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The Curse

December 4, 2007
By Anonymous

“Hay, Tokua take these sacks of beans down to the village and give them to Cogie I’ll meet you down there in 1 hour.” TK, Tokua’s brother, bellowed. “Got it, I’ll meet you down there in 1 hour.” Tokua yelled back. So he got on his horse and started the long ride down to the village to give beans to an old lady that was there grandmother. He was almost at the house when an old woman walked into the middle of the road. Tokua accidentally knocked over the woman he noticed that she wore the clothes of the shaman (a shaman is a magical being). So Tokua jumped off his horse and went over to help her up but before he got there she was already up. “For pushing a shaman over you will pay a terrible price”, the shaman shrieked. Then she was gone so Tokua went to his grandma’s house dropped off the beans met up with his brother and left.

That night Tokua went to bed early after his long trip. When he went to bed he was all itchy then he started to grow fur and he felt stronger then he jumped out the window out to the forest. He ran and ran until he came to a river he looked in and found that he had been turned into a Werewolf and he liked it but he was hungry he remembered that he never had dinner so he went out in search for something to eat. Soon he found a deer so he snuck up on it and ate it alive. Then he was satisfied and went home.
He woke up that morning all sweaty. He got up went to breakfast and told TK all about his strange dream he had last night. TK heard about things like this so he said to go back to the shaman to undo the curse of the werewolf but Tokua wanted to have it a little longer. But he did what TK said for him to do and that day he left to go to the shaman of the village.
When he got there the shaman yelled, “You will be cursed for all and eternity! Unless you bring me the horn of a unicorn before the next two full moons and I will relive you of the curse, but if you fail you will live and be cursed for all eternity, deal?” “Yes” Tokua whispered.
When he got home TK asked how it went so Tokua told him all about the Unicorn Horn and the full moons. Then the next day he left to go find the Unicorn Horn but as he went on and on he became more and more like a werewolf and less and less like a man. By the second full moon he was almost all werewolf but he got the Horn but he was to late to give the horn to the shaman so he was never turned back into a human. Legend says that he still lives even today and every full moon he turns into a werewolf and bites some innocent person and that person turns into a werewolf to for all and eternity unless you kill it with a silver bullet.

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