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Stole My Heart- A One Direction Fanfic: CHAPTER 5

January 29, 2012
By alyssabeliebs21 PLATINUM, LaGrange, Illinois
alyssabeliebs21 PLATINUM, LaGrange, Illinois
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  Little to Anya's surprise, the phone rang and rang but she was sent to voicemail. She didn't exacty expect that Harry would pick up at 1:40 in the morning, but she had given it a little hope.
     At the tone, Anya spoke softly into the receiver so Louis wouldn't hear the distress in her voice. "Hazza, I know it's late, I'm sorry, but I need you to call me back or text me as soon as you can, letting me know you got this message. I really- I- I need to talk to you."
     Anya quickly hit End and hurled her phone into a pile of clothes like it was radioactive or something. She dropped her face in her hands and tried to figure out this whole mess of emotion. To no avail, she threw one of Niall's old t-shirts on and slipped into yoga pants, in hopes that getting some sleep would clear her head.

     The next morning, Anya woke up with a slight headache, remembering the previous night's events. The sun was peeking in through the curtains, so she knew it wasn't any earlier than seven or eight.
     Anya heard a low hum come from her laundry pile on the floor. She picked up her phone to see a missed call from Harry and a message he sent 10 minutes after he called reading "Do u want me to call u later? Text me". The second message was from Liam- "Wat time does kelley get out of school?"
     Anya texted Liam a simple Idk, a lot more on her mind. She replied to Harry, "Ya call me when u can talk".
     After grabbing all her essentials, Anya hopped into the shower. She dressed herself decently in a purple loosely fitted sweater and dark skinny jeans. She blew her hair dry and even straightened it for the first time in about a week. Anya cleaned up her things, threw them on her bed and checked her phone. It had only been about an hour, but there was still nothing back from Harry.
     Downstairs there was a plated half eaten buttered bagel on the sidetable next to the couch in the den and a full cup of black tea sat beside it. Someone was rummaging around the kitchen and Louis' mum stepped out into the family room, geared up and ready to leave for work.
     "Oh good morning, Anya!"
     "Good morning, Mrs. Tomlinson," Anya replied politely.
     "When Louis gets out of the shower, could you tell him I'll be gone late again tonight? 'Till about 9 or so. And tell him to clean up his breakfast mess..."
     "Sure thing."
     Mrs. Tomlinson smiled and waved good-bye before slipping out the front door. Anya sat down on the couch and took her laptop from the coffeetable to return some emails from radio stations. It seemed Anya never truly had a solid vacation.
     The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs made Anya look up from her screen. She did a doubletake and her stomach dropped.
     Louis traipsed down into the family room rubbing a towel through his damp hair. He wasn't wearing anything but an old pair of basketball shorts. His define chest and muscular arms flexed while he dried his hair.
     Anya quickly directed her attention back to the computer, pretending like she hadn't looked up at all. "Hey Lou, you're mum told me to tell you to clean up your breakfast."
     "Alright, I got it," he said, and brought his unfinished meal into the kitchen.
     Anya sighed and threw her head back against the couch, disgusted with herself. This little crush was driving her crazy.
     Louis reentered the family room and grabbed a clean shirt from the laundry basket at the bottom of the stairs. Anya refused to peel her eyes from the computer screen, even as he sat down next to her.
     "You still need a ride to the airport tomorrow morning, right?" Louis asked.
     "Yeah, that'd be great thanks," Anya replied.
     "Is this the first holiday you're officially spending with Niall and his family?"
     "I guess so, yeah..." Anya shut her laptop and turned to Louis. "I'm kinda nervous though. I've had dinner with his family and all but this is going to make a huge impression of me, you know?"
     Louis placed his hand on Anya's shoulder. "I really don't think you have anything to worry about. You're a great girl and I know his family adores you. What's not to love?" He added with a grin.
     Anya smiled. Suddenly she felt hypnotized by the depth in his eyes, losing touch with everything around her. Then she subconsciously started to lean forward the slightest bit. The loud outburst of Boyce Avenue's "Hear Me Now" rang loudly from Anya's back pocket, snapping her back to reality. Anya immediately regretted her actions but the tiniest part of her hated whoever was calling. But Anya realized just who the caller was.
     "I'm gunna take this, be right back," Anya said and hurried upstairs into her room. She was right- the caller ID read Harry Styles. "Hello?"
     "Okay, what's going on? Why am I getting urgent calls from you late at night? Well, I guess it was early in the morning-"
     "Harry, listen, I-"
     "-but, for God's sake, Anya, what could be so friggin' important that I wake up to a seriously frightening voicemail of my best friend sounding freaked as HELL-"
     "Harry, I'm scared I have feelings for Louis!"
     The opposite side of the line was silent.
     "Please say something, Harry..."
     "What do you want me to say?!" He sounded almost outraged in shock. "How did this happen?! What?! Don't you remember a certain someone named NIALL-"
     "Of course I do!! You of all people know how I feel about him!" Anya was getting defensive now. "Harry, I just don't know what to do or what's going on in my head and-and I feel like, in a way, I'm betraying Niall!-"
     "Bon, stop" Harry sighed and tried to gather his thoughts for a minute. "Don't overthink things, this isn't 'betrayal'. Just try to zero in and focus on the Lou you've always known before. Funny, charismatic, just-your-really-good-friend, Lou."
     Anya paused and took a deep breath. It wasn't like anything had magically changed about Louis the moment she walked into his mum's townhouse with him. She just wasn't used such close, quality alone time with any other guy but Niall. Reconnecting with Niall tomorrow afternoon would cure everything. "Okay. I can do that," Anya concluded calmly.
     "Good. See? You don't have to fret about everything," Harry replied simply.
     "Thanks. I really needed someone to talk to about this," Anya said.
     "I'm always here, you know that."
     "I know. I'll see you on Monday. You're place still, right?"
     "Yeah. Remember though, just watch yourself. Just your normal, good friend Louis," he reminded.
     "Yes, yes, okay. See ya, Hazza."
     "Bye, Bon." And he hung up.

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