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The sea

February 28, 2012
By Boota BRONZE, N/A, South Carolina
Boota BRONZE, N/A, South Carolina
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I have lived by the sea all my life yet it wasn't until recently that i realized what it was hiding beneath those crashing waves. As children everyone knows there is something special about the world around us, but we seem to forget about it before we even get close to discovering what it is. And when you you forget it's like forgetting a part of you, it leaves a black, empty void in your life, and no matter how hard you try to remember what it was that you forgotten and that you didnt even figure it out before it just faded away into nothingness. As sad as it is, it's true. We forget the secret we were born with about the Earth andhow the world that surrounds you is sso mysterious, magical and ancienet. Seems like something you could not forget but we do, I did. I had forgotten like everyone else, and I was okay about not knowing what I had forgotte, or least I was, i didn't realize what I had forgotten until that stormy day on the beach, then EVERYTHING changed.

TO BE CONTINUED................

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If you like it so far comment on it and i'll think about writing the rest of the story in.......

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