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Not to Mention Your Cats

November 5, 2007
By Anonymous

She found him in the terminal Bar and Grill. He was sober, for a change. The light was dim, and the rack of boos was the only glimmering substance in the whole place. The T.V. was showing NASCAR and the volume was turned down so you could barely hear the cars zooming around the racetrack.

“What’re you doing here?” he asked her.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere” she replied.

“Bartender, Two beers” he said.

“No, I don’t want any”

“Alright” he said with a grin. “More for me”

The bartender handed him 2 bottles of bud light. They looked like hey had just been taken out of the freezer. He gulped them down before she could even blink.

“There you go, drinking again,” she said. “I actually thought you could stop too, ughh how stupid of me”

“Two more” he told the bartender completely ignoring what she said.

“Are you even listening to me?”

He didn’t say anything. Then after he gulped down the two beers he had just been given he turned to look at her.

“Why did you even come?” he asked. “You threw me out”

“I threw you out because all you want to do is drink,” she snapped. “Every time I look at you your drunk, and not to mention your 17 cats Larry. You just lock them up in the basement all day, it’s getting old.”

“Don’t bring the cats into this Mary, I drink because I like how it makes me feel. All your yelling and screaming doesn’t help me stop either” Larry snapped back.

Larry had 17 cats living in his basement. He never fed them, watered them or even cleaned down there. When Mary was cleaning one day she went in the basement to look for a broom. She almost panicked at the sight of all the cats. She practically puked because of the smell. It was putrid. She was so scared Larry might try and hurt her that she didn’t help the cats, she just got the broom and left. The day after she confronted him about it and her hit her like the day her mother slapped her face for sneaking out.

“So why did you even come?” Larry asked.

“To give you this,” she replied. She handed him and animal control ticket stating that they would be at the house tomorrow to pick up the cats.

“I can’t believe you Mary,” he yelled. The bar went silent. So silent you could hear the television.

“Better hurry up and clean that basement Larry. Its easier to do it sober you know” she said. With that sentence she turned around and left the bar. Larry, on the other hand, kept on drinking until he passed out right on the Bar. Later he was sent to prison for animal cruelty. Mary opened up her own pet shop, selling every cat within a week.

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