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Chemistry Class Notes MAG

By Anonymous

   Your hair shines golden as the sun, and is as soft as dew.

I think we'd make a perfect pair. The question is, do you?

I think you're sweet like Hershey's Kisses, but dating you

isn't in my wishes.

Just a chance is all I ask. In your heart, you want to pass?

To ask me twice, you press your luck. For heartbreak, you're a sitting duck.

Duck that I am, I'm quackers for you. I'll ask until my

face is blue!

No I said and no I mean! To you, my heart just does not lean!

Just as friends, that's all I ask. We'll take a walk, have

a talk. All I want is to get to know you. Or will you really be

so cruel?

If I must be. I'm not for you, you're not for me!

How can you tell? You don't know me well.

I'll give you that, a good point you've made, but with my

decision I'm afraid I'll stay. Stop badgering me, let me do my

work. You are really starting to act like a jerk!

Well then, I suppose that's the end.

Wait, aren't you going to ask me again?

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i love this !