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Just Another Story

May 20, 2013
By ToPonJah DIAMOND, San Diego, California
ToPonJah DIAMOND, San Diego, California
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“Hello, Excuse me!” the young lady hollered from the street corner. “Oh, please if you could only help me, sir?” Gently surprised by her presence the young man looks up from his work. “Uh?” he breathes, slowly placing the potted plant down on the edge. “Good evening,” she says pleasantly, slightly winded, with a wonderfully wide smile. The young man blushes suddenly and a tiny sweat drop sits on his cheek. “Hey, listen, do you think you could do me a huge favor?” she blinked adorably into his face. His cheeks flushed instantly and the sweat drop slides some of the ways down his cheek. “Mhm,” he murmured through his deep shyness and scurried off. “Oh? Ah- Hey, wait a minute!” she yelled, slightly concerned. “Oh…?” she reacted as a cat nuzzled itself against her leg. She smiled and bent to stroke the small cat’s furry head. It purred as she lightly stroked its fur.
The white sunlight hits her image and makes her appear heavenly; her skin beaming and her face glaring brightly as she stands slowly. Her hair becomes loose and blows along aside her face, lovely in the brilliant sunlight, becoming a quick distraction as it brushes along her slender shoulders clothed in a thin summer’s sweater. The young man watches from behind a rice-papered wall, entirely captivated by her accidental beauty, blushing to his extreme limit. “Good evening,” the older woman kindly greets the young lady with a traditional bow. “Oh, good evening!” she answers cheerfully, returning the gesture with the swift nod of her head and a sweet smile.
The young man watches dreamily from the house, the two women chatting and smiling, the wind blowing their dresses and tossing the young girl’s hair. He recognizes the tone of his mother welcoming the young beauty into the home hospitably and panics. “Oh, do come in, my dear!” his mother insists as she turns and leads the young lady onto the paved garden path within the yard. The young man panics and turns away to hide, seeking futile refuge behind the rice-paper walls. “Jiang!” she called motherly, “Oh, where is that boy?” she wondered out loud, pushing through the rice-papered door. “Jiang!” she called again, wandering into the kitchen. “Oh…” she remembered, “Have a seat, please.” She said to her guest kindly.
The young maiden nods, however does not seat herself, instead she steps over to a set of framed photographs to admire them. “Oh, there you are!” we hear in the distance, “Come now, Jiang. Tend to our guest.” She nearly orders in the background. The young man peeks timidly around the corner, upon catching sight of the girl, he hides and blushes. He notices her serene face and long black hair; he catches a glimpse of the smile in her eyes. Jiang’s mother prepares tea in a kettle on the stove, she looks up and notices her son entirely captivated by the girl’s presence. Surprised sweetly, she smiles gently and watches him for a moment’s time, before going up behind him and very slightly touching his shoulder lovingly.
As slight and gentle the touch may have been, it still startled Jiang. He nearly leaps and several sweat drops appear on the side of his face. She tries her best to stifle her laughter. “Go and talk to her, Jiang…” she whispers urgingly. Instantly embarrassed by even the thought of such an intense action he blushes greatly and the sweat drops multiply. “Mn-mn!” he refuses, shaking his head rapidly, his body tensing up. His mother can no longer hold back her laughter, she laughs at her son’s intensifying shyness. “Well, at least introduce yourself, Jiang!” She whispers, taking his hands and leading him out of the safety of the concealed hallway.
Simply out of an adrenaline fueled reaction, Jiang wriggles out of his mother’s grip, darts down the hallway, and scurries out into the garden. “Oh! Jiang!” she called after him, surprised at his actions. However she became overcome with laughter instead of anger.

The author's comments:
Let's just say I got writers block towards the end of this short story. My mother also pointed out that in Asian cultures, males Do Not 'tend' to girls.

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