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stranger wolf 1st chapter

December 19, 2013
By MargaretNorman GOLD, Indianpoils, Indiana
MargaretNorman GOLD, Indianpoils, Indiana
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I live a life of propaganda. I'm an orphan. my home was ambushed when i was only sixteen years old. i lost both my parents. now don’t get me wrong i'm not trying to tell you some big sob story of how terrible life is or was because it’s not.i now live with the love of my life and my closest friends and family. But this story isn't an ordinary story. now i'm only gonna tell it once so if you get lost….well to bad.
i lay in my bed with my favorite quilt and pillows when i heard a match strike. once…twice. there, lit. suddenly the light spread with the lighting of many torches. the light became brighter and brighter. suddenly the light was outshone by many table lamps as my mother threw open my bedroom door.
“wake up Adriean now!” “what mom.” “just get up please.” she said urgently as she rushed to my closet and rushed back “here, get dressed.” she said as she threw me my black sweater and leggings. and rushed back pulling out clothes as she went. i dressed myself and went out to the front room to find my dad with a black draw string bag packing it with something i wasn't sure of at the time
“what's up with mom?” i asked him. “Adriean, oh honey here put your hair up.” he said as he handed me a hair brush and hair tie. so i did what i was told as mom came out and handed my dad a bunch of clothes “here Charlie.” “thanks Elizabeth.” they moved fervently and quickly.
“hey what's going on around here?” I shouted, “s***!” suddenly a concrete brick smashed through the window now the shouts outside that i had almost completely forgotten about now were louder than before. audible words such as “monsters, abominations, and kill them!” came through the broken window. lying on the floor was a concrete brick that read in only what i could explain to be blood; DEATH.
yes death was here, here for the taking, cruel, merciless, and arrogant death. yes death was among us. “Elizabeth!” “yes Charlie?!?” “It’s time!” so my parents grabbed either one of my hands and handed me the draw string bag. “What’s going on?” i said as we sped out the back door. i got no answer.
I could hear the sound of footfalls behind us. one set was light and very fast the other fast and very heavy and there seemed to be four of them. the light grew dim as we came to a stop.
my father placed his hands firmly on either side of my cheeks and stared into my eyes. “i love you my sweet beloved…forever.” “forever...i love you daddy.” i said in a choked voice. then he kissed my forehead then either cheek. then kissed my mother with the beautiful passionate love that brought us here.
he ran in the direction of our pursuers. one kept on following us. mom was struggling to outrun him but couldnt with me i was slowing her down. ‘ugh’ why couldn't i phase, why couldn't i take on all of moms genetics?
“you better hold on tight honey.” she said as she hoisted me up on to her back -somehow when i was sixteen?- i grabbed the ends of her hair and closed my eyes tightly for this always made me nauseous; too hear the readjustment of her bones...’ugh’. i heard two large footfalls then two more that fell together. then suddenly we were closer to the ground and my hands were still in her hair but it was thicker and coarse. my hands were also placed on her shoulder blades. we were moving very fast with a single burst of power. “whoa.” i said and got a ‘huff’ in response. telling me to be quiet for our heavy footed pursuer was still following us.
now you're probably thinking ‘the HELL is she talking about!’ yeah i know. now this is where it gets REALLY messed up. now just to recap; some random people just attacked and burned down our house, my dad went to fight off a man and another is following us.
again ‘WHA...’yeah turns out they weren't really say “people” but…immortals. they attacked and burned down our house they had a purpose to kill my parents. ‘WHY?’ well my father was an immortal as well and my mother the same immortality was in her blood but in a different gene; the wolf gene. she had just phased into a beautiful silver wolf.
They had the open mind to see that they didn't have to be at war with one another like many others but in this scenario they fell in love. which is said to be impossible no matter how fine you were with each other the smell and the feeling they give you wouldn’t allow that proxtminitie. i don’t know how, but they did it. something i’ll never understand.
My mother stopped and i climbed off. she phased just long enough to tell me she loved me and make sure i had the bag. she said a small prayer under her breath but i heard. -my father and my mother’s side- she had blessed me. then whipped her head towards the large wolf that was standing as tall as a horse but muscle was built around him. his tannish-yellow fur was like an aura shining around him for the only light was behind him.
he growled ferociously at her and bared his teeth. i cringed closer into the bush that was concealing me. he charged with a great leap but my mother twisted her body from a crouch to where her hands were on the ground and she kicked off with her feet. all this was done in a fluid movement as she phased.
she took off and he bounded right in front of me, his large paws shaking the ground making me shake even harder than i already was. he didn't stop long enough to catch my scent; his blood lust was too alluring to ignore for a chance of rational thought.
i stayed there, hidden. i could smell my father’s stone flesh burning. or that could have been our house with his scent on all our belongings. i looked to the west and saw a thick purple toned plume of smoke rising into the air. then from the North East i heard barking, growling, and snarling. a few yipes every now and again then a deafening crack and a yelp. “no” i whispered. i knew it was her, he killed her. at least it was quick she didn't have to suffer long for me. i wish i could say the same for my father.
the large tan wolf howled the howl i would never forget; the death howl; long and low. his voice was so beautiful -unlike his heart- so strong and powerful drawing the others near for it was done, the kill was finished.
at this i ran full throttle -something i got from my father.- heading Eastbound slightly to the south. -something i got from my mother.- the fire’s light grew dim but the sun would be rising. i couldn't see it yet though.
“HAGHA!” i exclaimed when i was stopped right in my tracks with fear. for a shadow figure stood before me. i couldn't see his face but his silhouette showed me he was male, some where near 5'9’’ and about my age he smelled of imortal. he seemed just as startled as i but at the moment he couldn't be more threatening.
i fell down hard on my bottom hitting my back against a tree. he took a assertive and offensive stance and growled. his amber eyes glowing brightly. he jumped towards me and phased into a wolf. i shouted again and cringed against the tree.
he growled once again and bared his teeth. he came closer snarling at me while i cowerd. he started to sniff then his growling ceased and he sniffed once more too be sure. he made a ‘huff’ asking me something. from what i had learned from my mother he had asked ‘why?’ to what i didn't know.
he began to whine. and backed away a step and turned slightly back to the east. he turned to me once more and whined. ‘come.’ why?!? what?!? i couldn't keep up with him, not like this.
he became anxious. there was nothing i could do. ‘i cant do it; i cant phase. believe me i want to but i just cant.’ i wanted to say but the words wouldn't come out. he then became agitated with me “i cant” i said urgently hushed.
he paused as he was surprised by my words he stood there thinking’ so hard i could see his brow furrow.- something not possible for normal wolves but his face was reconstructed from a face that could hold expressions and was still able to.-
then the people got closer and we could hear yips and holars. he swung his head towards the sound behind me then back to me. he began to growl again and i flinched once again, he bared his teeth and got louder he even had the nerve to BARK at me.
what was he doing? who does he think he is? he was going to lead them right to us. ‘you idiot!’ i wanted to shout. oh the nerve of that boy. i was so enraged and filled with anger that i saw red spots flash behind my eyes, i could taste the venom pooling in my mouth as i clench my jaw. my eyes became red -something i got from my father- i could feel the heat rising in my cheeks.
he saw this and seemed to smile for a moment. he crouched down acting as if he wanted to fight and a growl turned to another bark. what? that was even worse. i felt the same way though; frankly i wanted to KILL him right now.
i felt something stirring inside of me; something fervently rushing, coursing through my veins. something new to me, but had been there all along. i felt heat lick up my spine with an involuntary shiver even though i was burning up inside.
i'm not sure how i felt about this new sensation exactly, but it was…THRILLING. Exhilarating even, i felt like i was so much more, i was so powerful. it also felt frighteningly new and foreign to me, it felt so weird.
this feeling caused a growl to rumble in my chest and claw up my throat and slide past my gritted teeth as i moved to a crouching position. the sound seemed to intrigue the wolf boy; he gave another bark at me. this ignited the flame of the spark within me; with the flame ablaze i pounced at him as my gritted teeth parted and a snarl was released. he jumped back not in fright but shock. he stood and then grinned a wolfish grin with his reconstructed face.
i felt so different, so NEW. the flame felt bright and radiant. my bones and muscles felt stretched and tight and ready to move and could last for days. i felt strong and more empowered than ever.
what i didn't understand was why he was grinning at me like that; i tilted my head questioningly. he just stared at me, he sized me up and that's when i realized; i looked down at my hands...or what were my hands, but were now my feet.
“hagh!” i gasped ‘wha…?’ i jumped back in shocked horror. i was...different...i was...a...a...a wolf. I felt scared and shocked and…and...and exhilarated, empowered, and ALIVE. I’d never felt like this before; never thought i could feel so strong, so authoritative….so like…ME.
“Rmmuph” he barked at me. He turned away from me to the east and then looked back my way. I stood confused. He swung his head towards the East back and forth. ‘Come’ he was saying but i just couldn't seem to understand.
He became irritated and turned to me and growled baring his teeth. What was wrong with him? So bipolar. First he wants me to follow him then he wants to fight me. Well, if it’s a fight he wants is a fight he’ll get.
Suddenly I snapped out of my trance. I lowered my head and ears and pulled back my lips showing my now enlarged canine teeth. He pulled back, now standing. I was so confused. ‘what the HELL is wrong with you?’ i wanted to say but i couldn't-besides the fact that i didn't have the proper lips to pronounce the words- and he caught me in his stare.
His eyes a warm amber color; so...beautiful; it was like the flakes of gold, brown, and yellow were floating in a creamy liquid. I couldn't look away from those eyes there was something about those eyes; something significant. What, i didn't know.
‘RUN!’ they said ‘GO!’ I took a step backwards as he swung his head to the left ‘GO GET OUT OF HERE!’ I couldn't move; his eyes had me trapped in their embrace. ‘GO!’ he barked ‘GO! GET OUT OF HERE, HURRY, RUN!’
I took a back step and turned slightly to the right and looked back at him; my eyes drawing away painfully from his; pleading for me to listen, to understand. I reluctantly turned my head and took off to the SouthEast. The light of the fire and the shouts fading behind me. I kept running; as fast as i could and never looked back.

The author's comments:
i wrote this when i was a "twihard" but now i hate twilight but i still like the plot of my book so i continued

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why thank you

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"You are only confined by the walls you build around yourself." "Follow your heart, but take your brain with you." "You were born to be real, not to be perfect."

This is very good. I can't wait to read what else you've written!

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WHY THANK YOU!!! I do ask what and where could the grammer be improved?

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The grammar could be improved on but i found this article exhilarating and detailed and i really enjoyed it! five stars