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Eternal Night : Chapters 3, 4, & 5

July 16, 2010
By SerraAngel GOLD, Buchanan, Michigan
SerraAngel GOLD, Buchanan, Michigan
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Chapter 3


I sat in the wooden chair and waited as the computer loudly hummed to life. As soon as the blank screen lit up I searched for “Willa White”. Willa White was my great-great-great-great grandmother. Nothing came up, as usual. I searched for ‘1600 witch trials’. Still nothing. Willa was accused of being a witch, but I’m the only one who knows her secret.
It all started a few months ago, when I was

Photo credit: Leah B., Kokomo, INwandering around in my attic. That’s when I discovered her journal. It dated back to 1698. Willa was a witch.

She was quiet and kept to herself, which was one thing we had in common, writing all of her spells and potions in her journal. Soon she married a poet, and had two children, Mathew and Annemarie. When they accused her she ran away to Europe and left her children with the poet, she never mentioned his name in her journal in fear that they’d find and accuse him.

While she was in Europe she met a woman named Anne Burke, Rebekah’s ancestor. Anne showed Willa something that she never read about in any of her books. A vampire.

Chapter 4


“Dominic, are you ok?” Lily asked looking at me “Oh, I’m just dandy.” I replied sarcastically. I sat and rubbed my head for a few seconds before Cameron walked in humming, “Uh!” I shouted in pain. Cameron stopped “Someone seems cheerful today.” “Laugh if you want,” I was irritated now “but you wouldn’t want to spend most of your day listening to the stuff people think of!” “I know, I know, it gets annoying.” Lily said.

I sat in my dark room and my head ache started to go away. I could hear Lily and Cameron downstairs talking and I began reading their thoughts. Lily was thinking I should ask someone to the dance so I won’t be upset all the time and Cameron was thinking about some girl he met. I got up, put on my jacket and went for a walk. But as soon as I left the house I heard a scream.

Chapter 5


“Fluffy!” The lady shrieked when she saw the dead cat on the ground. “Now ma’am this could be a different cat.” I began, tucking my short black hair behind my ears. “No, I know my Fluffy and this is her.” I sighed, but Dominic comes in and stops me from making a huge explanation for why her cat is on the ground. “Hey, Victoria. What’s up?” “Hey, this is Fluffy.” I answer. He leans over “Hi Fluffy.” He waves. “Can you help me out here?” “Oh, right.” He looks into the girl’s eyes “Go home, turn on the TV and Fluffy will be home shortly.” He whispers. And she turns around and walks home like they all do. Dominic can read minds and control them. “My work is done here, no need to applaud.” I roll me eyes, and sit next to the cat. I place my hand an inch above it and it wakes up without a scratch. “Go on home.” The kitten scampers off to find her owner waiting for her. I turn around. “Thanks….” I begin but then realized he left.

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