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"The First Day/The First Dance" from HeartBreaker the Musical

August 12, 2011
By MargaretJean PLATINUM, Robins, Iowa
MargaretJean PLATINUM, Robins, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
"I was outta luck the day the music died." -American Pie (the song)

(to students at new school)
see me hallelujah
i'm your new girl
here to show ya
how to have fun
how to be the one...they.....all....love....
hey girls i'm your best friend
hey boys i'm you new crush
come over lets all play together

(at a school dance, to herself)
i knew it would happen
i knew it would come around again
to easy .... (quieter) to easy
another chance to go on with life
another mystery i've solved
another girl another boy
another dance....
and i'm over here
(looking at the boy she'd been talking to, a known player)
and i suppose i could take the chance
i could join the dance
but he'd think it meant something real
but there's someone i already lead on
i already hurt way to much
i already forgot.
and nobody deserves to feel
what i made him feel
he didn't deserve it
but maybe you deserve it
maybe you do.
if i could do this
to get forgiveness...
not sure for whom
(spoken)or who from
(sung)but i feel like this is necessary in life
this dance
this betrayal
as repay-al
I think i'll take the chance

(dancing with player, students stop them to ask her)
A: someone told me about what you did with her
B:is that true? C: with a girl?
A: someone told me about what you did with him
B: is that true? C: i wonder if he knew....

(her to the player)
these are all the questions that they ask me
these are all the answers that I give
(flirting) maybe!
but i don't know if its such a bad thing?
they just don't understand
it's not that i'm a movie star
but i am pretty d*mn
gorgeous, if i say so myself
but the boys all think i'm sexy and
they also think i'm funny and the girls
say omg shes sweet and nice and everybody's friend
That's so wrong.
(spoken)Their so wrong.
...Forget it.
You can't understand. Let's dance.

(Dancing with player, sings to her old boyfriend, opposite stage)
I'm dancing with a boy
something i never wanted to do again, after you
but i guess its a problem i've got
that i make promises
that i make excuses
i can't help it it's just how i am
(begin passing her between boys, she keeps her gaze on the old boyfriend, who starts dancing with other girls)
i flirt with everyone
you remember (laughs)
you used to get jealous
i remember all those times
(spoken) oh this one has two left feet, i need a new partner)
(Sung) see how the run to help me out
see how they fight to get a spot
see how they flock to be entertained
you used to hate it
you couldn't tolerate it
you acted like you were in pain.
(she spins out, another boy cuts in old bf, they end up face to face)
and then....... we'd...... dance.

The author's comments:
Second Song i wrote for my friend, on how she views herself. She says if this was a musical, it'd be called Heartbreaker, and she'd sing the Pat Benatar song as the opening. The first song i wrote for this 'musical' is "The BreakUp/Another Roadkill"

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