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Lily Luna Potter vs Sorting

July 31, 2015
By Orchid7 PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
Orchid7 PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
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"Lily,sweetie please calm down!" Ginny looked exasperated with her daughter's erractic behavior.


"Look James, I AM NOT going to become a Slytherin! Why do you have to annoy all the first years you know?"

Albus Potter looked at his siblings from the corner of his eye. His silence itself was deafening to Lily.


"Albus didn't make it into Slytherin! So neither will Lily or me." Hugo had a smug expression on his face, his arms around his cousin.


At this, Albus and Rose exchanged looks of amusement, smiles creeping up their faces. 

Hugo noticed this and suddenly regretted bringing their houses up. James quickly began to more fuel to the already inflamed fire.


"But Lily, did they make it into Gryffindor?" James turned around to yell at the person who stole his sentence. 

Lysander Scamander beamed at a very dumbstruck James.


"Sander!" Lily and Hugo cried in unision. The Gryffindor made his way towards the potter-weasley clan.


Rose slapped him on the back playfully. He seemed a little embarresed and blushed at her.


"Where's Lorcan? Already on the train I suppose?" James shook his head in disbelief when Sander nodded.


"Alright guys,have a great train ride. Try to stay alive. Howgwarts can't afford to lose you two newts." His voice was oozing with sarcasm.

Lysander follwed James into the the train.


Albus walked over to Lily and wrapped his arm Hugo.


"You both will do great. Rose and I know you'll make us proud."


Rose nodded and drew Hugo closer to her.


"Remember Scorpius? He was the decendent of a line of bad witches and wizards. But despite that,he made it into Hufflepuff! The house of the kind." Rose's eyes looked glistful at the mention of her best friend. 


"How do you see him then Rosie? If you guys aren't in the same house?" Lily was curious despite herself. Rose smiled and shushed Lily. Albus was dying out of laughter.


"Come on Rose. You can't keep Scorpius waiting can you?" Albus walked alongside his Gryffindor cousin. He was a proud Ravenclaw.

The Sorting ceremony

Lily and Hugo were in a nervous wreck. "Hey Lily, you'll still hang out with me if I'm in Slytherin right?"

Lily looked at him,her hazel eyes said everything. 


"Lily Luna Potter"


She felt her nervousness die down as she realized whatever the sorting hat chose was fate. The sorting hat smiled to itself when he received another Potter.


"Ah, Lily Potter. You resemble your grandmother in many ways.Much like Rose and Hermione. Ah a lot of courage in that head of yours...but loyalty and kindess as well. Hmm, I'm wondering,Gryffindor or Hufflepuff."


Lily did not care about the houses at that point. All she cared about was the fact she she was like Lily Evans, her brave grandmother.


'Um,' she thought in her head,'Could I maybe choose?'


"Like your father and Albus did?"


That was news to Lily. She felt almost enraged they didn't tell her she could CHOOSE her house. All her frustration that summer was simply uncanny.


'Yeah sure. I choose..Gryff..' her voice trailed off.


She saw Albus at the Ravenclaw table. 


After a moment she took off the sorting hat and sat among the Hufflepuffs. Teddy was chearing for her loud and clear. Her heart had made the decision. Lily Evans told her to choose Hufflepuff.


"Hugo Weasley", Mr.Longbottom called.


Neveille gave a thumbs up to Hugo as the hat was placed over his head. Surprisingly,the sorting hat didn't even think about it.

"Ah,another WEASLEY. As I have said to your father my dear boy, I know just what to do with you. GRYFFINDOR"


Lily smiled inspite of their separation. If Rosie and Scorpius were friends,they could still be close as well.


Hermione reading all the letters

"Oh my. Well, I suppose Ron blackmailed the sorting hat into putting our kids into Gryffindor." Hermione scowled and then laughed.


Harry and Ginny looked at each other. "Three children all of different houses. Well I suppose we'll have some diversity." Ginny threw her purse at Harry,playfully.

"Well,at least none of them had a horcrux inside of them when sorting." Harry said smiling.

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