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Rain Drops

June 3, 2009
By Jackette BRONZE, Gold Coast, QLD, Other
Jackette BRONZE, Gold Coast, QLD, Other
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He'd been around a while, but when he fell there was, for the umpteenth time, a whole new world suddenly around him, beneath him and... no, not above him. His companions were falling with him and they weren't new at all. He'd been watching them form for weeks, months.
There was one who he'd been watching particularly, and who he wouldn't mind watching for the rest of his existence, though. There she was, over there! He strained pointlessly to move so he could fall beside her and maybe impress her with his aerodynamics, which he had been practicing for the whole journey, from the homely leaves of a gum tree in Stanthorpe, to this place.
Now that he looked below him properly, the overall colour of the ground was strange. There were not as many trees as he had seen before, and there were speeding blots of colour everywhere, mostly organised in lines and squares around huge, towering, rectangular shapes. Many of the larger shapes reflected the little light that was around, and in the nearby distance a simply huge body of water rocked and danced in a mesmerizing arrangement of green-blue and white.
As his attention shifted to where he was going to fall, he noticed that one of the dark grey lines was below him, slick with puddles of his fellow waterdrops. The coloured boxes just kept coming at top speed, and he wondered how some of his fellow drops had managed to miss them. Suddenly, he noticed a chance to meet the cute and interesting looking companion nearby.
There was a red, curved-looking box coming up, and he sped his descent so that he would make the clear piece on the front.
Plop! He'd made it. Half a second later he felt the slight jolt as her thoughts mingled with his, and realized with a shock that she had been thinking about him too. Just before he said something, a long piece of black plastic wiped them to the bottom of the glass.
As he mingled with his companions, he searched for the thoughts of the cute drop. And he found them, thinking about him. He smiled inwardly before allowed his being to dissolve in the thoughts of the water dripping down the side of the box with the wind pushing them backwards.

And inside a red Toyota, a young girl giggled inwardly at the two raindrops which had landed in a love-heart shape on her mother's car's windscreen.

The author's comments:
Hey there! This piece was written for an extension english assignment, and it turned out it was too short to submit on its own. o.O ANyway, you should get out of this a sense of fuillment and of the speed with which our lives pass. :)I couldn't find a picture of rain to accompany it, so :(.

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