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The rescue of the Fecainian princess, Sonia

August 31, 2011
By Kenniekonglee PLATINUM, Ampang, Other
Kenniekonglee PLATINUM, Ampang, Other
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Here in Fecainin, we live peacefully. Fecainin is a hidden village deep in the unknown jungle that nobody knows, except for us Fecainians and well, maybe god too. We are very happy here because we have enough food, shelter, fabric, and anything else that we need. We may be living in wooden houses, but we are very grateful and happy. Our kind has been existing for many generations now, about two hundred years at least.

We are ruled by King Spude and his wife Queen Suzzie. Tomorrow, the whole village will be celebrating as the King’s daughter Princess Sonia will be turning sixteen. So the next morning everyone gathered at The Centre which is a place we usually gather when there is an important announcement or party. The place was beautifully decorated, and there were tables and chairs for everyone.

Just as the princess was going to blow her birthday cake candles, a black lightning suddenly struck the ground and a person appeared out of the grey mist. He shouted: “Greetings Fecainians. I am Haders, the god of darkness!” “Who?” we all asked because the only bad god we know is Hades, the god of the Underworld. Haders put his hand on his forehead and sighed. “I am the long lost cousin of Hades and recently I met up with him. He told me about this secret village’s beautiful princess and that I should get her for him.” He said.

Just as he finished his sentence, he grabbed the princess and vanished into thin air. “Somebody please go rescue my precious daughter!” cried the King and Queen. A lot of big, strong men volunteered to help, and surprisingly, a thin teenager also volunteered. Everyone laughed at him. “You are just a weak boy, go home sonny!” They all thought that he was not fit for a dangerous job like this. The group of strong men set off to Gate Larbi, the only entrance to other dimensions.

They arrived at Gate Larbi and watched, as the magical gate showed the reflection of the underworld. They took a deep breath and went in. they went in and gazed in horror as it was a very different world: the sky was purple, the ground was black and filled with black thorny vines, there were no birds or flowers just weird scary creatures and plants, the trees were dark blue and have no leaves but white fruits.

They walked carefully as they do not want to get eaten by the creatures and maybe even the strange plants! Hours later, they found a grey building and knew it was Hades’ castle because it was the only building in this dreadful world and there was a signed that says: YOU ARE NOT WELCOME, I MEAN IT! Without a doubt, they busted the door down and rushed in to see Hades feasting with Haders.

“Who dares to interrupt Hades?” said Hades. “Can’t you Fecainians read?” added Haders mentioning the sign. In an Instant, the Fecainians and the gods were in a battle of strength versus magic. Just then, the thin teenager crept in, he was following them the whole journey! He looked everywhere for Princess Sonia, and finally at the last door of the hall of doors, he found her and rescued her from the castle. He ran back inside to give a special Fecainian signal by making a strange noise that symbolizes that he had rescued the princess. The strong men pretended to be scared and retreated.

So, the brave men went back with the princess to tell everyone the great news. The way back home was awful as they need to pass through the prickly bushes of despair, a village called “Ghost Town”, and the forest of doom. They made it back alive and told everyone about the way home, the teenager’s brave doings and the weird world under our feet.

Everyone wondered: who would have thought that a young, thin boy could possibly be the hero who saved our beloved princess? Guess we can’t judge a book by its cover! Everyone wanted to know their hero’s name, he said his name was Asher. “Asher, as a return for saving me, I will marry you.” declared the princess. When Asher asks for the reason, the princess replied: “Because I owe you my life and you are cute!” So just like every other story, they lived happily ever after.

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Fecainin, a made up world by me~

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