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Teenage Social Queen

October 5, 2007
By Anonymous

I'm the teenage social queen and I can handle anything. No matter what the cost, when every things been lost. One last look into my eyes, please know I'll be OK. I can handle anything, I can handle anything.
I'm the teenage hiding queen and I can hide from anything. Please come and find me, please don't, please don't. You can't see me like this what happened to the Social Queen, she could handle anything, yes she could handle anything
I'm the smallest of them all now, I'll close my eyes and take a bow now. Bow out, bow out its the best way to go, and maybe if your lucky you took the show. The amazing act at "I'm OK" will make it all go away. Make it all go away
I'm afraid of everything. Please don't let me fall, though its your call if you want to put up with a girl who's a afraid of everything, afraid of everything.
I'm the girl who loves you most, that will never change. I'll always be there, please do the same. I really can't lose you I love you to much, I live for your smile and I breath for your touch. You are my, you are my, everything.

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on Mar. 7 2009 at 5:45 am
forgetmenots BRONZE, Saginaw, Texas
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No offense, but your story kinda sounds like a song.