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nameles II the frying pan and the fire

March 3, 2010
By tomtamtimmy GOLD, Sydney, Other
tomtamtimmy GOLD, Sydney, Other
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‘3 minutes’ the pilot said through the intercom. I wandered into the small armory in the back of the chopper. Jack came with me. He snatched an AK-47 from the wall and grabbed a couple rounds for it.
‘ I’ve decided I don’t really like M16’s.’ I said picking a gun off the wall.
‘ohhh nice choice G36C’ Jack Said. ‘ not the strongest gun, or the fastest but-‘
‘gods that’s light’ I said cutting him off in mid sentence. ‘Were is the weapons engineer ? I want red dot sight on this.’
Jack sighed ‘sparky!’
A 20 year old with short red hair and deep brown eyes.
‘Yeah?’ he asked.
‘Can you put red dot sight on my gun’ i asked.
‘Sure’ he replied ‘its easy’ he took the gun , and from the saddle bag he was wearing he took out the attachment and a few screws. He did it by hand and was done in thirty seconds. ‘Here you go’ he said handing the gun back to him and selected his own weapon from the wall. He choose an RPD and then we all dragged ourselves back to the main compartment. And sat down.

’30 seconds’ the pilot said over the intercom. We all started checking our weapons. We saw our destination. It was a forest.
‘Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire!’ a soldier exclaimed. ‘We are just jumping from battlefield to battlefield and each one gets worse!’.
The chopper landed in a small clearing the lights in the cabin went green.
‘Welcome to paradise rock hoppers’ the pilot said opening the door remotely. We all dashed out ‘your five hundred meters south of the outpost’ the pilot said And then he took to the air again.

We all moved slowly through the dense jungle guns raised, there was no machetes in the chopper so we were forever walking through dense amounts of vines and branches blindly.
A solder sighed ‘don’t we all just love our jobs’ he said sarcastically. A few of us grunted in agreement adding to the sarcasm. And then the solder that talked stopped and went pale. ‘guys stop’ he said in a rasping voice.
‘what’s up?’ a soldier asked.
‘i heard a click’ the soldier said.
A soldier swore and then Sparky was their near the soldier kneeling down.
‘aren’t you going to tell me do something’ the soldier said trying to hide his fear but i could see his bottom lip tucked into his mouth and he was probably knawing it.
‘nope’ Sparky said calmly ‘if I tell you to do something you’ll over react and you will be going to the moon on a jet stream’. He smiled grimly at his own gallows wit. We all did. It was kind of funny in a scary kind of way. He swiftly drew his knife and, with his eyes screwed shut I could see him quietly reciting the Hail Mary. His hand with the knife slowly danced over three wires. And then he slowly slit the yellow one. He opened his eyes and let out a short laugh.
‘you can take your foot off now’ sparky said.
‘how do you know its been disabled’ the soldier asked.
‘Cos you’re not dead’ Sparky said.
The soldier slowly lifted his foot up and laughed. Sparky was breaving heavily as if he had just screamed through 42 kilometers of valley.
He got up and we began to move, but more cautiously Of were we are putting our feet and the fact that the land mines just confirmed. There is the enemy working in this jungle. we wandered until we came to another small shanty town. As soon as we entered the clearing we all bobbed down with guns raised. Jack was in front of everyone moving slowly forward. And then suddenly he stuck up his hand, all fingers outstretched, signaling us to stop.
‘I can hear something’ he hissed.
We all stopped and listened and sure enough there was a sound. ‘hey I know that sound. I used to live on a farm that’s a-‘
‘DIRTBIKES!’ i shouted and dived behind a tree. Two soldiers dropped dead in a hail of gunfire. The riders were armed with mini Uzi’s.
‘Damn, i want one of those’ i shouted at jack across from me hiding behind a tree.
‘how the hell are you going to get a dirt bike?’ he shouted back.
‘like this’ i said sticking out a large branch out in front of me. One of the dirt bike riders ran straight into it, clothes lining him self. The bike spun out of control, fell over, and came to a halt. I snatched the mini Uzi off the ground, slung my G36C over my shoulder and ran to the dirt bike picking it up.
‘nice’ jack said.
I kicked off the ground and ran head first into the town. I knew what i had to do. I had to clear the way for my soldiers. I went into on of the streets. Six enemy soldiers barred my way. I rose my gun. I knew how to ride but, this was crazy. Tying to shoot someone while your going a hundred miles an hour. To put it into two words. It’s insane. I shot the first two, then i wobbled. And then i shot the next three and left the last one. In a shop window a soldier stood with a modern shouklder- 46. Developed in 4672. it uses micros sized bullets so it can carry double the amount of ammo that are no less, if not more, deadly then normal sized bullets. It also carries a scope and is virtually recoilless, but it’s heavy and is only used as a tripod mounted turret. I shot him before he could shoot me and i cut up the walls. And then i saw another bike. Coming the other way, towards me with a MM261. a micro machine gun. About the size of a pistol with micro sized dome shaped bullets. First made in 4261. it just like a medieval joust cross a game of chicken. He lifted his gun and sprayed the area around me. There was a hot burning sensation in my upper arm, pain shot through it and I yelped. I tied to punch the soldier when we whisked past each other but i missed. I U-turned and doubled back. The enemy soldier did the same. We both lifted out guns and started spraying.
It was old school against new school.
UZI against MM261.
Under the hail of gun fire my senses sharpened, the pain in my arm stopped and everything seemed to slow down. I stopped trying to shot the soldier off and shot the tire. I braked and skidded and turned the bike sideways. The soldiers bike did a little dance and flipped over many times and with each rotation one tire hit the ground with a bone shaking thud. The soldier on the bike held on desperately until the bike threw itself into a tin house and exploded.
‘good riddance’ i muttered under my breath at the burning wreak of a house, then i revved the dirt bike and dashed back from where i came from.
I was at the helicopter and the last one to get on due to the fact of the dirt bike.
‘i dont care how big this is i am bringing it with me’ i argued.
‘the pilot rolled his eyes and gave in. we set of to the horizon.
‘good job out there’ the co-pilot said over the inter com ‘and we will be home for dinner’.
We all laughed.

Isaac Johnson signing out.....
To be concluded.

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