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Glistening Noon Chapter 21

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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I slid down my robe to where he could see my shoulders. It burned when the light touched them and I quickly covered them back up.
“It’s ok Claire.”
“I tripped and hit my head when I was running down here.”
“Let’s go clean you up and you can tell me the dream if you want to.”
He turned off the lights for Paige was still asleep and he walked me to the bathroom. He sat me on the rim of the tub and turned to the cabinets. He grabbed an onyx liquid and a dagger.
“What are you going to do and what is that?!”
“Nothing you need to worry about.”
He slipped off my robe and poured some of the onyx liquid onto my shoulders. It instantly stuck and he scraped it off with the dagger. He looked at my head and grabbed a bandage and put it on. He picked me up and bounced me on his hip.
“Do you want to sleep in my room?”
“What time is it?”
“Seven thirty.”
“When does your family wake up?”
“About eight or seven fifty.”
“I’ll stay awake.”
He walked me back into his bedroom and sat me on his lap. He brushed my hair and kissed my neck- which worried me. I watched the minutes go by until Paige woke up and it was eight in the morning exactly.
“What are you doing in here?”
Paige stared at me and Kai looked at her. He mouthed something to her and she turned to me sympathetic now.
“Poor darling let’s go eat.”
They both got up and Kai put me on his hip. We walked down the stairs and to the table and we sat. I ate slowly and looked down.
“Nightmare again?”
I looked up and Will was staring at me.
“Did you have your nightmare again? The one with the man?”
“How did you know?”
“You’ve had that dream since you were a baby you’d wake in the middle of the night scraming and run to Kai’s room, you would claim that he chased you and grabbed your ankles. You always would have the blood red handprint on your ankle were you said he grabbed you. You would fall and hit your head in the same exact place it was so odd.”
I slid down my robe and looked at the bloody red handprints on my shoulders where the man grabbed me.
“Shoulders this time? Impresive.”
I turned to Kai.
“What day is it?”
“Tuesday the thirtieth of October.”
I went over everything in my head. Tommorow was Halloween and the Halloween party. Tuesday I’m supposed to be at school. I’m going back to my horrible house today.
“Your mom is coming to pick you up you need to get ready.”
Kai just looked at me and I nodded. I walked up the steps and saw a bloody mark on the floor and I touched my forehead. I quickly got dressed and came back downstairs. Everyone was in the front room and Logan was hugging Hunter.
“Why are you here? Debbie was supposed to pick me up.”
“Mom told me to come pick you up because she didn’t want to get into another custody talk with Kai. She has issues.”
“Glad you learned that.”
“Don’t be sarcastic little sis.”
He ruffled my hair and I took a step back.
“Never do that again.”
“Are you ready?”
I hugged Logan and she hugged me back she let go of Hunter and he walked me out the door to his car. We got in and he started to drive off.
“What do you like about that family of devils?” How could you possibly stay nights on end at their house? Haven’t they tried to kill you yet?!”
“I love them and they are nice people.”
“You staying Halloween with your ‘second family‘?”
“Listen,” He stopped the car. “We need to have a talk later.”
He started the car again.
“So you like them?”
“Whose your favorite?”
“Kai and Logan.”
“That Clide guy freaks me out.”
“I don’t talk to him that much.”
“What about Mr. Britian?”
“James," I corrected. "I don’t talk to him either. He tried to kill me before though.”
“What about Will?”
“I talked to him this morning.”
He stopped the car and we were at my house. We walked inside and sat on the couch.
“Listen we need to have that talk.” He was serious now.
“Do you know what you are?”
“Yes a human.”
“No. You’re a wolf. Do you know what Kai is?”
“A vampire.”
“What is Logan then?”
“A demon.”
“K. Now do you know what happens when you mix them together?”
“Wolves and vampires have been enemies forever. That is why we have a certain town for all the wolves. Wolves and vampires are suppose to kill each other not make out with each other, Claire!”
“Listen to me, Hunter! I’ve never made out with him and I’m never going to be like you and be a stupid giant dog! I was supposed to be a vampire and I have the scars to prove it! I’m never going to be a wolf because they locked it up and hid it in the spirit world! I’m not going to be like you so get it out of your head! I’m going to be human and normal!”
“That guy has brainwashed you hasn’t he? You are not supposed to be like them! You were a wolf since you were born and they are taking that away from you!”
“And I don’t care! I never wanted to be an idiotic dog the rest of my life!”
“Then go ahead and see how great being a devil really is!”
“Maybe I will! I’ll get him to change me tomorrow and he will because he wants me happy unlike some people!”
“He only acts like he loves you! He knows you are to stuborn to notice! He is using you!”
“And I’m fine with that! My life is going to be perfect and you aren’t going to mess with it! And for the record he has never loved me!”
I ran up the steps and grabbed the custody papers. I ran to Debbie’s room where she was lying on the bed.
“Please sign these mom.”
“What is it?”
“The custody papers, I want to live with Kai.”
“Oh…are you sure?”
“Yes! I want to get away from here!”
“Hand me a pen and call him to come over here.”
I gave her a pen and took out my cellphone dialing his number. I was crying when he finally picked up.
“Claire?” He sounded confused.
“Please come to my house.”
“What for?”
“To sign the custody papers I want to live with you.”
“Ok I’ll be over there in a minute.”
The phone shut off and I sat on the bed. Five minutes later the door opened and Kai walked in. He sat on the bed next to me and I could see Hunter in the doorway. The both picked up a pen and signed the paper. Debbie hugged me and Kai picked me up.
“She has to go to school and please don’t get her drunk.”
Kai nodded and walked out the door. I saw Hunter shaking his head as we walked out the door. He put me on his back and started running.
“Can you do me a favor?”
“Depends, what is it?”
“Can you please bite me?”
“Why do you want me to bite you?”
He stopped and walked into the house. Clide was sprawled on the couch watching football and Maria was messing with the weather on the back porch. Clide turned to me.
“Back so soon?”
“I live here now.”
“How and who decided that?”
Kai looked at him.
“I signed the papers. I finally have custody over her.”
“That’s weird. First she’s your child then prisoner then girlfriend now child again.”
“Get over it.”
“So I have a niece again that’s a joy.”
I stuck my tongue out at him and he returned the gesture. Kai dropped me and I sat in a chair and watched the game. He walked off to the back porch and watched Maria mess with the weather.
“Where is Logan?”
“Taking a shower.”
“Paige, Cynthia?”
“Both shopping.”
“Will and James?”
“Out walking.”
“You sound disappointed I would think that you would be happy here. After all you are with Kai.”
“I don’t know it is just different.”
“If you want to hear different try waking up and being some species you thought was only in fairytales.”

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