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Through A Jungle Deep MAG

By Anonymous


I trotted through a jungle deep
within my path, a tiger leaped.
Hequestioned my business in this place -
was it to finish the last of hisrace?
I said nay, a traveler was I
struggling through life, barely gettingby.
I wished to pass, that was all
before my sun had its time tofall.
A jungle walk, simply something to do
before my existence was totallythrough.
He questioned if my eyes still yet blinked
and did my mind stillyet think?
Did I still love with a man's heart
Or had soul and body beentorn apart?
Answered I yes; with a smile of fake -
Exactly what point washe trying to make?
He glanced at me with evil eyes;
I felt like prey,seconds before it dies.
Upon his lips, words did speak -
a roar firstentered, my future rather bleak.

"Dear sir," he began upon hisbreath,
"Never accept your fears; never ponder death.
Don't live lifefor what you once had
With this world, don't become mad.
My heart is heavybecause of this deep
Wish I do, for my peaceful sleep.
So I tell passersby,such as thee,
try not to repeat the same mistakes of me.
Life is full andrich, my friend,
please, attempt to live it before it ends."

Iunderstood the tiger's story,
as he regretted a life in purgatory.
Now eachday becomes a new leap
since I had my stroll through a jungle deep.


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i love this !