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One dark and cold night

October 13, 2011
By allycat123 BRONZE, Sydney, Other
allycat123 BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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One dark and cold night, I had one of my best friends over called Jake; I had called him over because I had something that I need to tell him before our friendship went any further What is the thing that you wanted to tell me “Jake asked “well “I began” it is very hard to say but there is one thing I must ask you first Do you believe in supernatural like ghost, mermaids and fairies etc. “um yes I do “ he replied can you close your eyes and don’t open until i say so ok” . I changed in to the dress that had hole in the back so that my wings would fit through you can open your eyes now him when he opened his eyes there was a bright light that shone in his eyes what are you he asked strangely i am an angel which god has sent me I am from heaven i am here because I am on a mission to save those who have turned bad and turn them back that is what I wanted to tell you.
Because we both could tell each other anything he asked me what had happened in 1929.
It all started in 1929 on a cold and gloomy night out in

the bush camping with my family and my best friend Jake( who I have known for a long time ) , Jake and I like being outside in nature , because our parents said to us that the air would tell us our future .
Jake loved going for walks during the rain , so he asked me if I wanted to go with him for a walk ,I said yes ‘’I will take you up to that really old house no- one has ever been in there for hundreds of years so we could be the first people to go in there . As we walked up that older rotten path which have never been touch up. We looked up at the house which had no door, broken windows and a fallen down stair case, I thought that the house was going to fall on top of us.
But other than that it looked welcoming inside, the lights were on there was food out on the table the chairs had silk and satin cushions, someone must have known that someone was coming here very spooky.
As well as the sound of the rain I heard a voice but it was quite faint “Go away no is welcome bad luck comes” Jake and I got a bit spooked by the sound of the voice makes you want to Shiver like mad .

And it didn’t sound human either

I was at school all alone with no – one around, I could feel the cold wind on my face and blowing my hair everywhere. Wondering what to do , all I could think of doing was to tell myself that I would be able to go home soon if the Phantom lets me go .So I decided to think about the past when I saw my friends and family.

That’s where it all began when I was on an outing with my friends and family. My family and friends and I went on an outing which was a walk near a dark, cold and gloomy forest which had mist in it. My friends and I wanted to go on a walk by ourselves; my parents said yes that we can go .so we went in to the forest with a torch.

Back at school I was still talking to myself, suddenly I looked the ground and it was cover in snow which looked like froth form a cup of coffee. My eyes were making me feel very sleepy; I eventually fell asleep on the snow.
Walking through the forest, made us huddle altogether looking about in every direction so we knew what was happening around us. As we got deep and deep but closer and closer to the unknown we could see a bright light shining, it looked like it was coming from a house .I could feel mysterious, wild, fierce wind ooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrriniininininingggg, We could see that someone was coming towards us we stared to shiver powerfully .We were wondering on what to do, quite scared not knowing what to do or where to hide and where to go.

Arrrrrr I screamed running back towards my parent were, my friends followed ,as I was running I had forgot that I was only 14 years and that I should not just run of like that because the person that who was coming towards us could have been hurt or something.

I was still in the very deep, deep sleep which I could not see to wake up out of. Suddenly I heard footsteps but I tried to get up to see who it was but my body wouldn’t move .I could feel someone picking me up, I could feel warm breathe on my face . Someone was pulling me up against their chest, my thoughts were making me wonder if I should open my eyes or not But I took my chances and I opened my eyes but I looked up at the Phantom who had a mask on I felt like I wanted to take it off to see who it was
Whether it was a ghost or a person!

I was still in the phantoms arms he was still walking, and then all of a sudden I felt like I was in water i couldn’t feel my legs closer and closer my legs got to each other my head was thumping with pain felt like I was drifting off to sleep
Hours later
I opened my eyes and I looked down at my feet I couldn’t see them all i could see was a fish tail instead of my legs .After a couple of minutes of thinking I realized that i had turned into a mermaid , i could hear people coming so i pretended that i was sleeping the sound of footsteps became louder and louder a cold breathe on my face like someone breathing on me felt a kiss on my cheek my thoughts were telling me to open my eyes to see who it was so i did staring into a young man eyes like the color of the green as the grass and hair brown as a bear
To be continued

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