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My Pocket Full Of Sunshine

October 14, 2009
By romance_lover GOLD, Edmonton, Other
romance_lover GOLD, Edmonton, Other
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Have you ever had that one person, that never seems to frown? Thats Always by your Side, for me that would be Wayne, my pocket Full Of sunshine.My personal light,my day and my night. I love him and I mean that with every sense of the word. I love him like a brother when he sticks up for me. I love him like a friend when he just stands by my side and talks with me and i love him like my soulmate when he opens doors for me and treats me like im so fragile, when he looks at me like im really something when hes the one whos worth the stares. Hes my Best Friend who never just comes and goes. Everyday at school I try to rush the last few periods just because I know he'll be waiting at my locker...waiting for me. The feeling i get when i see him, like the whole worlds moving in slow motion, thats irreplaceble.

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