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February 21, 2010
By YoureCrazy GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
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Renee's House

"MOM!" I shouted when I came in the house with Nicson trailing behind me.

"What is it, sweetie?" She asked and came out of the kitchen. "NICSON!" She screamed and came and give him a HUGE hug. He looked a little bit startled to me.

" Hi, Maggie." He said to my mom. She looked at him.

" What are you doing here?" She asked.

" Well, Dad didn't want me and Renee to be seprated and because of his job, we moved here." He said and looked at me. " Guess the wedding can go as planned." He said under his breath.

" That's great!" Mom said with fake relive.

" We're meeting up with Cobie and Dustin in a few." I said, trying to change the subject. She frowned.
'" Where are you going?" She asked.

" Starbucks." I said and went up to my room. I flopped onto my bed and closed my eyes for a few seconds and then I felt some weight on the bed like someone was sitting on it. I felt a hand on my back and looked up to find Nicson looking at me. I smiled. He smiled too and then leaned down and pressed his lips to mine.

" I love you." He said.

" I love you too." He smiled and leaned down for one more kiss.

" Oh, crap!" I shouted and bolted up. He looked really startled this time. He frowned.

" Whats wrong?" He asked and came over to me.

" Are we going to Starbucks or not. 'Cause we can keep doing this if we're not." I asked. He smiled.

" Let's not." He kissed my neck. I shivered.

"O.K." I said and pulled my phone and dialed Cobie's number. " Hello?" She asked. " Hey, Cobie. Um, listen we're um, not going... to make it. Something's come up." I said. " Oh, kay, babe. Ya know that Dustin iz goin to be depressed." I loved Cobie- like a sis. And plus, we were best friends. " Yea, I know. Tell him 'sorry' for mez pleaze?" " Oh, kay honez." She said and then whispered, " I know what youand Nicson are going to do- BYE!" She shouted

" Bye." I flipped my phone shut and smiled at Nicson. " Lets do it." I whispered. He blushed.

" O.K. Then." He got up and locked the door and then came back to me. I layed down. He got on top of me. He bended down and kissed me. My hands traveled up his shirt and vice versa. He took of my shirt, I did his. He started to undo my pants.

--------------------I think you know what happens next.--------------

I woke up only to find Nicson ontop of me and pushed him off. He's a heavy sleeper. I stood up and went to my dresser. There was a note under my bedroom door. I picked it up. It said this:

Dear Renee,
I love you so much and you can't even see it. Yes, I go to your school. We're friends. I just wanted you to know this much. You are an abouslutely hot b**ch. I know that sounds perverted. I'm not one. I hope you figure out who I am.
P.S.- I'm the one that sent you the txt.

The author's comments:
Cobie's personality is like mine.

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