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Wolfgang Chapter 12

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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I looked over expecting to see Kai sitting up reading some book that was too large and boring for me to ever read. But he wasn’t. Instead he was lying down with his eyes closed as if sleeping. He had his IPod in and I quietly laughed to myself until the fear of my dream took over again. Still it felt like my skin was burning so I shook Kai until he finally stopped ignoring me and opened his eyes.

“What is it, Claire darling?”

That was a first. “I’m hot.” I sweetly replied to him.

He sat up and held me in his arms.

“What else is wrong?”

“I had a dream.”

“What was it about?”

“It was a flash back of when you first told me you were a vampire and you were in my room that night.”

“Why do you look shaken then?”

“I’m not.”

“Yes you are darling.”

“I’m not shaken.”

“Claire, what is worrying you?”

“You are what is worrying me. In my dream you weren’t you, you were someone else. Well…you were the same you but it didn’t seem like you.”

“Just forget the dream and try to go back to sleep, you have school in the morning.”

I closed my eyes but there was a fire and it burned everything until the world was black and dead. I woke up screaming and this time Kai was up, but he had both his hands around my face. Sitting up we looked at each other for a minute until I finally said something.

“What were you doing?”

“Watching your dream.”

“I won’t ask.”


We sat in silence again while I twined my fingers together.

“I’m still hot.”

“Anything else wrong.”


“What would that be?”

I laid down and he wrapped his arm around my waist which just bothered me even more.

“Well this bothers me.”


“It bothers me that I’m the only one that knows about you all and that you love me.”

“Me loving you bothers you?”

“Yes but its more that I’m the only one that knows about you.”

“Well you can’t tell anyone, Claire.”

“Then the only other thing that bothers me is you loving me.”

“How does that bother you?”

“Well…I’m seventeen.”


“I’m seventeen Kai!”

“What does your age have to do with anything?”

“This shouldn’t be happening.”

“Claire, you know I have know idea what you are talking about.”
He kissed me and I tried to get away from him but he just kissed my neck and shoulder.


He ignored me and kept kissing me.

“Stop.” I was basically whining by now.

“Kai stop!”

I finally got away from him already out of the bed and he looked at me confused.

“Stop just stop. This is what I’m talking about Kai. I’m seventeen that should not be happening.”

“It didn’t bother you before.”

“Well now it does! It feels wrong and gross but mostly wrong!”

“How is it gross?”

“Well it’s obviously wrong, Kai Pattinson!”

“What is wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Claire, come back to bed.”



“I’m going to my mother’s house.”

“It’s three in the morning.”

“I don’t care.”

I put on some shoes and walked out of his room then out of the house through the blackness. I was surprised that I could find my way to my house even though he lived in the middle of nowhere. When I got to my front door and knocked it immediately opened but I didn’t recognize the boy who opened it. He was tall and scrawny with short black hair and blazing blue eyes. There were a couple more boys in the house until I spotted Hunter. I walked in pushing the boy out of my way and walked to Hunter.

“Who are they?”

“I’m old enough to have a pack so I’m getting one. You don’t live here so why are you in my house?”

“It was my house first, Hunter.”

“Why are you here?”

“To sleep, what do you think?”

“Aw did your boyfriend dump you?”

“No, now leave me alone!”

Debbie came running down the steps and when she saw me she ran at a non-human rate.

“Boys outback I need to talk to my daughter.”

Everyone obeyed and when they were out in the blackness of the night to where we couldn’t see them she made me sit down.

“I haven’t seen you in awhile. What’s wrong?”

“It was wrong mother.”

She looked shocked that I called her mother.

“What was wrong?”

“Everything was wrong.”

“So you don’t love him anymore?”

“I don’t know can you just leave me alone for awhile?”


She led me up the steps but quickly turned around.

“I broke up with Bill.”


She continued walking until she got to my bedroom. I got in and locked the door behind me laying on the bed holding myself and crying. Grabbing my phone I called Catherine and waited until she picked up.

“Claire? How was your date night?”

“I don’t want to talk about it I’m at my mother’s house right now.”


“It was wrong.”

“Well Miki is here do you want to talk to her?”

“No but put me on speaker phone.”

“Ok what did you want to say?”

“You can’t tell anyone what I’m about to say, promise.”

“We promise.” they said in unison.

I explained everything about Kai and his family and I had to stop and re-explain some things for them.

“I knew they weren’t human!” Miki yelled.

“Yah and I needed to tell you two this because I trust you two.”

“Count on us we won’t say a thing we wouldn’t hurt you like that.”


“I can’t believe he did that to you though! Is that why you said you always end up in the hospital afterwards?” Catherine asked.

“Yes. Well I have to go to sleep don’t mention a thing to Kai or he will literally kill me.”

“Ok night Claire.”

She hung up and I went to sleep without any nightmares or waking up at night. I woke at the usual time and screamed seeing a large fluffy black wolf standing in my room. It smiled and changed into the boy from the front door last night.

“You better get ready for school.”

“Who are you?”


“Are the rest of the guys downstairs?”


“Oh great.” Sarcasm showing clearly.

I got up making Marcus leave. Getting dress I found a picture of my dad in a pocket. Not wanting to start crying I finished putting on my clothes and thought about how I would avoid Kai. I ate then went out the door driving my Charger slowly to school. My friends were already waiting at my usual parking spot. I could see Logan and Kai waiting a while back. Logan waved for him to leave and started walking toward my car. I got out and she was in front of me. Miki and Catherine took a step back from her an towards me. Logan narrowed her eyes at me then turned to my friends.
“You know the family secret don’t you?”

“Yes.” Again in unison.

“Claire told you.”

“Yes.” This time only Catherine spoke.

Logan looked at me.

“I got yelled at all this morning for wanting to get married.”

“I told him.”

“Where were you last night?”

“I went to my mother’s.”


“Something was bothering me.”

“Oh. Well I won’t tell Kai that your friends know the secret.”

“I’m ditching school today so be safe.”


I hugged her then she left. Miki and Catherine looked at me then we started walking toward school. Catherine had to leave for her first class but since me and Miki both have science we walked together. She had to go to her seat when Mr. David walked in. Kai was already at his seat when I sat down. Mr. David was talking when I started getting hot again.

“What got into you last night, Claire?”

“Leave me alone, Kai.”

“Claire darling what’s wrong?”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Are you sick?”


He kissed my neck and I quickly backed away from him.

“Leave me alone before I sic my older brother on you.”

He laughed and kissed me again.

“I’m serious, Kai.”

Class was over soon enough and me and my friends ran to lunch.

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