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Eternal Night: Chapter 9

August 26, 2010
By SerraAngel GOLD, Buchanan, Michigan
SerraAngel GOLD, Buchanan, Michigan
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Chapter 9

“Alison, Elle is here!” My mom shouted.

“Alright, just send her up!” I called. I flipped through Willa’s journal one more time, when a page caught my eye. ‘A Transformation Spell’ I read from the page. “Hmm…” Attached to the page was a necklace. The pendant on the necklace was a silver cresset moon surrounding an orb. I looked closer at the orb and saw that it was filled with a purple smoke. I read the instructions for the spell in Willa’s journal. ‘Put on the necklace and read the following aloud.’ I put it on and read:

‘As dark as evil,

‘As dark as night,

‘To find the way,

‘You’ll need a light.’

Suddenly the candles on my desk lit up. I gasped and looked at the journal then gasped again. The words changed. It now said:

‘To hear the voices,

Of the Unspoken,

Only these words,

Can make the spell become broken…’

“Cat!” I said. My cat, Midnight, jumped up onto my desk and walked onto the journal. (If you’re wondering why I yelled ‘Cat’ instead of Midnight, it’s because ‘cat’ is his nickname) Midnight is all black, with green eyes. That’s how he got his name.

I was about to set him on the ground when suddenly I began to shrink. I opened my mouth to yell, but all that came out was a meow. I was a cat. I walked, on all fours, to the mirror next to my bed. For a second I thought I was looking at Midnight, but I looked closer and noticed the cat’s eyes I was looking at were brown, Midnight’s eyes are green.

I heard a knock on my door, “Hello? Alison, its Elle.” I heard her say.

I opened my mouth again this time words came out “You can come in. I have something to tell you.” I decided to tell her about me being a witch.

She opened the door, “Last time someone said that it didn’t go so well.” I jumped up onto my bed, “Hi Midnight.” She said. Then Midnight walked to the front of the bed and meowed.

“Hi Elle.” I said. She jumped, “Alison?” I smiled (If it was even possible for a cat.) “Yeah it’s me. I need your help.”

She stared at me, “Obviously.”

“Can you get me to my desk?” I asked.

“Sure.” She answered, still looking shocked. “What’s this?” she asked looking at Willa’s journal.

“I’ll explain when I’m not a cat.” I answered.

“Okay, what do I do?” She asked, reading the page. “What necklace is it talking about?”

Oh, I’m wearing it. Just read the words out loud.” I answered. With no other questions Elle read it just as I had, but when it came to the part about ‘Only these words can make the spell become broken’ she stopped.

“It doesn’t say anything else.” She said flipping the page over. “What did you say after that?” She asked looking up at me.

I thought for a while. “I said ‘cat’.” I remembered.

“Cat!” She yelled. We waited but nothing happened. “Maybe you have to say it.” She suggested. “Cat!” I yelled. As I said it I began to turn human again.

Suddenly the candles blew out and the pages of the journal began to turn. With the candles blown out the room was dark. I looked down and saw the purple orb in my necklace glowed. Bright colors filled the room.

“What’s going on?” Elle asked, staring at the necklace in disbelief.

“I don’t know.” I answered, “This hasn’t happened before.” Suddenly as fast as it started, it stopped.

“Oh my gosh.” Elle’s hands flew up, covering her mouth in shock. “Alison, look in the mirror.” She instructed.

I stared at my reflection in complete shock. My eyes were big like a cats and I had a cat nose. “How can this get any worse?”

“Well you can start by turning around. That would make things worse.” Elle said. Regretfully I turned around and saw the strangest thing in the world. I had a fluffy cat tail. I began hyperventilating.

“Alison, don’t panic.” Elle said.

“Too late I’m panicking.” I replied.

“I’m sure there’s a spell in here to fix you.” She said, trying to relax me. But I stopped breathing all together.

“Did you just say a ‘spell’?” I asked.

“Um, yeah about that…Cameron kind of already told me.” She answered nervously.

“So you know I’m a witch?” I asked trying to be sure.

“Yeah.” She answered.

“Can you sleep over so I can tell you how all of this started?” I asked.

“Sure.” She answered.

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on Jan. 8 2011 at 12:23 pm
SerraAngel GOLD, Buchanan, Michigan
12 articles 0 photos 28 comments

Favorite Quote:
"we have nothing to fear but fear itself".

tell me how u think i could do to improve this chapter :) thnx