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Aniland's Savior Part 3

August 28, 2008
By Megan.B GOLD, Orting, Washington
Megan.B GOLD, Orting, Washington
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An Angery Queen
"He did what!" Queen Elisabeth yelled at her duaghter. "You found him with a pier breed!The traitor!Bring him!" She waved her hand at a gaurd,who soon brought the Robin in a cage. "P-please,great and merciful Queen,his voice was sweet as honey!Ask Amber,she heard him!D-didn't you princess?!" She looked at her polished
boots then at her mom's tapping fingers on the giant,mahogany throne arm Amber reluctently answered
"Yes,indeed his voice was sweet,but he was peir bred,so I had to kill him.
Simple as that,nothing more." Elisabeth smiled at her daughter's honesty,but got right back to buisness
"Are there any more Stewart?" He shuffled on his perch, "Weeell?" She said annoyed.The bird looked up and mumbled "He used to have a sister,but she died almost two weeks ago.Other than her,he was alone." The queen nodded in approval,Nala,the war cat general, yelled from a seat in the middle of the room, "Thank you!That was all we needed!" There was slight giggle from her area of the seats.
Elisabeth rolled her golden eyes 'Why
does my head general have the manners of a drunken bear?' She thought ammused. "Thank you,Nala,for your oppion.But it was not needed." Nala's
sister,Sissy[Who doesn't live up to her name]the weponary teacher ,sat up
and answered sarcasticly, "Yes it was!
It allways is!" Amber sighed deeply and said back to the remark, "Although
General Nala's oppion is highly regarded,you all need to keep quiet in this room.OK?Now leave the Queen and I to dicus.Thank you." As all animals' and mix breeds' left the room
everyone could hear Nala and Sissy telling some jokes about Amber when she was little,which made her face deepen to the darkest red almost possible when the room filled with laughter which Nala met with, "Yes she
really did smell of my BoBo's piss the
whole two years of her life!"

The author's comments:
please don't yell at me for putting 'piss' in the story!


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