was "have nice stays at our beautiful city of beaches, hotels, malls, and everything good".
Well, chip the troop jokester blurted out "have a wonderful stay at our destroyed city of Lincoln Park, we got everything in ruins and we got to do war for our entertainment".
"Nice speech". I replied. Our full army was here and we weren't going to lose.
Chapter 2:
Who let the dogs out?
We charged shooting with machine guns to rifles to snipers to missile launchers. We killed their first troop! Their first troop mostly killed our first line but now we didn't even get shot! We shot them till the city was streaming with red, gooey, blood flowing to each block of the city. My troop was shooting like dogs. Just to tell you my troop was known as the angry dog team because when we were determined to win we will fight till we die, even if we broke a leg. We weren't losing, we were winning! We kicked butt until we saw the huge plane go on top of us. It just starts charging up this weird red cannon looking thing. Wait; "cannon?" My body froze like I couldn't even move. I started screaming "run"! Once I was free from my imprisoned body I ran like the roadrunner in the old cartoon the roadrunner. The cannon fired killing our whole army. Trying to get away, I and my troop got under our little hideout.
Later when the screams of our dying soldiers stop, we got out and sneaked to a devilfish. Luckily the tank was in good condition. Wait, it was too good, it wasn't even scratched or burned. Then, it exploded! Three of my men were in there. I couldn't believe it, our troop survived all of this and then we lose half of our troop. Some of them died outside of the explosion. We ran to our hide out. We stayed there for at least 10 days without food or water. Then with a shock of horror hit us.
We found a newspaper saying that Lincoln Park was completely destroyed; block to block the rebel’s firkin killed everyone. The bodies were laying on the streets and sidewalks with their blood flowing out. We made the chose to go out and kill the rest of the rebels still in the city.

Chapter 3:

We moved out and used the rest of our ammo to rip their bodies apart from head to toes, from the brain to the bladder we'll mix their organs and eat them up for dinner. Not really. We strolled though the city not seeing a life form on earth except for us. Half of the troop died from hunger others died from traps. What I can't believe is that chip actually survived. At the end we stayed at the hideout. Around two days later we were still alive but then we heard a humming noise. It was the cannon again! We were still tired from walking though the whole city. We stood up and tried to get out but then it was too late. The cannon shot out a deathly ray of red light.
I fell and hit my head, before I blacked out I saw my troop die in suffer, thinking of how it found us I blacked out. I woke up finding myself in a pile of wood, rocks, dirt, and bodies. I stood up finding my arm burnt and broken I step outside in the sunlight of day I walk home, suffering of pain in my arm and heart since my family, troop, and friends dead. Knowing my home is gone in ruins I just walk with my dying heart in pain and a broken arm.
Chapter 4:
I'm a Nomad

I wandered though the city going into the stores to look for food, not knowing if I'll live I travel till I see another city. Traveling though the highway, I wonder what happens to us when global warming kills us. I wandered though the plains until I saw my base and ran to it. The place was empty but there were good beds and lots of food. I found a newspaper that said the rebels died from a bomb drop at Death's Cave. That's where their master base is! I was so excited I peed my pants. It also said that all the soldiers and citizens of Parada are safe at Hork Park. That means only a few soldiers of the rebels are still alive. I packed some clothes that fit and some food. I got all the magazines I could and left. I planed to go to Hork Park and once there I'll go with them to attack the rest of the rebels. Hork is only a few miles away so I'll have to hurry. I tried to get there as fast as I could but once I ran a mile I was out of energy. A few hours later a tank came. At first I thought it was a rebel tank but then I saw it wasn't rebel. I ran to the tank at fast as I could but it wouldn't work. I just sat down in the sand till it came closer. The tank saw and stopped. The soldiers just stared at me like I was some little girl dancing in the desert, that or they thought I was some hot lady in the sand since I grew really long hair. Luckily they knew it was me and not a girl or hot lady in the sand. They brought me back to the base and I got a haircut, a cast for my arm, and a new troop. I was sent to troop 90. The troop kept asking how I survived from the attack and traveled to the base alive.
We talked and I was telling them my story. I felt like I was with my own troop and remembered the time we partied like animals after we won a battle against the rebels. We had a huge party; we started shooting in the sky. Making fireworks with our rocket launchers we danced and partied for hours from day to night, from breakfast to dinner we never stopped till morning. The next morning we got ready to attack the rebels. I got a MP5K sub-machine gun and an AK-47 assault rifle, and an M-9 Berretta 9mm pistol. We charged to the nearest rebel base and attacked the snipers at the roof. We got inside and killed as many as we could. The blood of the dead was sick. I saw it everywhere. We shot every soldier in the little small base of blood. The vapor of the blood was going into the air vent, trying to choke us with its foul smell.
We bombed the base and ran to the next base. We destroyed like half of the total of bases they had while the rest of them belonged to the bombers.
After we bombed all the bases we celebrated for like 2 days. When I woke up in the morning I could barely breathe. I yelled to my troop members. They woke up saying what's wrong. I don't know why but I was the only one that couldn't breath. They brought me to the medic room. All I can see was doctors crowding around me. I was in there for 4 hours.
Later I couldn't see anything, it was pitching black. The lights turned on. Doctors came in saying "he's dead." But I wasn't! I couldn't standup I was strapped in a coffin! I tried to yell but I couldn't for some reason. I think I lost my voice! The doctors said that I chocked on gunpowder and they couldn’t do anything without killing me instantly. I peeked though a hole in the coffin and saw that they brought me some where in a car and heard crying chanting and shooting in the sky and dirt being dropped on top of the coffin. Then I knew that I was being buried in the cemetery. I was in there for like hours but then something struck me. I was running out of air! I was dying in a coffin trying to live I wonder if I was wasting my life being a soldier. Was I? I wondered for a long time. Instantly the place was black and my heart stopped. My whole life has ended.

Chapter 5:
The end for my story.

Out of nowhere the coffin opened. I saw a huge group of people crowding around the hole. I breathed the fresh smell of nature's fresh spring air. I was so relieved to be able to breathe this air once again. The people brought me up. Once up I noticed that they were little kids, probably in middle school. A truck came and some soldiers came out of it. I was so happy when I saw my troop. I asked them how they new I was alive. They told me that I was screaming for help when the little kids rode their bikes to the town. I looked around. The place was like a new city. I looked at the city sign and it said … Lincoln Park. Once we got into the city my troop gave me a tour and the place was huger than ever and the park's grass was trimmed down really short for some reason. (I mean the grass was trimmed till you could see the mud underneath.) The mall was rebuilt and what amazed me was that the hideout for my troop was turned in to a famous tourist site. The people got to see the inside and what was cool was that my former troop members were in a special cemetery where I was buried. The workers put statues of my troop in as dead bodies in the hideout. I liked the new city. I was told that the rebels all died and we got to get our old land back. What was happier news were that they found my son in the house they were at. His name was Jake and he was hiding in a little square closet or cupboard and hid in there with it locked. I met up with him and we built a new house for us. I retired from the military about four months after the war ended. Jake grew up and graduated from Parada University (PU). He later became a general for the military and saved a lot of people from invasions of new militaries being born. He got married and lived in the park like always while I moved in to the great harvest plains and stayed there watching T.V. I was famous in the military and my son was turned famous too. Now I stay in a little wooden house in the great harvest plains, rocking on my rocking chair on the porch, farming is my job now. I say farewell to those who are reading this book of my past. I am now 101, and I say, farewell to thee.
This is the story of Rob Forewhat.
He was a survivor.
This was created by the dream of the author, Justin.
Please don't start a world war or a just plain war.
War hurts the Earth which means you'll hurt yourself, the Earth, and the nature of the animals.
Remember to keep the Earth clean and healthy and don't hurt the Earth or you'll regret your poor action. This message was from Justin.

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