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The lost city of gold

November 5, 2010
By Keeta BRONZE, Lehigh, Florida
Keeta BRONZE, Lehigh, Florida
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the past cant be changed so live in the present.

“…… and till this day the city of gold has never been found.” Mr. Keller finishing his sentence. Then the school bell rang and everyone got up to go home. I love history and this week we are talking about Brazil, and by the way my family and I are going to Brazil tomorrow. I was extremely excited. When I got to my families apartment I finished packing a bunch of old maps I have been studying for years. They are all maps of were scientist have been looking for the cit of gold which I am determined to find. I was so excited I could barely sleep. When I got on the plane the next day I felt scared and a little nervous. I knew that I would out smart all those scientist that looked for the city of gold. Me a 14 year old and I, me Destiny Faith Vera will find that city.

When we got to Brazil I through my stuff on to my bed at the hotel and hoped into the middle of a tour group. On our way to the tour sites I ended up sitting next to this nice guy named Vaxel. He had these sea glass green eyes that made me feel so comforted and he was nice and tan and had pin straight dark brown hair. At that moment I think I feel in love. Vaxel was looking for the city of gold to and we had the same theory. When we got near where we thought the city of gold would be we jumped out of the tour car. We had five hours before the tour car would be coming back around.

We started walking around then set up a small area to put our maps. “I think we should go 24 degrees north then 54 degrees west and search around there.” Vaxel said. “I agree” I replied. I couldn’t help but agree he was so handsome with the wind blowing through his long hair. We walked in that direction. It started to feel harder harder to walk because we were walking up hill. When we got to the top we walked half way down the hill and stop all of a sudden.

The ground looked a tad bit glowing or shinny. Vaxel took a small shovel out of his backpack and smashed the ground. And right there and then a pile of dirt fell and the hill collapse. I swear you could feel the shake of the hill falling all over the whole continent. Exposed to light everything shinned not just shinned glowed, glowed gold. We had just found the lost city of gold. We were both so excited. Standing on top of one of the buildings made of gold we kissed right there.

We entered the building together holding hands. And we found something amazing inside of that building. We found people, not dead people living people. They cautiously walked up to us. They poked Vaxel and smiled. They got on there knees and bowed, then they ran and brought back someone dressed like a king. He said in a deep voice in a different language that Vaxel translated “thank you sir and madam for releasing us from our ancestors’ home of gold. We have lived here for centuries under these grounds waiting for someone to find us and bring us to the light and land that we can see and feel. We have had a life down here but have been missing something that we can not get down in this tunnel. We and our ancestors to come owe our lives and gratitude to you for eternity thank you.”

When we brought them up to land they were fantasized by the colors and feeling of the grass trees and sky. We brought them back to the media and scientist as well as doctors to have them examined. When the media found out we showed them the city of gold. When I went back to the states and to school my history teacher and he praised me and gave me A++ on the report I had to do on Brazil. He said that me finding the lost city of gold was my report.

My family is moving to Brazil next month and my parents say that Vaxel and I can date. I can’t wait to see Brazil and Vaxel I am so excited. I will write in my journal some time in the future when I and in Brazil. Bye for now.


Destiny Faith Vera

The author's comments:
it is a romance adventure story about 2 people and there love of history

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Keeta BRONZE said...
on Nov. 11 2010 at 3:51 pm
Keeta BRONZE, Lehigh, Florida
4 articles 0 photos 18 comments

Favorite Quote:
the past cant be changed so live in the present.

there will advenchally be more than this single story. i wrote this as a girls journal hope you like it!!!!