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The Horrid Unicorn

October 31, 2007
By Anonymous

It was on every news station in Wisconsin and was starting to reach the rest of the world. Every second; of every day; for at least three weeks now. Everyone was scared; everyone hoped they would not be the next one. That’s when I heard a sudden noise and it sounded like it was coming from the garage. I locked my door, but I guess that wasn’t enough. I just opened the door and there it was standing in the middle of the doorway the HORRID UNICORN! No one had ever survived the horrible thing, except me. Everyone had been slashed by its horn then sliced into cubes and then put on his horn like a cabob. I was the lucky one, the real life Harry Potter. I was a twenty-two year old young man with a great life; I was very tall. I stood 7 foot 6 inches tall and was the captain of the College Basketball Team. Go Wisconsin! I was always a good sport and fortunately we rarely lost. If we did lose I always shook the others persons hand the same.

“I did not do anything wrong let me go, why do you have to be so evil?” I said

“That is none of your bees wax” said the white coated long horned unicorn with many cuts.

“You have hurt and killed innocent people and there is no reason for that. You will get caught!”

“You don’t get it. I am the last of my kind, my life is of no value. Humans have hunted us for ages, and now it’s payback.”

Then he charged. He was at the top of his speed only a few feet away from me and BAM I felt numb the room closed in on my eyes and then I was gone.

It was obvious what had happened. Then unicorn and hit me just hard enough to knock me out into a deep sleep and got away. He could tell I was a nice human the way all human used to be. I was bruised from contact and could not even get up. Luckily the phone was right next to me I grabbed it and called 911.

“Hello what is your emergency?” the operator said.

“I just survived the Horrid Unicorn” I answered.

“What is your address sir?”

“123 Peanutbutter Lane.”

“We will send the police over right away and also some investigators. Are you hurt ?”

“Yes I am barley able to move. It is hurting me to talk to you as it is.”

“Okay, we will also send the paramedics.”

“Okay, thank you.”



So within minutes both the paramedics and the police came. The paramedics said that there were only bruises and not any broken bones. They said just to try to walk as much as possible so you will not get too stiff. They also said the bruises would go away within a week. For the rest of the week the news people were either interviewing me or showing interviews on the television. Every time I stepped out the door cameras would flash and reporters would always ask the same exact question,

“How did you do it?”

The killings stopped and people thought that the unicorn had died. I knew why they stopped. It was because I had the talk with him that changed his mind. Twenty years later to the day the unicorn came back to say he was sorry. After all he wasn’t the last unicorn there was one female left too. They found each other and now they have grand-unicorns, the unicorn race didn’t end. Yet, it was a sad three weeks when seventy-three people were killed. The incident ended my basketball career but that’s okay now I have a new job. My new job is to spread the word about animal peace and show how animals don’t do too much to hurt us, so why hurt them. The unicorn had such a negative thoughts about human, but can we blame him? How do you think they feel about humans almost making them extinct? If unicorns tried to take over the human race you know that we would fight back. Just remember do what you think is right. Think about how you would feel if someone else was doing evil things to you. So now the unicorn that was determined to kill as many humans as possible, the same one with the white coat with some black and brown spots has had a change of heart. He is now teaching his sons, daughters and grand-unicorns to be nice to the humans. At the same time don’t trust them all a lot of humans are nice but you can’t trust the bad ones. We have met every year at the same time we both say the same thing at the same exact time.

“Sorry,” we would both say “sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry for killing those seventy-three humans,” he would say.

“No, I’m sorry my race almost made your race extinct” I’d say

“Thank you for talking some sense into me” he would always say when we were about to leave with tears in his eyes.

“No thank you for listening to me” tears in both of ours eyes. Then he would leave and come back in exactly one year. I am now eighty-two years old and that unicorn has never missed a date.

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