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The Dream

June 2, 2022
By LittleRed04 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
LittleRed04 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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It was a moment of pure bliss.

The fluffy, cool pillow, the soft, cozy blanket, the bouncy mattress cushioning my body.


After my early morning call of 5 am to wake for school, plus the additional time at, and after, school of working my brain to its max, I couldn’t wait to close my eyes and count sheep until sleep arrives. At least, that was what I had hoped would happen, so how did I get here again?

Blaring music and blinding lights, my heart beating to the rhythm of the party sounds. Yeah, how did I get here?

Let me tell you from the beginning: It was a dark and stormy night… no, no, I’m just kidding. It was a soft and dewy day, the smell of rain crisp in the air. I had just finished dance practice after school. Now around 6:30 pm, I was so very ready to go home, finish my homework, and submit myself to the sweet escape of sleep. But, that’s not how it happened. 

I was walking home, sun warm on my skin, breeze gently blowing my hair when BAM! Two cats jumped in front of me, poised to pounce again. I turned to escape, but two cats had snuck behind me as well. There was nowhere left to run. Accepting my fate, I followed the cats on the long walk to where they wanted me to go. 

After walking till my feet could fall off, we arrived at a typical looking cafe. Flowers hung from the eaves and delicate text spelled out the name of the cafe on the clear glass: “Steam Beans Cafe”. The cats forced me in. What could go wrong? 

A lot. A lot could go wrong. As soon as I entered, I was swept away by more cats and dressed in club clothes. Pushing me down some hidden stairs in the back, the cats closed the door behind me. 

Turning around, I took a deep breath and walked until I felt a door. Obviously curious and unable to smash that curiosity, I opened the door in front of me.

I shouldn’t have done it. 

It was like opening Pandora's box. The quiet that had been present in the dark stairwell was completely overtaken by thundering music. The lights blinded me as I looked around the crowded room, only to widen when I realized something. 

They were animals!

No humans were present in the room, only house pets. From cats to dogs, to birds and fish, to hamsters and turtles. As the door slammed shut behind me, the music cut to a stop and I froze. My body felt heavy from the weight of the stares. 

“Hey guys, I wasn’t trying to intrude, I was just…visiting?” I tried to explain, forcing a smile and trying to find an escape. 

Seemingly not hearing me, the animals started to approach me. Inching closer, step by step, hop by hop. 

I could hear them saying my name, calling it quietly at first, getting louder by the second. Not stopping to wonder how they knew my name, I turned and began pounding on the door.

 No one came to help. 

My name only grew louder.

And louder.

And louder, till it was the only thing I heard, completely drowning my other senses. 



“AUDREY! Wake up!” I shot awake. Closing my eyes tight to avoid the soft light penetrating the room, I tried to calm my erratic breathing. 

“Audrey, it’s time for school,” my mom said,” You need to wake up and get ready.” After that, she walked out my bedroom door, closing it behind her. 

What just happened?

Closing my eyes and falling back on my pillow, I went through what had just happened in my head. Was none of it real?

“Audrey honey, are you okay,” my mom asked, coming back into my room to make sure I was getting moving.

“Yeah mom, I just had a strange dream.”

The author's comments:

This piece is a slight comedy that shows just what the imagination can do. 

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