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Valentine’s Day, a Taxi, and an Old Enemy

February 13, 2019
By julianatomecki SILVER, Lemont, Illinois
julianatomecki SILVER, Lemont, Illinois
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It’s a windy day here in New York, would have been a normal day for me, but it just had to be Valentine’s day. The most romantic day of the year! Except this little lovebird didn't have a single soul to spend it with. Every year my parents invite me over and I hang out with them. Sad right? I bet you just chuckled. Imagine a 20-something year old man on a couch, squished between his parents watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. I told you it was sad! But this year, my parents insisted on setting me up with their neighbor’s daughter. I was reluctant at first, but was the worst that could happen?

I walked passed Joe’s Deli, Joey yelled through the window “You’ve got this man!”. Joey is a good friend of mine. He put up a Go Brian! poster in his window because yes, everyone was that excited. I mean, was I really that bad at dating? I walked all the way to the end of the block. I waved over a taxi and a woman next to me hopped in. “Hey chick! This is my taxi!” She wiped her blonde locks around and looked at me, “Sorry bud! Gotta go!” And as she slammed the door, the driver drove off. Great! Now I was going to be late for my date. “Thanks a lot blondie!”

Finally, I arrived to Francisco’s Italian Restaurant, 20 minutes late. The only thing I remembered was that she said she’d be wearing purple. I searched around and saw a girl with her blond hair in a bun at the bar. I made my way over and tapped her shoulder, “Hi Liz! I’m Brian. I hope you didn’t think I stood you up! Some crazy lady stole my taxi.”  She finally turned her head around, “Crazy, Huh?”

She was an old enemy, “It’s you! Your the lady that stole my taxi!” She rolled her eyes, “Calm down dude, it was just a taxi.” I stared at her in awe. This was the lady! She took another sip from her wine glass while adjusting her dress. She glanced at me in confusion “Well? Are you gonna stare at me all night or are you gonna sit down? I’ve been waiting here for a while, you’ve got a lot of drinks to catch up on.”


“So that’s the day kids. That same crazy, taxi-stealing woman would become my wife.”

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cmariej GOLD said...
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cmariej GOLD, Buckeystown, Maryland
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I really enjoyed this!