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October 31, 2007
By Anonymous

Thunder. It will always haunt me just as it taunts me tonight. The storm outside my window waged an ongoing war against unforgiving stone houses erected from clay and stone. My one passtime during moments like this is to watch the raindrops pound my window like a 3D horror movie. Trying desperatly to jump through the framed glass so many stare dazedly through.
The lightning flashed and the thunder rolled. A fitting statement as Garth Brooks Rattled on from behind my stereo speakers, coaxing tears from my eyes as my thoughts ran through an old memory over and over again like and old record set to repeat. Playing through no matter the emothions of those listening. I closed my eyes and watched the past replay itself on the back of my eyelids. Garth Brooks played as students danced the night away accross a polished wood floor.
Glittering dresses dazzled the young men holding the hips of the ladies wearing them. Crimson and white ribbons adorned the wall, creating a waterfall of paper blood flowing across white stonework. A disco ball spun lazily above the assembled students, adding to the high school prom theme. Gracefull twirls of red and white balloons created archways over the gym doors as the chaperones tapped their feet impatiently. Did the last dance of the night have to take so long?
On the outer edges of the throng stood my date and I, NOt quite moving, just swaying to the beat of the music with my head resting on his shoulder. I loved the way the soft fabric felt against my delicatly powdered cheek and the soft caress of his hands on my lower back. I remembered the feelings I harbored that night, i was calm and loving, I just didnt want the night to end.
But it did, when that crazed hobo broke in with a colt .45 and a bottle of moonshine. No aim exactly as he thrust 6 live rounds through my date and a few classmates nearby. The screams that pierced the room could not drown out the famous country singer as he finished his song on a final, lonely chord. Kevin colapsed in my arms, dragging me to the floor where my tears fell without notice upon his outstreched hand.I was lost for words except for the two silables of my first loves name.
Blood creeped from the exit wound on his chest, staining irriversably the pure whit tuxedo that kept his modesty. I could see the life in his eyes as it faded with every ounze of blood that escaped his crumpled body.

"Dont leave me!"

THe words echoed throu my mind as i whispered them aloud. A sharp pain gripped my heart and I thought i would lose him for good.

"I will never leave you Jessica" He whispered "Never"

That last word resounded through my soul as i forced myself to the present, the same gripping pain within my heart. Still ther eafter three years.

"Jessica!" A ghastly call froze me in my place, Chilling my blood to the bone.

"Jessica! What are you doing here?" I turned to find Kevin standing in the doorway, his face drained of color.

"Kevin! Why did you leave? Why did you have to die?" My voice shook with sorrow as the pain in my heart escalated, calling for attention.

"I never left Jessica, baby, the doctors couldnt remove the round from your heart. You died, not me."

As he spoke the pain that held me captive exploded in my chest. As I fell to the floor i reached out to him, then screamed. My hands were the ghastly palid color of paper.

"Im so sorry Jessica,I wish it could have been diffrent." Kevin whispered, reaching out to me with tears spilling from his eyes.

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