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My Joyous Moment

December 8, 2019
By Tamyka BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
Tamyka BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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The happiness of the Danes bothered me greatly. Every day, they would sing and dance in the atrocious building of Herot. It pained me to see how the Danes were reciting poetry and enjoying nature. Although all those actions were bad, the one that really upset me was the fact that they were worshiping the One that banned Cain. I would never like the people that worship my ancestor’s worst enemy. God drove me away when he discovered my true nature. I was confined to darkness. I could wait no longer; I had to take action against the Danes. I went to the hall of pleasure on the first night out of curiosity, but when I saw the men, I could not resist. Thirty men seemed like a good number, so I grabbed them. Returning to my cave, I was so proud that I could not stop smiling. On the very next day, I could only imagine the grief that the king of weepers had. The thrill I received that night was too great to never come back. 

Once I started my hunt, I could not stop. Every night, I set out to beat the record set on the previous one. The fragile men tried to flee but never far enough to not surrender to my mighty claws. My purge continued for twelve years. My one regret and challenge was the throne of the leader of defeat. His throne was protected by God, and I was never able to destroy it. I watched the lost nation turn to paganism, but it was too late to escape my imposing claws. The weak and frail humans could never stop me, the powerful Grendel. 

The author's comments:

This is Beowulf explained from Grendel's point of view. 

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