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Wolfgang Chapter 10

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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Logan ditched me the rest of the day to hang out with Pete. When I got home it was about eight and everyone was already in their rooms. Paige hadn’t come back yet so I got dressed in more comfortable clothes and walked into his room. He instantly shut the door locking it and pulled me next to him.

“Is something bothering you?”

“No, why?”

“You are acting strange.”

“No I’m not. Nothing is wrong.”

“Are you sure?”

“One thing is bothering me now that you brought up the conversation.”

“What would that be?”

“Why have you been lying to me all this time? How am I supposed to know anything if you lie to me all the time?”

“I lie to you for good reasons.”

“I want to know the truth now.”

“Why so urgent?”

“I don’t know.”

I ran my hands through his hair again and his eyes instantly locked shut. Again I pulled off his shirt and ran my fingers across the most recent scars.

“So what did you want to know?”


“Starting with what?”

“When you weren’t a vampire.”

“I lived in Thailand.”

“You told me you lived in America.”
I traced the bluish veins show able in his flawless white skin.

“I didn’t tell you my horrible life story because I knew you would connect it to your life in the worst way possible.”

“What happened?”

“When I was younger I was abused and that’s all I knew was how to hurt people because that was all that ever happened to me. To me being hurt was a sign of love but soon it became unbearable. I fled Thailand and went to America.”

“When we first met and you wouldn’t stop staring at me?”

“You reminded me of a poem I used to tell my little sister to cheer her up.”

“What was the poem?”

“Best and dearest flower that grows, perfect both to see and smell. Words can never, never tell half the beauty of a rose. Buds that open to disclose. Fold on fold of purest white, lovely pink, or red that glows. Deep, sweet- scented. What delight to be daughter of the rose.”

“That’s so pretty. But how did it cheer her up?”

“She loved to be flattered.”

“Tell me another one.”

“That is the only one I can remember.”

I ran my hands across his throat and we sat in silence for a moment.

“Who was your sister?”

“I’m not sure I don’t remember her anymore.”

“Why don’t you remember?”

“She was an early human memory. She faded away from my mind over the years.”

“How did I remind you of that poem?”

“I thought of the rose as being you. Perfect both to see and smell. Words can never tell half the beauty of the rose. When you blushed you turned red and pink and you always seemed a pale white to me. Deep and sweet-scented.”

“What about what delight to be daughter of the rose?”

“Any child that is yours will be lucky.”

I had no response to that answer and again we sat in silence. He moved my hand away from hi throat and I simply just put it on his chest.

“Why do you think that I would connect your life to mine in the worst way possible?”

“You would find some way of thinking that that is why I hurt you all of those times.”

“I would not!”

“Yes, you would.”


“See what I mean.”

“Well you brought it up first.”

He glared at me and moved my hand off his stone chest. He played with it in his hands messing with my nails and fingers. He dropped it onto the bed and got up. This was getting on my nerves. Before he was out of the room I angrily turned around to him.

“I always find some way to make you ticked off! Am I really that annoying and such a pest to you? There is always at least one thing I do and most of the time I don’t do anything! You’re just to busy being angry to realize anything that anybody says to you!”

He turned around and started laughing at me and his musical laugh made me laugh too. He sat back on the bed but stopped laughing and looked at me confused. I stopped laughing a while later and we just stared at the clock watching the seconds turn to minutes and the minutes turn to hours, still we sat in silence. I took a quick glance at Kai who was still staring at the clock.

He looked at me and our eyes met and I felt the electric current like the first time I saw him. I tried to move my eyes from his but they stuck and the electric flow got stronger. His eyes flashed all the colors that I had ever seen them and stopped on red. He moved his eyes away from me and I felt like something inside of me had broken.


He looked back at me but I looked away to avoid the shock.


“What was that?”


“Never the mind.”

It was already ten o’clock so I laid on the bed and closed my eyes. I felt my body being moved and my hair rustling lightly. I had a dream but it was just the middle of the forest. I woke I Kai’s arm and I got ready for school as always but I took my motorcycle instead of riding with Kai as usual. Kai didn’t look at me at the beginning of Mr. David’s class.

“Today we are going to be learning about blood and I even brought some as examples of blood types from the American Red Cross.” Mr. David spoke loudly and Kai’s eyes shot to me in a worried expression.

“What are you going to do Kai?” I whispered to him.

“Hold my breath.” He whispered back.

Mr. David started passing cups of blood to each table. When he got to our table he stopped an looked at me.

“Is something wrong Claire?”


When Mr. David finished passing out blood he gave use each a little slate Mr. David stopped at us again but this time looked at Kai.

“Are you ok? You look pale.”

“I’m always pale if you’ve never noticed.” He spoke rudely and I shot him a look but Mr. David walked away before I forced Kai to say something.

“What is your problem Kai?”

“Think about it Claire I’m in a room full of blood and I can’t drink any of it. I can easily kill all these people right now and you are the only thing stopping me from doing so.”

Mr. David walked back to the front of the room.

“Everyone please take some blood and put it on the slate. Then try to guess what blood type you have on your slate. Then I will come around and see if you are right.”

Everyone did as he said and I looked at Kai.

“I have no idea.”

He looked around making sure no one was looking at us, then dipped his finger in the blood and licked it.

“Its AB negative.”

“How can you tell?”

“From how it taste.”

“You really shouldn’t do that someone could be watching.”

“Do you think I care?”

“Lose the attitude, Kai.”

“Maybe you should shut your annoying human mouth before I crush your skull.”
He took the utensil we used to put the blood on our slates and stirred the blood around in circles. As Mr. David said he would he came around and checked each persons blood type. Of course we got ours right and as soon as the bell rang Kai was out of the room. Miki looked at me and walked over to my table where I was packing up my things to get ready for lunch.
“What was that about? Are you two over already?”

“No! We are not over already!”

“Sorry to offend you.”

She walked out to my locker with me and I took a quick glance at Kai’s locker. I put my books in clumsily missing most of them and having to scramble them back up off the floor and put them in my locker again. Miki kept looking at Kai until he finally left his locker.

“Come on lets get to lunch they have salads.” Miki clapped her hands as she spoke.

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