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Royal High Series: Tiana (Part I)

April 27, 2021
By Narniagirl4ever BRONZE, Bluffton, South Carolina
Narniagirl4ever BRONZE, Bluffton, South Carolina
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You made my day
You came my way
You heard me every, every time I pray
You gave me peace
You gave me grace
You put a smile upon my face
You brought the sunshine (you brought the sunshine in my life)
Thew out the lifeline (thew out the lifeline)
You brought the sunshine (you saved my life)
Thew out the lifeline.

I smiled; her mother was awake. Jumping out of bed, I grinned even wider when I heard my mother’s not-so-talented voice creak “You brought the sunshineeeeee” Picking up my phone I texted my friend Belle.

Tiana: Lol, did you finish your writing assignment?

Belle: Yah, girl! ?4U. Are we doing the tennis team? I feel like we should...not that I think we wouldn't be asked since we did win the regionals last year. 

Tiana: OFC! ^5. Yes we are!!!!! Meet you at tryouts today. Maybe Coach Maleficient will go easy on us. I know that I cannot affford to mess up my new braids. My mother would kill me!

Belle: Ikr! You finally got braids?!?!?!?! YASSS, SLAY GIRL! 4YEO. I am going to Elsa's house afterschool to tutor her sister. Apparently Ice Queen has a flawed sister. Hehe. Anna is not doing well in French at ALL!! Her parents are afraid that she will fail like she did last year. 

Tiana: Interesting. Keep me UPdated. I would volunteer my services since I am from New Orleans but you are French so there's absolutely no one better. My braids are pretty sweet. I have to go...Brazil pig is about to pick me up. 

Belle: Sorry about Naveem. I wish I could come and pick u up but once dad has lost my keys as well as his. Gotta go help him look! :(

Quickly I pulled on my green jumper and slipped on my yellow Vans. Peeking out of my room, I glanced down the hall. My mother was not in sight. Running to the bathroom, I closed the door quietly. Pulling a comb through my hair, I put some hair cream and coconut gel in. My hair gathered up in a high ponytail, I slipped on a yellow headband to compliment my shoes. Smiling wide, I noted my dry lips. Smearing Vaseline on my lips to make them look hydrated, I began to brush my teeth.
“Tiana, hurry up. Naveen will be here in a minute to pick you up” my mother yelled, drowning out the sound of the Clark sisters.
“Yes ma’am” I answered, pulling open the door. Walking down the hall, I came into the kitchen. My mother stood in front of the frying pan, trying to flip the French toast.
“No momma. That’s the wrong way. Ain’t got time for messing around!” I shouted, running to her side. She frowned when I executed a perfect flip of the wrist and the French toast landed on the plate. Picking up a handful of powdered sugar, I flung it all over the toast, making it seem like snow. Mama smiled and handed me a fork.

“Mama, I have tennis tryouts today. There ain’t nothing going to stop me now. I need to make them!” I protested, pushing her hand away. Mama smiled and thrust a mouthful in my mouth.
“Mhmm!” I said, tasting the sweetness of the bread soaked in an egg. “Maybe just one bite wouldn’t hurt.” Using the fork, I gobbled several bites of the delicious breakfast. Feeling a vibration in my pocket, I remembered that I had dance tryouts as well.
“Bye, Momma!” I said, pecking her cheek. Flying out of the room, I picked up my textbooks and house key. Royal High had dorms which I stayed in six days a week; I always came home to come to church with her mother on Sundays. “Sweetie, tell Naveen I said hi. He is such a sweet boy” her mother shouted from the kitchen.

Yeah, a sweet boy. He is as arrogant as someone getting being able to play music the way he does I thought to myself. I grabbed my pair of black sunglasses and my yellow backpack from the corner. Quietly closing the front door, I ran out to where Naveen’s car stood. He owned a 2018 Ford Mustang, one of his many gifts from his father. I had to admit it was a nice car with its nice fastback silhouette.
“Hey, Ti! Lookin’ noice! How are you liking my carr? I had to stop by McD’s and grab an x - burguer” Naveen said, running a tanned hand through his chestnut brown hair. I rolled my eyes; eating a cheeseburger for breakfast was unheard of and probably only something Naveen would do. Climbing in, I fastened my seatbelt and demanded “Naveen, drive fast. I have to get to dance. I totally forget about it”
Naveen slyly looked at me “What will you give me for doing it?” I looked at him as if he had three heads.
“Give you something… as if I would give you something? Naveen, what if I don’t make fun of your dandy ways and annoying smile and face? That would be something.” I  answered, sarcastically. 
“You’ve spent way too much time with the Ice Princess and her snowwomen” he replied, wrinkling up his nose. Wait I thought to myself Do I sound like Elsa? Finally! Maybe I can get into her group!

“Whatever, speed up” I stuck my tongue out at him. He reluctantly increased the speed from 40 to 60 miles per hour. Seeing my smile, he turned on the Sirius XM station, Caliente. I turned around and shouted over the noise of the radio “Why do we have to listen to stupid Spanish? Let’s listen to some sophisticated French music”
Naveen frowned “Ti, you are loca! Spanish music is the most beautiful musica in the world. You think only a colonizer’s word sounds nice”
“Naveen I really don’t want to get in an argument with you again. Just forget I said anything. Look, we have a 30-minute drive ahead of us. Let’s not argue!” I begged, putting my sunglasses on. He rolled his eyes and continued driving. Sure, he did have nice hair - a great smile - tall was a benefit, but he was definitely uncultured and not at all on my list of possible prospects. Honestly a guy who loved to read and debated topics with blonde hair and blue eyes was on my list. Belle told me I had good tastes but my classmate Jasmine said I was denying who I was ethnically. 

But who is she to talk? She is into bad boys like Zayn Malik or that one kid who is always in detention...what's his name -Aladdin! I really hope to meet someone that matches my wildest dreams and then I won't be stuck with this piece of well nerves and anger. 

The author's comments:

This is going to be part of a series about Disney princesses in particular. Please have mercy on me...I am not the best at writing fanfiction or anything in the Disney realm. I hope you can spare me a bunch of hate and hopefully see my story as an encouragment. Please put down what you think should happen next or absolutely any ideas. I would love to use them!

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on Feb. 26 at 1:23 am
IzzyMossie137 GOLD, Aurora, Illinois
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Exciting story...Anna and French!
Why don't you take Gaston and Charlotte and set them up in the next story?

Afra DIAMOND said...
on Feb. 26 at 1:21 am
Afra DIAMOND, Kandy, Other
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This is a really beautiful story...I like the conversation that took place with Tiana and Belle...In the next series, you could try adding Rapunzel and create a friendship between her and Anna...