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The Bloody Queen Bee

January 6, 2014
By Forever-Wishing GOLD, N\A, Rhode Island
Forever-Wishing GOLD, N\A, Rhode Island
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Sarah’s blue eyes glinted from the florescent lights as she walked down the hall way. Her blonde hair fell in curled ringlets down her back perfectly, bouncing with her every step. With each step her golden jewelry jangled slightly, the clang of bracelets, the clatter of necklaces, the swish of earrings were all familiar sounds to her. As were the clunk, clunk, clunk of her Fendis sandals platforms, and the calls of boys and girls alike as she continued her silent, stoic walk. Any person that didn’t want to date her wanted to be her, and why wouldn’t they? She was perfect from her flawless hair to her powerful strides as well as her powerful, thought provoking mind. They looked up to her like a queen, and she looked down on them like her subjects, there simply to do her bidding.
Sarah wore a pale blue halter top and a pair of white shorts that showed off her long, smooth legs. The halter top showed her arms that swung with meaning. The blue made her eyes pop, which made her skin seem even more fair and heighted her already high cheek bones.
Sarah felt an arm loop into hers and without looking she knew who the arm belonged to. Anna.
Anna shared Sarah’s beautiful features, high cheek bones, long legs, and powerful strides. However, Anna was different in many ways to Sarah. Her skin, although smooth, was dark. It matched her beautiful thick, dark hair that was pulled back into a high pony tail, the end of the pony tail reaching mid back. Her dark eyes gave her a mysterious air, but with her smiling face there was nothing frightening about the mystery. Her pink tank top was coupled with a pair of black jeans. Unlike Sarah, her only accessory was a hand bag for pencils and her cell phone, and a smile.
Sarah needed her stoic expression to get power over the other students; all Anna needed to do was flash a smile. This made Anna more powerful than Sarah in these hallways, and thus she had to go.
“Are you going to that party today?” Anna asked Sarah as Anna winked at a passing by senior who only blushed in return.
It was a moment before Sarah replied, having only barely heard Anna’s question. Sarah was watching her carefully, every singling bat of an eyelash. Her lip formed into a sneer as Anna made eyes at every passing soul.
“Sarah!” Anna whined over the deflating noise of the hallway. The slamming lockers and lessening noise was proof that the late bell for class was about to ring.
Sarah was snapped from her momentary haze, “Hm?”
“Are you going to Jay’s party?” Anna repeated as she pulled her arm away from Sarah’s. If Anna were to make to history she would have to book it, but still she waited for Sarah’s reply.
“Don’t I always?” Sarah said smoothly, tossing an escaped curl over her shoulder. She smiled at Anna and Anna returned the favor as she ran down the hall, her converse slapping the tiles.
Sarah strutted into Science, as confident as she always was and took her seat in the back of room, barely listening to the teacher droning on and on about nuclear fusion. Sarah was known to be the queen of the school; however Anna was beginning to overthrow her monarchy. At the party tonight Sarah would do it. At the party tonight she would kill her best friend.
It would be easy. As always Anna would drive to Sarah’s house about an hour before the party, keeping a flask hidden in her hand bag. Together they would apply makeup and change into outfits that showed off the curves of their body. After changing Anna would ask Sarah, “Where’s your father?”
To which Sarah would reply with a laugh hidden beneath the words, “At work.” Anna knew this of course, Sarah’s father was always at work. Always on a business a trip. He was always somewhere besides home. If there was one thing Anna should know about Sarah’s family in ten years of their friendship is that Sarah’s father was never home.
“Where’s your mother?”
“Asleep with a migraine.”
“Where’s your brother?”
“In the basement, giving zero shits!” the two would finish together, laughing. This is the way it always was, them alone. That’s the way they liked it.
Around this time the two would sneak into the whine storage, kept in a different part of the large manor and take the cheap beer that Sarah’s parents never drank anyway. They’d each fill up their flasks (Sarah’s hip flask) and toast.
“One for luck,” Sarah would begin.
“-And one for when we don’t get any luck.” Anna would finish, taking a sip. Without breaking eye contact they would close their flasks and return everything to its hiding spot, and then they would get in the car and go. Anna would squeal at every bump in the road that jostled her enough, especially the rail tracks that they need to pass to get practically anywhere in their town.
When they’d arrive at Jay’s, Anna would leap from the car, leaving her hand held purse. Sarah would sigh and bring the purse to her, as always, but this time before giving her the purse she’d slip a few of her mother’s pills for migraines into the flask before returning it to Anna, who’d thusly take a sip.
Through the night the pills would dissolve in the alcohol as Anna grinded with strangers, and would return to Sarah for yet another drink. With each return to Sarah, the beer in the flask would get stronger, as Sarah added more beer. And soon, not two hours into the party, Anna would be stumbling and struggling to keep her head up.
Being a good friend Sarah would help Anna into the car and drive off, despite all the people at the party talking.
“You didn’t even dance, Sarah, you always dance.” They’d say
“Relax and have a drink, you’re not Anna’s babysitter.” They’d coax, and she almost consented. But Sarah wanted Anna dead, and she wanted be sober when it happened.
Half way home Sarah would stop the car, just before the railway. Anna, now asleep and dead to the world, won’t even notice the car moving. Little bits of drool would escape her slightly parted mouth as she slept, as it always did when Anna slept. Because Anna was so light, Sarah was able to lift her as easily as a baby from the passenger seat and into the driver’s.
“Safety first.” Sarah would chuckle as she buckled Anna’s lifeless body into the car. This is where Sarah’s plan would be a little more of a struggle.
Sarah would struggle with moving the car onto the tracks. It would feel like hours before Sarah had the car on the tracks, and just in the nick of time too; a train would come soon to crush the car and Anna inside of it.
Anna sped into class, narrowly missing the bell. Her History teacher hardly noticed the near absence and simply ushered Anna to her seat. Anna’s seat was surrounded by the popular and attractive, which hadn’t always been the case. When she came back from school that summer her rough skin was gone as well as her unflattering body and dismissive attitude. She and Sarah had been friends before that by chance, friendship forced upon them by their tired mothers. But that summer Anna put a lot of work into her appearance to surpass that of Sarah’s. But still, her beauty was threatened by Sarah’s. So tonight would be the night. Tonight was the night she’d kill her best friend. And it would be easy, Anna decided as she felt the outline of the knife in her handbag.

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