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My Story

October 14, 2011
By allycat123 BRONZE, Sydney, Other
allycat123 BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is about love and compassion between each other , not having power over the other person" Quote By Ally Whittle
"School is tough , but life is rougher" Quotes by Me " If you love a person for who they are you can always count on faith" by me

My mobile phone started to ring like mad, but when I answered it there was a faint scream, shout and last the sound of someone smashing a glass or it had been dropped.......... That moment is still in my head today.
What was I thinking at that moment of me hearing those sound on the phone, my head had all this pain making me want to collapse to the ground but in the end I did hitting the titled ground. My head was oscillate like made

I started to dream that I was in a rain forest and had found stone angels, I couldn't get to them because there was a water fall in my path .Suddenly I turned around and that’s when I had notices the carvings on the tree next to me on my right, I recognized that the carvings in a love heart shape .If you were a long distance away you would be able to see it
A cold breeze I felt on me face making goose bumps on my arms and legs!
All out of nowhere it started to rain dark, thick clouds were coming. The only thing that my mind told me was to find shelter and fast, but there was nowhere
But that’s all my mind could think about was when I woke up, staring up into these big beautiful blue eyes sparkling right at me .Of course who would it have been other than my boyfriend or a doctor, but no I choose my boyfriend .Deciding that a nice big juicy kiss would go well soft, gentle lips they tasted so good, feeling natural and reassured
(Four hours later)
Very unexpectedly I look down to find there was an extraordinary bump not just any kind either like a baby bump
Om gosh
I was sitting on the floor of the bathroom, screaming, tears streaming down my cheeks, looking into the bathroom mirror.
All of a sudden the only thing that I could think of was to get up & grab the phone, but too worried to let go of the bath scared that I would have my baby right then & there. The pain was one of my least worries, my heart was pounding faster and faster by the time I was in the shower I had fallen asleep

At that exact moment I put my hand down on the shower tiles and felt something sticky ,opening my eyes I looked down to find blood in a patch (& I was even sitting in it
About 15 minutes later
I was going into labor & I was in the shower, Josh (husband) wasn’t home yet so I jumped out of the shower as quite as I could grabbing the my mobile phone out of my jeans pocket


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