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Supermarket survival

December 4, 2012
By PaperWriter SILVER, Cornwall, Other
PaperWriter SILVER, Cornwall, Other
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It hit her as soon as she stepped foot in the door. The smell hit the back of her throat making her cough and splutter.

The sweat, the tears, the desire. Christmas was coming and everyone had chosen now to do their shopping.

Desperation clung to the air, like a thick fog, engulfing the whole shop.

She shouldn’t be here. She didn’t need to be here. She had only come in for crisps and sugar. Crisps for the salsa dip sitting lonely in the cupboard. Sugar for the warm cup of tea she wished she was having now.

‘If this isn’t an advert for why everyone should shop online then I don’t know what is,’ she thought to herself. ‘I guess it would be more manic if we were in the high street. People fighting over clothes and what not.’

The aisles were packed. People clung to their items, not wanting to drop anything. Trolleys banged together, people barging past. Trapped together in a frenzy. No one backing down.

She finally got to the pay point, self service. Oh she hated those things. But it was the quickest way out. They always shouted at her. They seemed more vocal today. Quick quick.

Finally she was done. She grabbed her shopping and walked to the exit. A wave of fresh air hit her as she got out. She breathed a sigh of relief. It was all over. For this year at least.

The author's comments:
My experience of food shopping this early in December.

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