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The Girl

November 29, 2007
By Anonymous

Samantha just stared out the large window into the darkness and flashing lights. She quietly mouthed the words to a popular song as she held her fragile, green Ipod in her hand. Her luggage consisted of one polka dot Jansport back pack and a hardcover book. Samantha wore a worn down, thread bare red sweatshirt. Her ripped blue jeans hugged her hips. Samantha’s hair was a glowing, chestnut brown. Her hair cascaded down the middle of her back, shinning and shimmering with her every move. She twirled the long strands around her pointer finger in time with the music.
Samantha quickly jumped up and stared at the once endless black screen overhead. It now flashed an intimidating DELAYED with every heart beat. She began to pace. She gave a slight glance at her pink watch. Samantha sat back down, not in the hard, cold chair as before, but on the dirty, speckled carpet. Samantha picked up her blue covered book and began to read. However, she was soon staring out the big, glass window into the blackness. The pulsing beat of her music and the snoring of the few other people in the terminal were the only sounds heard. She took out her indigo book once more and began to read. The title of her book was Elsewhere. The author’s name was covered up by her pink, left hand. The hand was small and her nails were chewed down to almost nothing. A new, red layer of skin was exposed on the knuckles of her puny hand.
With that hand, she gently shut the small book and slid it into her multi-colored backpack. The loud, sound of the black zipper buzzed through the air. She slouched as she stood up and shouldered into her backpack. With her matching green headphones still on, she tapped her foot. She looked up at the big screen and stared at the words “Now Boarding.” In the blink of an eye, she had given her paper boarding pass to the dressed up flight attendant and was gone.

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I love this! (: Your very good with the details of this character. I can play the enitre scene out in my head.