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April 26, 2008
By Anonymous

"Isn't beautiful how the sun sets like that?" Agustin said.

"Yeah,and even stranger the moon rising at the same time," I said lying next to my best friend Agustin. We had been there for a long while, since after school at 3 o'clock and even though many words were not said, we could understand each other.

"My brother may be worried about me besides I have the car and your aunt is gonna worry too," Agustin sighed.

I got up too look at him eye to eye.
"Do your brother or my aunt ever worry about us?" I asked.
Agustin just laughed and said "No".
We sat there for a while laughing until we heard something above...tridactyles. Tridactyles meant only one thing,Prowlers were on their way. I being a Prowler didnt worry but Agustin got up said "Okay, I know you are a Prowler but what about me? Will they hurt me?"

"I dont know, I'm the same kind of Prowlers the Tridactyles call about, but it is a good idea to head home." And with that we got into Agustin's car and started the 45 mile drive home. But something strange happened. My hands began changing, my hair turned fire red and eyes (according to Agustin) were like flaming ice.

"Okay,everytime you turn Prowler, it gets worse and I dont want to get eaten or anything worse, so you need to tell me whats going on here," Agustin was getting nervous but still keeping control of the car.

I didnt know what was wrong with me.My transformation was never this bad. My head was pounding and eyes blinding red. It felt so hot in the car and I lost control of the body. I couldnt feel myself flailing my arms around or Agustin pulling me back down in the seat. It was as if someone or something had taken over and I couldnt do anything to stop it. Then i saw what looked like a bright yellow light and then I heard a howl, my howl,the prowler howl. My peircing cry was calling to the moonlight as I sat in the ghostly moon shining above me. Agustin came running up to me and stood over me like a protective master.

"So,you have reached a new level in transformation,should i be scared?" Agustin asked me. I shook my head 'no' and he lifted me up and sat me on his lap. Yet again despite his silly brother and my stupid aunt, we sat watching the moon waiting for the sun.

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