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The Minds Of The Mixed-Up MAG

By Anonymous

   Back of the Room

Rob gazed at Alysha from across the room with a look ofhatred mixed with glumness.

"How could she break up with me justthree weeks before the prom? What could I have done to deserve this? I treatedher like a queen, showered with gifts and love and all that good stuff. PleaseGod, tell me why! She was the first girl I ever really loved." A tear formedin an oval and dropped onto the paper he had been doodling on which so muchresembled his heart - empty. "What goes around always comes backaround."

Across the room

"I wish he stop starin'at me tellin' his friend Anthony to pass me all these notes. He probablywonderin' why I broke up with him. Ha! Ha! Ha! He is really stupid. No, he ismore stupid than I thought. He must really be blind to the fact. He must not haveseen the new guy that I was talking to yesterday who just moved here from NorthCarolina. He asked me to the prom ... and I couldn't say no. He is so fine. Igotta get get my nails and hair done. Gotta lose about three pounds so that mydress will fit perfectly. Rob was getting boring anyway. I always say the betterthey come the better they get. It never made sense to me anyway. But I'm goin' tothe prom with the finest guy in the school. Watch the girls stare inenvy!"

Two Seats Behind Alysha

Veronica satwith her chin in the palm of her hands looking at Rob go stale over Alysha whenhe could have a real woman.

"Why does he waste his time over her?She is my best friend and all, but he could do better - like with me. I couldgive him so much that Alysha can't, starting with love. So what that we are bestfriends. She always told me when it comes to men, friends take the back seat.Yeah, I'm taking her advice. I could picture myself with Robert. I been wantinghim for the last three years they been going together. Now is my chance. I alwayssay good things come to those who wait."

>Two seats in frontof Anthony

Allen sat and licked his lips as the thought of taking Alyshato the prom. He knew it wouldn't take long before he would have her eating outthe palm of his hand. He meant that literally.

"I can just pictureit, man. Take her out, spend a little money on her, and before the night is overmake sure she pays me back in full plus interest. Can't wait to tell the fellasback in North Carolina about how easy chicks are up here. Easy come, easy go iswhat I always say."

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