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Journal of Roger

October 21, 2012
By lyssamarie97 BRONZE, Centralia, Washington
lyssamarie97 BRONZE, Centralia, Washington
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The Journal of Roger

Entry 1:
This afternoon our plane that was flying away from the war was shot down and crashed upon a supposedly deserted island. We are not sure yet whether or not it is deserted, but for right now the rest of the children have appointed the other boy, Ralph as chief. They chose him instead of Jack because he called a gathering with the conch. During the gathering we talked about the matters of importance. First off we needed to build a fire and hunt for food. Jack ad Ralph decided that us choir boys will be the hunters. Ralph, Simon and Jack went off in search of a good place to make a fire so that anyone traveling by would see the smoke and rescue us. I think we should have gone for food first because we won’t survive without food.
Entry 2:
It was decided that us choir boys would be in charge of keeping the fire. We are the hunters! We should be hunting for meat, not tending to a fire! This Ralph does not know how to lead properly. Jack should have been chosen instead of him. All he does is give orders and sit around with the fat boy, Piggy. I don’t see him ever putting an effort into doing something to help us survive on this island. What a lazy bloke, that Ralph! When we were done doing what Ralph wanted we went hunting for meat and so far all that we’ve seen are pigs. Jack slit the pig’s throat while one of the others stabbed it right in the back side! We cooked and ate that pig right off of the bone. Good thing Jack brought his knife with him so we are able to slit the pig’s throat. What a thrill it was, watching that pig bleed out. It spilt all over the forest floor leaving splashes upon Jacks leg. How glorious it made us feel, how powerful!
Entry 3:

Ralph is not happy when someone doesn’t do what he says. We accidentally let the fire go out while we were hunting and he blames us for a ship passing by and not seeing us. If he wants a fire he can tend to it himself! We might as well kill him off if he’s not going to contribute to our survival. There is no way we’re going to get rescued if all anyone is doing is getting bossed around by a clueless child. He does not even know how to hunt! All anyone ever does is complain about Ralph since we crashed here. I took a break from all of the work we were doing and decided to toss some rocks towards the littluns. I find it funny when they jump as the rocks land next to them. Their sand castles will be destroyed by the tide, or by me. These little children are just a burden. A great weight was lifted from us when a few of them were lost within the flames. I’m glad that the choir boys suffice quite well compared to the others. Jack might part from the others soon I think. Most of the choir will probably go with him if he does.

Entry 4:
The littluns are starting to become scared of an unknown beast that comes at night. I just think their having bad dreams like all little children do. Samneric ran back to all of us from tending to the fire and said there was a beast and that it came after them in the night. Jack and Ralph decided to go take a look up on the mountain and see what was up there and chose me to go with them. We hiked all the way to the top of the mountain where the fire was and saw, with our own eyes, the monster they were talking about. As soon as it started to move, we ran as fast as we could back down the mountain and away from the beast. Ralph and Jack were the first to run because I hesitated a little when I first saw it myself. There was a beast after all! Now all we have to do is figure out how to kill it or avoid it.
Entry 5:

Jack has decided to go on his own and start a tribe with us choirs boys. We went hunting and shared it with all to win over the others who didn’t follow us at first. We had a feast and invited all on the island to attend and eat. Then we gave them the choice to join our tribe or not. Then something rather horrific happened. I fear that while we were chanting, the creature that ran in the middle of the group was not the beast. I believe it was Simon. We stopped just in time to see his body float out to sea. We murdered a fellow whom did not deserve to die. For some odd reason though, I feel no remorse. It feels like all of the rage that has been building inside of me is begging to be released. I do not think I will hide from it for much longer. Human deaths are similar to when the pig we are hunting, dies. It’s exhilarating. Full of excitement and adrenaline you don’t know exactly what you next action will be. You have completely surrendered to your instincts and are letting them control your actions.

Entry 6:
Now that we have separated from the others, I assume Ralph and Piggy are furious. Though isn’t much to worry about, only a fat boy without specs. He can’t even see where he’s going since we took his specs! What a stupid fat boy he is. I know Ralph will be charging towards us soon. His poor little piggy can’t find his way. So he’s got to get his specs for him. If I had it my way I’d bash him in myself! Piggy just an annoying little animal that follows Ralph around like a puppy, expecting Ralph to help save hime whenever he needs. You can tell Ralph pities him. There’s no doubt that’s why Ralph favors Piggy. Oh look. Here they come to try and get back the fat boys specs back now! Just in time for me to get up towards that rock…
Entry 7:

I did it. I sent that rock tumbling towards that big piggy. It fell down the side of the mountain, storming towards the blind Piggy. I’ve never felt so happy in my life. I wish I could see the look on Ralph’s face over and over again. He looked mortified at the scene before him. His little Piggy was lost to a rock and taken by the sea. What will he do now? He will run because we will hunt him until he meets the same fate. I will make sure of it. That Ralph will be forced to run until his feet can no longer carry him through the dense forest and around this whole island. Jack will not allow him to live. We will hunt him like a pig. With two extra boys on watch I can join Jack in the hunt for Ralph. After the incident with the rock, Samneric were forced to join our tribe. I know those two will stay loyal to Ralph, but for the time being, Ralph is all alone with no one by his side to help him escape us. It’s time for the hunt…
Entry 8:

We nearly got that Ralph, we did. He could no longer run as we were growing nearer by the second. He fell to the ground, injured and hopeless. We had him, he was finally ours. Then we all stopped because there, standing before Ralph was a man. A sailor with a few other men had found our island. They found us. We could finally come home. After all that’s happened I don’t think we will ever be able to adjust back to our normal lives, knowing what we know. This experience allowed me to discover my true self. Maybe I’ll continue in secret when I return home. No one will ever know.

The author's comments:
This is the partial Journal of the Character of Roger from the novel Lord of the Flies.

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