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The Scarred Grave

November 6, 2013
By BeautylovesBeast SILVER, N. Las Vegas, Nevada
BeautylovesBeast SILVER, N. Las Vegas, Nevada
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The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they'll be when you kill them

"Hey... Hey! Come on Ivy you have to wake up!" a young girl whispered in an anxious voice, despite the loud vibrating noise from downstairs of yelling and abusive noise Ivy did not stir.

"Ivy they are fighting again! We have to hide!"*SLAP* sounds of fighting can be heard and with every minute the yelling gets louder and louder. "IVY WAKE UP!" the young girl whispered loudly shaking her sister awake,when that did not work she grabbed the blanket and flipped her sister out of bed. She began shifting from foot to foot waiting for her sister to fully wake up.

"okay, okay I get it I'm up! So what's the emergency?" *SLAP* *THUMP* A muffled curse could be heard from downstairs " and dad fighting again,huh?" the young girl nodded "Alright then time to go into our hidden room to sleep for the night." Ivy whispered exhaustedly, she got up went to their bedroom door locked it and placed a chair at the door knob to block it. Afterwards went to their closet opened it moved their clothes to the side and opened a door that blended in with the background all the while angry voices and noises of abuse could still be heard downstairs.

"Hey Ivy do you think they will ever find our secret room?" the girl asked worriedly

"No of course not Mia." Ivy answered positively "Come on, let's go to sleep.For now we'll just hide for a bit." Ivy commented tiredly, with that they both went inside hidden from their reality.

"Hey... Hel-... Hello?... Oh for the love of.... HELLO!EARTH TO IVY! TIME TO COME IN FOR A LANDING!" shrieked a female voice.

"Huh? Oh it's just you, sorry I was thinking about something but it's something you don't need to worry about so don't bother asking,Olivia." mumbled Ivy, her friend still insisted on asking but Ivy dodged every question, soon her friend gave up. "So after school how about we go for some frozen yogurt? I've been craving for some all day now." suggested Ivy.

"Mmmm sounds great!" Olivia agreed, they had two classes left each were about an hour long, school ended at 2:16. Time seemed to pass by slowly for most but for Ivy she wished time would just stop.

"Time goes by too quickly I don't understand how most people want to go home sometimes. At least til I actually realize some people were actually lucky to have a happy family. *sigh* I do I even bother going home? There is nothing left for me there except for mom and dad and they...well, it's never a happy moment being with them." Ivy had mused to herself. But time never stops for anybody no matter how much they wished it "I guess I'll go visit Mia again today after frozen yogurts. Heh... I'll even bring her one, vanilla was always her favorite." trapped in her thoughts, Ivy did not realize that the last bell for the day had already rang five minutes ago.

"OH THAT GIRL, SHE'S PROBABLY MUSING TO HERSELF AGAIN!*sigh* though I can't blame her for wanting to escape reality as often as she tries to... I would too if I was in her shoes, guess I better go get her though." Olivia sympathized, walking through the hallways of students happily going home or staying behind for their clubs she found the classroom Ivy should still be in and there she was by the window the sun hitting her face she looked happy. "It's sad that I can never see that bright smile other than when she's in her own world." still sympathizing for Ivy, Olivia walked to her, shook her, and crooned to her " Two words...Frozen. Yogurt." with that Ivy snapped back to reality looked to Olivia stood abruptly and ran ahead of her. They ran and ran, one trying to get in front of the other both panting and becoming tired they slowed to a stop in front of a store "Huff... huff... you- huff... must really want- huff... your frozen yogurt- huff... huh?" questioned Olivia exhaustedly.

"Huff... pish of course!... huff" Ivy replied out of breath, they both went into the store, ordered their frozen yogurts, chatted for half an hour, and went their separate ways. Ivy wandered around for a bit carrying an untouched vanilla frozen yogurt, she looked to be lost but she knew where she was going. Soon darkness had come upon her and dead trees became a part of her path, spider webs covering the trees, and eroded tombstones of which the names were unreadable for most. Fog covered the place like a thick blanket but she still knew which way to go she had traveled to the same spot for two years now after all, the same path through the same graveyard everyday. Soon she came to an open area with one sole tombstone "Hey miss me? I've brought you your favorite frozen yogurt it's plain old vanilla just the way you always liked it...I miss you Mia. I still think you should never have been the one that was taken away it should have.... It should have been me... or at least you could have taken me with you. I put up a front at school, you know I try not to be too depressing there,but I don't smile either. Still I don't show my true feelings of wanting to join you." cried Ivy "Sometimes I wonder what went through your mind that day, what were you thinking when you were dying, or if you are even listening to the things I say."

"WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY YOU'RE MAKING MY EARS BLEED WOMAN!" Ivy's father shouted when she had returned to another one of her parents infinite arguements.

"OH AS IF YOU COULD BE BETTER!" Ivy's mother roared Ivy understood what was going on...they where fighting about finace problems again after the landlord came to check up on them.
"Best hide while they still don't know I'm here." Ivy thought, sneaking up to her room she could hear the sounds of physical abuse and screams of anger going on downstairs rapidly getting more and more intense while the volume of their bickering gets louder and louder even louder than a stereo set to its highest volume."This is going to continue all night...just like that night...that one wretched night...right,Mia?"

"Hey Ivy when do you think they will stop bickering and fighting all the time and start loving each other again? If they don't love each anymore why don't they just get divorced then? Those two questions circle around my mind and I just can't help but to be curious" Mia questioned

"Shhh! Don't let ma and pa hear you. They will never lover each other but they refuse to get divorced neither one wants to pay for it and neither one wants to takes us for themselves. I feel sorry for them, they can be so pathetic sometimes. I should feel hurt that they don't want us but I don't and why? Well that one is an easy one it is just because I do not want to go with either of them." replied Ivy

"That is pretty sad actually I wonder if one of us die will they love the other more then? Or will they just forget all about them and pretend they have no children?" pondered the small girl. Soon noise of racing footsteps and mumbled words of "Children...releasing anger...painful" could be heard the girls knew what was going to happen but had no time to hide they prepared themselves to run out the door. The door swung open and there at the doorway was their mother with belt in hand, her body was bruised, her face red with anger, blood dripped down her nose. " We have to run!" scream the little girl and with that she booked it out of the room dodging the mother she ran down the stairs jumped over the last few stairs and ran for the door. She could hear yells of "GET BACK HERE" and "RUN MIA RUN!" but she did not look back. She ran onto the street but light hit her face she turned to look to where the light came from, the horn of a car went crazy but the girl had froze.

"LOOK OUT! GET OFF THE STREET!" screeched Ivy, she ran towards her sister but to no avail there was no stopping what was to happen next. The car did not slow and it was a speeding car it had hit the young girl blood splattered the ground screams had filled the air. The young girl had died a painful death, her parents left her there in the street dying, her sister by her side crying, there was no saving her.

"...Do you know what it did to me mentally? To watch my little sister die in front of me? To let my parents turn a blind eye to the situation to not be able to do anything? Everyday I come here, everyday I talk to you, I walk to your grave and remember everything like it was yesterday. Well I am through with this ma and pa won't notice I am gone and they will rejoice when they realize they have no children left. I'm going back to your grave and I will join you." Ivy thought to herself, she walked out the front door ignoring her parents arguement. She walked and walked she did not carry anything on her. " How am I suppose to kill myself without anything?... Maybe I should just use a rock hit my head really hard and bleed to death? Yeah that should work just fine." pondered Ivy as she walked she never realized that if she had turned around there would be a shadowy figure following her to the graveyard. She kept walking past the trees and the graves til she reached the open area of where her sister's tomb laid. "Alright I waited two years nothing got better and it most likely won't either I refuse to be here any longer." grimaced Ivy, she looked around for a rock when she saw a decent sized one she lifted it and prepared to smash her head with but right when she was about to do the deed a man's hands had stopped her.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? HOW YOU INSANE OR JUST STUPID?" the young man yelled, he took the rock from Ivy's shaking hands and tossed it to the side. "Well you going to tell what you were thinking? I already know what you were planning and judging by where we are I'm assuming you want to join someone in the afterlife right?" commented the boy, when he saw Ivy motionless he had wacked her behind the head and repeated himself. He talked to her on how she was being idiotic she soon opened to him, and after she had told him her story he stated his opinion. "Yup you are definitely stupid alright. Do you really think your little sister wants her big sister to go off killing herself? Kinda stupid don't you think so? Just because it hasn't gotten better yet does not mean anything just keep going. Show your little sister how brave of a older sibling she had that way when you meet her you won't have any regrets." the young boy stated, Ivy pondered on what he said and honestly she agreed with him but she was mostly alone, true she had friends but they would all give up far too easily on her. "...Oh bother! If you need someone to be there for you I could do that job we could meet here everyday if you want... Honestly I don't trust you to be by yourself and we may not know each other but I think it would be a shame to let a pretty girl like you just kill herself like that." the young boy grumbled, his words had made Ivy smile so she wasn't alone after all then again nobody ever is.

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