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Stole My Heart- A One Direction Fanfic: CHAPTER 4

January 29, 2012
By alyssabeliebs21 PLATINUM, LaGrange, Illinois
alyssabeliebs21 PLATINUM, LaGrange, Illinois
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"Do you need help with anything? Finding stuff? Anything?" Louis stepped into the guest bedroom where Anya had sprawled all her luggage on the bed, looking for somewhere to put everything.

"Um, I think I'm okay. Thanks," Anya assured with a smile. Louis noted he'd be in the kitchen and closed the door behind him.

Anya stared at the mess of clothing, makeup and hair products, and other junk she'd decided to bring. She pursed her lips-she actually didn't have a clue what to do with everything or where everything was for that matter. She started stuffing sweaters and yoga pants into the small dresser near the window. She threw her makeup and beauty products into the side table by her bed just to put it somewhere.

Anya slumped onto the soft guest bed, trying not to shut her eyes because she knew she'd fall asleep, even though it was only four in the afternoon.

Anya ventured her way out and downstairs to the kitchen. Upon entering, she immediately smelled the thick aroma of sauteeing garlic and spices.

Louis was stirring something around in a pan on the stove next to a vast array of ingredients. He looked good after a long night of their flight and rather long cab ride to his mother's. Anya could tell he hadn't showered yet, as he was wearing a navy beanie and his stylish specs. He was merely dressed in baggy sweatpants and an old Ramones tee, but the sleeves of his shirt didn't quite cover his toned arms, and Anya couldn't help but stare. Louis noticed her entrance and Anya quickly stopped ogling his appearance, wondering what had taken over her for those few moments.

"Smells good, Lou," Anya complimented. She joined him over by the stove and leaned against a counter nearby.

"Thank you, hopefully you'll like it, too, because this is the only think I can make when my mum works late," he replied stirring his ingredient combination rigorously. "Unless you like cereal for dinner?" he added with a chuckle.

Anya replied with a small laugh. "Even if I don't I'll manage, you're doing enough letting me stay here. I really appreciate it."

Louis took a forkful of spiced chicken and turned to face Anya. "I already told you, it's nothing. Now taste this-" He raised the fork to Anya's mouth. Louis gently held her chin and Anya felt a sudden change in pace of her heartbeat. She chewed the chicken and stared expressionless into Louis' eyes. They were prettier than she remembered.


Anya snapped back to reality and nodded quickly, embarassed. "Yeah! It's
good, I like it."

Louis grinned big and shot his arms in the air triumphantly. "I KNEW my mum
wasn't just saying I can cook because she has to!"

Anya laughed nervously. Staying with Louis had brought along some strange feelings. She was seeing him in a different way than she ever had. She hoped it was just that it was because she was spending time only with him. Anya decided she'd put it in the back of her mind for now.

Anya sat on the couch chasing around the last chocolate chip in her bowl of melted chocolate ice cream. It was around 10:30 and Louis and Anya were eating ice cream on the couch and watching Friends reruns on dvd. Anya's eyes fluttered closed sleepily but Louis' laugh at something on the television startled her awake again. But it was only a matter of time before she fell asleep.

Anya stirred on the couch, forgetting she was trying to stay awake earlier. Friends was still playing but it had probably been an hour since she'd drifted off. She could feel Niall's broad chest under her head and smiled. His left arm was perched on the back of the couch behind her head and Anya took is hand in hers. She started playing with his fingers but noticed something was missing- he wasn't wearing his promise ring.

"Uh hey," Louis said with a chuckle.

Anya let go of Louis' hand and shot up. "Lou, I'm sorry, I was- I thought- sorry."

Louis looked at her confused. "That's okay, you're just tired. Why don't you turn in for the night?"

"Yeah. You're right, I really am tired," Anya nodded and got up, but she new deep down that wasn't just the case.

"Sleep well, see you in the morning" Louis called after her over his shoulder.

"G'night" she mumbled halfheartedly back.

Anya rushed into the guest bedroom and shut the door. Something was stirring up inside her, some hidden feelings for Louis. But all Anya could think about was how this could even be possible-she knew she loved Niall more than anyone and didn't even know there was room for feelings for anyone else.

Anya needed someone to talk to right away. She shuffled through her cluster of a purse for her phone. She picked it up with shaky hands and dialed Harry
Styles' number.

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