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Days Go By:Prologe

April 6, 2015
By Vampriss GOLD, Chanute, Kansas
Vampriss GOLD, Chanute, Kansas
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Calya PROV
She walked down the barren path, as she did she heard noises behind her. She whipped her head around, looking back to see, her eyes searching for the location of the noises. She looks ahead and starts walking a little faster to hurry up and get home. As she did, she tripped over a rock and fell
straight on her face. She got up and started running toward her house. She could see the lights from her house, shining brightly in the distance.
She reached the driveway and saw that there were four cars parked out in front of her house. She came up and the man, their butler, opened the door.
“Calya” He said to me as I walked inside. When I got inside, I went to walk past the living room and I heard voices. I stopped to listen.
“You promised, Julie. We had a contract. You owe us the girl.” said some strange mans voice.
“ You said you wouldn’t take her until she was eighteen. What happened to that?” My mom said in a shaky voice.
“We our retiring from the title of king and queen. So we need your daughter sooner than planned. I’m sorry.” A woman’s voice said soothingly. I heard my mom start to cry.
I looked at the floor And thought to myself, What did she sale me for? Why do those people want me to become? . I realized who they were. The supernatural creatures of the night and my blood ran cold. S***, I have to get out of here. I ran out and jumped in my car. I put the keys in and revved the engine. I speed off into the night.
I arrived at Zach’s house and I ran up and bangged on his door.
“Who is it?” I heard him mumble.
“Its me. Zach let me in! Please!” I said pounding on the door. He opened the door and looked at me weirdly.
“Why are you here so early in the morning? It’s 2:50 in the morning.” He said rubbing his eye’s.
“Well, I was out on a walk and I walked inside. I heard my mom talking to the king and queen. It took me a minute to realize just what they were king and queen of. Then it hit me, they are supernatural. My mom sold me and I just showed up to your house for safe house.” I said rambling fast, “please let me in.” He opened the door wide and stuck his head out looking, left and right, and he pulled me by the arm into the house. Then he shut the door and armed his system. he took me to his bedroom and laid me down. and right before I fell asleep, I felt the tears cascade down my face. Then he took his hands and brushed them off my face. I mean I know he’s a vampire and all., but he is hot, caring, and sincere. Then the dark consumed me.

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