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An Unforgettable Bump-In <3

April 10, 2011
By AussiMusicLover BRONZE, Central Coast, Other
AussiMusicLover BRONZE, Central Coast, Other
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Favorite Quote:
When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams
The hottest love has the coldest end.
Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop
Falling in love is awfully simple, but falling out of love is simply awful.

I stare openly at the large, open space, completely wrapped up in it all.

The wind was blowing lightly, the leaves were a nice, crisp green, the grass was wholesome, healthy and thick, the flowers beginning to sprout along with little mushrooms under the thick tree barks were stunning, and real eye-catchers, and the sky was completely clear. Not a cloud in sight.

I brushed my long, fiery-orange hair out of my face, as I squinted through the gusts of wind. I took a deep breath of the fresh air, and stared at the people around me. A moderately sized group of people were buzzing around the city park, their chatter pervading throughout the space.

Teenagers, their parents, their siblings, even their pets were spread out across the land. Some were lounging on the wooden benches, some were sitting quietly , stroking their fingers across the endlessly flowing water from the fountain, as younglings tossed small coins, making wishes as their mothers and fathers held them, with smiles on their faces. Others were standing, chattering within their own small little groups of friends and family. The children were skipping merrily, playing with classic toys that you hardly see anyone with these days; Bouncy balls, slinkies, skipping rope, bubbles and yo-yos.

People of all ages were interacting with their loveable, furry family members. Holding, walking, stroking, and playing with them, while waiting in line, or off to the side, not wanting to get in the way of the others.

Then there was me, Camryn Dawson. Your average, shy, clumsy 19 year old girl who is attending her first year of college. Am I nervous? No doubt. It’s freaking college. I’m a newbie. A.K.A, the number one target for seniors. I might as well staple a sign to my forehead in big red letters saying, ‘beat me up, I’m new here!’. Trust me, to them, that sign is already permanently attached to my skin.

I’m attending college to study becoming a film maker. To be honest, I know literally nothing of it. I’ve watched lots of movies (Horror, thriller actiony goodness to be exact) throughout my entire life, and fell in love with the lighting, camera angles, actors, and special effects. 3-D has always been a greatly appreciated effect of mine. I’d always ask my dad for help when I wanted to make short 3-D segments when I was 12. He’d get me a pair of red/cyan paper glasses, take out his trusty camcorder, and a few random objects from the attic.

He showed me how to throw the objects in certain angles, how to edit the footage on computer, and how to publish it to a DVD to view on the big screen. He told me that one day, I could become a legendary movie maker.

I never really believed him. I mean, that’s what parents are supposed to say right? That you’ll become something big and great? But 9 out 10 times, it never happens. In fact, you might end up a nobody.

I don’t want to be a nobody. I want to make my dad proud. And that’s what I’ll do. I’ll study hard, and become a film maker. It sounds fun anyway. Imagine going to the movies, and viewing one of my creations. Then as the ending credits scroll down, ‘directed by Camryn Dawson’ in bold white letters, standing out from the blackened background. Now that’s legendary.

And that’s exactly what I’ll become…hopefully.

“Next up,” a sugary feminine voice brought me out of my endless contemplating and daydreaming. I strolled quietly up to one of the many stands (with different occupational study courses, obviously), and a sudden feel of nervousness took over me. I felt twitchy and panicky. I felt like I had failed before I even started. I felt like a nobody. Something I told myself I would never be.

Shake it off, Cam. It’s just pre-sign up jitters. You’ll be fine. Just speak loud enough and clear enough. Quit with that gosh darn shyness.

“Hello dear,” A pretty woman with short blonde hair and blue eyes was smiling politely at me. It was a kind gesture, really. But it didn’t make me feel any better.

I still felt shy. Painfully shy.

I crossed my arms tightly around my chest, looking down at the ground, shielding my face with my bangs.

“Uhm, hi.”

“What’s you’re name, hun?

“Umm, C-camryn.”

“Camryn what, sweetheart?” Nice going, you fool.

“Oh. Um, Camryn Dawson.”

The woman nodded, that sugary sweet smile never leaving her face.

I wonder if she was just faking it? Maybe it’s just part of her job. ‘Service with a smile’ ya know? Or does that only apply to restaurants?

“All right sweetheart, please allow me some time to enter in some information, and then I’ll give you a short resume to fill out, mmkay?”

I nodded timidly, and scurried over to the side.

“Oh no dear, you stay in line.”

“Oh,” I flushed a bright pink, completely embarrassed. Why does this happen to me all the time? Literally all the time? I hopped back into line, hoping no one really witnessed my idiocy, with so much going on.

“Hey, no cutting! We’ve been waiting here since 6 AM!” I turn around, and see what I think is my worst nightmare. A tall female (Oh wait. She’s only tall because of those monster heels she has on) with long ebony hair, massive melons, violet eyes that have to be contacts, and a sneer on her face.

“N-no, I was just here. I didn’t know I had to wait in line.”

“Of course you have to wait in line! What, you think you can just jump in front of everyone like you’re queen of the universe?”

“No I meant…” I let out a long sigh, and pinched the bridge of my nose. “You know what? Forget it.” I rolled my eyes to myself, and slump all the way to the back of the line. But not before glancing at the lady that signed me on in the first place. Her face was buried in her laptop, completely absorbed in her work. Of course she wouldn’t notice what had happened.

I just keep walking dreadfully, ignoring everyone. “Oof,” I gasp quietly, and snap my head up, my eyes frantic. I relax ever so slightly at the sight in front of my green orbs. “Uhm..” Any words I could have possibly came up with were thrusted into the back of my throat, remaining permanently lodged deep inside.

A man stood tall in front of me, wearing a black leather jacket, gray jeans that wrapped around his legs perfectly, a white shirt that said ‘AC/DC’ in bold black letters, and black converse similar to my own. Just a lot larger, of course…

I scanned over his facial features. He had dark brown, slick straight hair with bangs that stopped just over his stormy gray eyes, which were covered by long, thick eyelashes. He had a slim nose, a structured jaw line, and thin lips.

He was absolutely gorgeous.

“S-sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.”

“It’s okay,”


“Teh, yeah I know, you said that already.” He chuckled lightly. His voice was quiet. Soothing. Nostalgic. Too nostalgic. His voice reminded me too much of my father…my father that no longer is in my life….no longer in the world.

I shoved the tears back into my eyes before they threatened to spill. I wouldn’t let this God- Uh, I-I mean ‘man’ see me cry over something only I know about. He’d think I’m a freak. And even worse. He’d think it was his fault or something.

“Oh right, I’m sorry.” God, quit apologizing!

“Heh heh heh. Wowww. You sure apologize a lot. Look, it’s fine. You didn’t see me. Nothing to get all twitchy about.”

I rub the back of my neck, and smile sheepishly. “Right,” I tear my eyes away from him, and decide to just stare at my shoes, which suddenly became the most interesting thing in the world.

“So what’s your name, cutie?” My entire face becomes beet red, and my feet shuffle nervously.

“Y-you think I’m cute?” I look up from underneath my bangs, rather thankful they were curtaining me. Maybe if I’m lucky, he doesn’t see all the blotches of red around my face.

“Very. So you’re gonna tell me your name?”

“Oh, um, I’m Camryn. Dawson. A-and I know a lot people would think of that as a boy’s name, but it’s spelled C-a-m-r-y-n. I mean, the chick version..if there is an official chick version…And I guess you already know how Dawson’s spelt.
And my middle name is ‘Riley’. I-I guess that’s mostly a girl’s name right? I know you didn’t ask my middle name, but I mean, I just wanted to save you the effort so you won’t have to ask when we meet again. I mean, i-if you wanna meet again, I won’t force you or anything. And-”

“Heh heh heh. Hah, okay Camryn, you can stop now.” The way he said my name just seemed…right. The way it rolled off his tongue and flew out of his lips made me hate my name a whole lot less. Only he made it sound like something amazing.

He seemed to make me feel amazing. And unbearably nervous.

“I-i’m sorry. People say I ramble a lot but I really don’t mean to. It just happens. I’ll try to stop I swear to God. Aw wait, damn. I’m not supposed to swear to God. Okay, I just promise to try and stop.”

“Heh heh heh,” his chuckle was mesmerizing. It sounded exactly like Kratos’ from Tales of Symphonia. Tuh. I’m such a nerd. Like anyone actually knows what ‘Tales of Symphonia’ is.

“Camryn, calm down. It’s pretty obvious you’re nervous. You don’t have to be, really. Just calm yourself, you’re acting like you drank 10 cups of coffee of somethin’.” I giggled quietly, tucking a few strands of hair behind my ears.

“I’m Jason. Jason Sight.”

“Nice to meet you,” I held my hand out for a handshake, which is rather new to me. I’d normally just nod my head in greeting. But whoa…for me, this was a huge burst of confidence.

He took my hand gingerly in his, slowly brought it up to his lips, and gave the top of my hand a long, sweet kiss. …wow. Holy crap!

My breathing stops completely after a quick, inaudible gasp of air. My eyes blink rapidly, as if adjusting to a bright, iridescent light, (I go blind whenever there’s a rainbow) and my eyebrows lift slightly in surprise.

I was in utter shock.

He released my hand, (though I really didn’t want him to) and retreated to his original stance. Arms crossed neatly behind his back.

“So what are you here for?”


“Yeah, heh, sort of figured that. I meant what major.”

“Freaking idiot,” I mutter incoherently. “Um. Film making. I’m here to study film making.” I could feel so much heat around my face, it began to sting. I hated feeling nervous. And especially around a guy…a majorly attractive guy…that’s way out of my league.

“Pretty cool. Sounds like a lot of fun.” the tips of his mouth curled upward, showing off the most perfect, and most welcoming smile I have ever seen.
It almost made my heart stop.

“Yeah…Um, how about you?”

“Photography,” he replies simply. A small smile emerges on my lips.

“That sounds really cool.” Each word I spoke was quiet. I always spoke quietly toward strangers. Either I didn’t trust them enough, or I was just afraid I’d say something to embarrassing for words. Talking quietly would increase the chances of them not hearing it well enough to comment on it.

“Yeah, I’ve always loved taking pictures ever since I was 7. Especially animals. Uhm…” he brought a fist up to his mouth, and coughed subtly. He then leaned his body closer to me, and began whispering softly near my ear.

“Don’t tell anyone, but I had sort of a soft spot for my cats. Lily and Flo. Seriously…don’t tell anyone. I’d probably hurl.”

I giggled, tucking more strands of hair behind my ears. It never seemed to matter though. They’d always come loose again.

“U-um, you know, it’s really nothing to be embarrassed of…family pets are nice things to take pictures of. And to admire.” He smiled warmly at me, and let out a small chuckle.

“Guess you’re right. Maybe it isn’t so bad.”

I nod idly.

A heavy silence lingers in the air around us, neither of us saying a word.
I couldn’t put a label on this silence. I couldn’t tell whether it were an awkward silence, or an unusually comfortable silence. Of course I was still painfully nervous, but maybe a small ounce of comfort was lingering somewhere within me.

I had been staring down at my shoes again, shuffling my feet back and forth, listening to the sounds of birds chirping nearby.

I looked up, and saw deep gray eyes staring at me. Had Jason been staring at me this entire time?

“There’s something strange about you, Camryn.”

“Oh…I’m sorry.”

“It’s nothing to apologize for, trust me. I meant strange, good.”


“Mmm-hmm. I find you interesting.” Interesting? What could be so interesting about me? I’m too boring for words. And just the lonely orphan. I couldn’t possibly mean anything to him.

“There’s nothing interesting about me…trust me. I’m boring.”

“I doubt that. Just the way you move seems to draw me in.”

I hung my head low, staring down at the floor. My hair swooped down to save me once again, making its usual curtain around my face.
Seconds passed. I felt a hand touch my face, making me flinch slightly. I hoped my flinching hadn’t pushed him away in any form. Thankfully, he was still very well there.

He smoothed my red bangs behind my ears, and somehow, they managed to stay in place. I felt a little fizzle of jealousy. Every time I tried to push my bangs behind my ears, they’d fall right out of place. And that’s happened my whole life.

Now when he touches my hair one time (which felt really nice, by the way), it stays in place.


What a stupid thing to get envious over.

“Oh. I have to go…” I could hear an unusual edge in his voice. As if he was disappointed he had to leave. It’s not as if we were having the golden conversation anyway…all I did was make myself look like a fool.

“Oh,” My head hung even lower than it had before. I could easily hear the disappointment in my own voice. “Um. Okay then. It was nice meeting you.”

“Yes, it was a pleasure.” Jason’s voice seemed to lower, and he seemed to talk just a tiny bit slower than he usual. As if he were trying to dazzle me.

I tried my best to smile at him, but it only turned out to be a grimace.

He chuckled quietly, before re-adjusting the leather bag on his shoulder.
“It’s a shame I have to leave so soon. It’s not everyday I get to be in the presence of such a beautiful young lady.” …Oh yeah. He was most definitely trying to dazzle me. My mother always said when a guy tries to dazzle you, all he wants is to get in your pants. She told me to stay away from guys like that. But him…Jason…he was slowly pulling me in. I couldn’t get enough of him.


“Hah hah. I’m saying you’re pretty, Camryn.”

“Really?” I say breathlessly.

“Yes. Yes you are. And no offense, but you seem to have a really low confidence level.”

“Tuh, wha- no I don’t!”

“Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings there.” he gave my shoulder a quick pat.

“You didn’t!”

“Mmm-hmm.” he hums, before letting out a long string of laughter. Is he trying to make me mad? A slight glare appeared on my face, and I hadn’t even realized until Jason commented on it.

“Oh, come on.” He says in between chuckles (which only made me more irritated). “I’m just teasing. But there’s a bright side. For me anyway.”

I stood patiently, waiting for this stupid ‘bright side’ he was going on about.

“You’re adorable when you’re angry.” I could practically feel the blush on my cheeks grow brighter. I could have sworn it even spread. I felt the back of his fingers caress my cheeks in a very feather-like manner.

“And so is that.” He says lovingly, my favorite smile returning to his lips. All too soon, he pulled his hand away from me with a sigh. “All righty then. I guess I should go. I wish I could stay – believe me I do, but I have to turn my registration papers in.”

Aw, fudge. My registration papers. I completely forgot about those. That’s what I was supposed to be doing; getting back in line (unnecessarily) to get my papers.

How long had I been distracted?

I take a long look into his mesmerizing silver eyes. Greatest distraction ever.

“Yeah, okay.” I couldn’t hide the glumness in my voice. The disappointment that he was leaving me.

He smiled my favorite smile once more, before turning away from me.

Just as I thought he was going to walk away, he came to an abrupt halt, and turned to face me. I was baffled, but very, very relieved in a way.

“Hey, you know that coffee place up the street?” I nod almost too eagerly. “Would you be willing to meet me there sometime? I don’t really wanna walk away, this being the first and last time we ever see each other again.”

He actually wanted to see me again? The thought of someone as amazing as him wanted to see me again, was mind boggling to me.

“Yeah. Yeah I’d like that. I mean not the whole ‘never seeing each other again’ thing. The coffee thing. Because the other thing sounds unbearably depressing.”

He laughed genuinely as if I cracked some sort of epic joke. “Well that’s great. Well, that you’d be willing to meet me again. Not the whole, ‘unbearably depressing’ thing.” He mimicked me with a teasing grin on his face.

I glared playfully at him, before giggling quietly. I’ve never been so carefree with a person before. I liked it.

“Funny,” I say monotonously, pretending to be annoyed by his imitation of myself.

He chuckled, and rolled his bunch of papers up, stuffing them inside his jacket.

“Yes. Yes it is. Ahem, well, I’m gonna walk away now. I really can’t wait for that coffee.”

“I-i like coffee.” I mentally smacked myself on the forehead. Why the heck did I say that?! Seriously!

His melodic laughter filled the air around us. I could listen to it forever. “Well that’s very convenient now, isn’t it?” I let out a short, breathless chuckle, and began smoothing my hair behind my ears, a very annoying habit of mine.


“Heh. Goodbye, Camryn.” He took my hand in his once more, gave it a short peck, and squeezed it lightly, before lowering it back down to my side. He smiled sweetly at me, before turning away from me, and walked away.

I watched his figure grow smaller and smaller until I saw nothing. His scent still lingered around me. It absorbed on my clothes, my hair – every part of me.

I grabbed the collar of my brown jacket, and brought it up the my nose. I inhaled a huge whiff of his scent. I could have sworn I died from satisfaction then and there.

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. Hopeless at human contact in general really. But this one person…I thought I had a connection with. Yes, he can be crazy dazzling, and heck yes he makes me unbearably nervous. But he was someone I can really talk to. He was someone I can have fun with. He was someone I feel I can actually trust.

He was Jason Sight

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WrightOrLeft said...
on Jul. 19 2011 at 7:26 pm
WrightOrLeft, Smyrna, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"Death isn't a peaceful release. It's a journey to hell. And trust me sweetie, it isn't fun." - Damon Salvatore


on Jun. 2 2011 at 3:18 am
AussiMusicLover BRONZE, Central Coast, Other
4 articles 1 photo 42 comments

Favorite Quote:
When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams
The hottest love has the coldest end.
Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop
Falling in love is awfully simple, but falling out of love is simply awful.

Really You Like It?! Schweeeet Man!!! Thanks  :)) Im so Happyyy :D :D

WrightOrLeft said...
on Jun. 1 2011 at 7:37 pm
WrightOrLeft, Smyrna, Georgia
0 articles 0 photos 20 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Death isn't a peaceful release. It's a journey to hell. And trust me sweetie, it isn't fun." - Damon Salvatore

AWESOME!!!!! i am COMPLETELY in love with this!!!! AHHH! I'm glad I found new work to love.