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Fable of the Owl and Bear

December 1, 2010
By Stormyflight GOLD, Arlington, Ohio
Stormyflight GOLD, Arlington, Ohio
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-C.S Lewis

An Owl of great wisdom sensed that his time was soon coming and wished to impart his wisdom to others as his last deed. One late night eve he called out softly to the trees, summoning the most intelligent and scholarly of the animals.
From the leafy branches emerged a Snake, a Crow and a Bat. The Owl spoke to all three, asking if they were willing to take the last graces of wisdom he wished to impart. The Snake hissed mockingly saying ‘what could you know that I would need old one? I am the most clever and sly of creatures, far more so than such a clumsy beast as you!”

The Snake slithered away in laughter, to continue his life of lies. The Crow and Bat left soon after claiming that they were far more observant and crafty than the Owl and anything he knew would be worthless to them. The Owl cried softly to himself at the cruel superiority his fellow animals felt, knowing that they were sure to find only doom. A cumbersome voice called out to him from below ‘why do you cry friend?’ The Owl peered over the ledge of his perch to find a young Bear gazing at him from the forest floor. ‘I cry for those I am soon to leave for they scorn the knowledge I wish to share, so sure are they in their own wisdom!’ The Bear looked at the Owl in sympathy, for he was a simple animal only wishing to live in peace and harm no one. The Owl soon realized this and called down to him

‘Kind Bear, would you lend me your shoulder for a perch that I may impart my last knowledge to you?’ The Bear agreed willingly, unsure of what he could do with the knowledge of such a wise elder. The Owl flapped his creaking wings and perched upon the Bear, speaking his last words into the giants ear ‘You are more wise than any animal for your kindness my friend, for all the slyness and intellect in the world is useless if you use it only for yourself. Only enemies will be spawned from selfish knowledge. But to use knowledge for kindness shall create only peace and friendship. Go now my friend and use this which I have given you!’ And with those last words the Owl flew to the clouds, taking his last resting place among the clouds, leaving the Bear the wisest creature of the woods.

“Selfish knowledge benefits no one”

The author's comments:
Another english project, I really enjoyed writing this one.

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