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The Four Brothers

December 18, 2012
By Opticalillusion DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
Opticalillusion DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
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I am an artist bound only for the poet's glory....But only achieve half of the success that my dreams aspire to find, And to what do the whispers tell me of this failure...To what end to they haunt my eternal dark dreams...

There was once four brothers who climbed a mountain, when they got to the top they were greeted by death. death said " congratulations You have made it to the top of my mountain." the 4 brothers looked puzzled. death continued. " So has a congratulatory gift i will grant you each 1 wish." The 4 brothers then grew looks of excitement. "Whats your name? What will you have?" he looked towards the one who was dumber then a rock. " Uuuuhhhh" his other brother nudged him with his shoulder. "ERNIE!" " Ernie eh? what do you want most in the world?" " Uhh errrrrrrr hrrrrmmmm well... I KNOW!" "well hurry up you dumb pile of sack i don't have all day " I WANT TO BE SMART!" " good wish and now it will be granted" He waved his skeleton arms around. magic came out and shocked Ernie's head. It knocked him down, but he got back up with a bigger head. "i feel much more intelligent then i have ever felt before this feels extraordinary!" he said in a smarter and more excited tone. "Now you sir. Name and Wish?" the next brother walked up and said " It's Paul Mr .D and i would like to be strong please" " very well " death replied then he did his magic and it went into Paul's muscles his body became the most muscular and strongest in the world. "Thanks Mr .D" Paul said. " Now you sir" he looked at the youngest brother in the raggedy clothes "Its Tom, Well i guess i want money a lot of it." " a greedy one eh? well i can do that." then he started casting his magic, And a minute later a treasure chest filled with gold fell before him. he opened it and his eye gleamed gold. he closed it feeling has though the others would try and steal it. " Finally you sir?" the last brother wasn't much to look at he was the oldest of the four and probably the quietest. "My name is Jack, And all i want is a friend death nothing more nothing less just a real friend." "One real friend coming up." he started casting his magic and he made a dog, a dog with the most golden fur and with the brightest smile of them all. the dog barked excitedly. jack looked at the dog. he smiled. then death spoke again
with a evil smile. he then started to say " are you all happy
with what you got?" they nodded yes. " good, but one more
thing there was catch but sadly for you, you guys forgot to ask."
his smile began to get wider and he began to chuckle a bit while the
others looked at death horrified with fear.
“Now be gone!” he opened a portal and
sent them into it. The next day,. the 4 brothers woke next to each
other in their house. They were still in utter disbelief of the events that occurred the night
before. Ernie was in excitement of his new smartness that was given to him. Ernie ran outside and went to the library thats where all intellectuals hanged around he was curious to see what his new brain could do. Paul followed eagerly to test his strength at the local pub where all the fights happended and such. Tommy left with his money and went shopping needlessly. Jack went outside and played with his new compainion the golden dog. they played until the sun went down.
Paul stayed at the pub for a while fighting until things went bad, three brothers challenged Paul and paul accepted. Paul fought them but he pumbled them and killed them, now this alerted everyone and they ran for their own lives they began to see Paul has a monster the colional guards arrived on the scene they brought their muskets and they fired upon Paul, at first paul was cocky because the bullets wern't working. So he turned around and said "THAT ALL YOU GOT YOU STUPID PIECES OF-" he got interupeted with a bullet to the head. then he was dead. Then there was Ernie he went to the library and he did indeed show off his new smartness but the others did not like this, oh they didnt like it one bit. they got jealous and came up with a plan. Ernie left the library and headed home. He went the usual way through the ally. the lights were on has usual and everything seemed fine. Ernie was just leaving the ally when he got pulled back in. three shadowey figures was all he could see. three shadowey figures was what his death was going to be. they pulled out knives, and they stabed him until he was lifeless. Tommy was being rather stupid he went on a shopping spree then waved his money around for everyone to see, eventully a group of beggers thought they needed it more and they would teach him a lesson. they got some bats and some pipes. Then they beat him down and took his money , he cried for help but no one came in time. the next day the last brother Jack heard about the deaths, He was more disapointed then sad but he was just happy to have his freind to comfort him....

13 years later...
They have finnaly arrived to where they want to be buried the niagra falls. The Golden Dog is dieing and so is Jack they both have devolped a disease over the years but they have decided to make their last moments happy. Jack holds the golden dog in his arms, and the dog licks him slowly. They were leaning on the edge, they both seemed ready. then their lungs start to swell up and Jack clitchs onto the Dogs fur. the dogs just puts its head on Jack's leg. They both took their last breath and they fell down into the falls together and they died happy.

Death smiled on this death and only this one because this one was the only Good and happy death.

The author's comments:
its another morale story if u cant seem to get it. then ill go ahead and say it "freinds are better then mateiral" thats my moral i put the " on it cuz im sayen it ^.^

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emtpchris said...
on Jan. 20 2013 at 3:47 pm
I was kind of surprised at this one... it is not your usual style of writing and yet still had quite a quality of depth to it... and much longer than the others... I think this one is starting to really develop your creative style as far as setting up the picture for the reader. Great Job!

on Dec. 29 2012 at 5:02 pm
country-cutey GOLD, St.croix Falls, Wisconsin
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wow ur a talented writer and really enjoyed this story alot and was really amazing :) keep up the great work

on Dec. 28 2012 at 9:40 am
Honestly I enjoyed reading this story than captured my attention and held it. Thata a major quality a writer needs to portray. and u did..outstanding job :)

Zoya_Khan GOLD said...
on Dec. 26 2012 at 12:54 pm
Zoya_Khan GOLD, Gujranwala, Other
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- Zoya Khan

Nice :) :) :)