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November 29, 2010
By Taylor Mann GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
Taylor Mann GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
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I slowly grasp the handle of the beaded doorway, awaiting the eyes of my peers to be plastered on the exquisite dress that lays perfectly over my petite stature. I place the black embellished mask over my eyes as the finishing touch. The black decorations that spiraled around my satin ballerina style, winter formal dress, gave an elegant touch to the otherwise solid white gown. The light blue necklace that was gently placed over my neck just moments before brought out the glossy blue color in my eyes. I softly gave my wavy brown hair a gentle bounce before I opened, and stepped through the eccentric doorway. I slowly let my heels clack against the marbled flooring as I took on the stairs step by step.

We meet each other at the landing of the marbled stairway. As I look into his eyes I feel the hot tears swelled up inside of me, because I have so much I needed to say, but I can’t hurt him, so I swallow my sorrow and hide my fear as I have been doing for months, because that is my job. I allow him to grab my arm softly and lead me down the last few stairs. He smiles down at me with hopeful eyes, so I give him a reassuring half smile. When, when can I tell him?

Before I know it he is leading me to the center of the dance floor, the beautiful song that plays through the room is unrecognizable to my ears, but I sway to the music despite. Within seconds I was twirling around to a waltz, he leads me through the steps, as I twirl, and dip, and as I feel our bodies connecting through the pulse of the music, I smile truly for the first time in months. I feel us laughing in synch as we sashay across the ballroom. We dance as if we’ve been dancing for years. I feel myself growing stronger off of the overpowering happiness that danced through me, and everything else slipped through my mind. I felt our breaths growing heavy and he twirls me one last time before bringing me in for a hug. I close my eyes and breathe in his beautiful scent. We are a perfect match, and nothing can change that!

He walks me through the crowd of well dressed people as we make our way to a quiet nook in the corner of the room. As I escaped the music, everything started to come back to me. I had to tell him! I felt myself getting weaker and weaker, and my scream was silent, at that moment I knew that I had slipped away from his grasp forever. I finally let my emotions show as the hot tears fell down my face. He was sitting there curious, at first, then he was sad, he stopped searching as if something had occurred to him. And I saw the hurt in his eyes that I so badly wanted to heal, to heal the wound in his heart that was to come, the wound in his self esteem that he felt now, and the wound in our relationship through the past month, as I was living in denial, living in a lie. He thought I bailed, that he wasn’t good enough for me, but I wanted to scream to him how much he meant to me, and that if anything I didn’t deserve him.

I should have told him, I should have told him who I was at what that meant for me. He should’ve had the option before he fell head over heels for me. I cried harder as I told myself that once again I had lost someone I truly cared about, because I was selfish. I wish I were normal, but that isn’t the case, the truth is, that I’m an angel, and not the type of angel that has to die to become an angel. You see I was born an angel and I am full of life and happiness, my story is not sad, and death doesn’t have anything to do with it. I was simply born an angel, and I wished to live on earth for two years, little did I know that I would fall in love in those two years, and when my human body lost its strength after my time was up I was forced to leave the person I truly cared about. I suppose my story isn’t that happy, considering. But I had no idea that when I would lose my grasp on humanity forever that I would leave and lose something else on earth, my heart no belonged to Patrick. I took a deep breath as I began to return to heaven and into my angel form. I wiped the tears from my eyes and yawned as I began to drift asleep.

The last words that came out of my mouth were a whispered “I love you,” and I could almost feel Patrick’s warm hand on my cheek as the words “I love you too Annabelle, and I will never forget you,” drifted softly through my head as I faded into the peaceful world of my kind.

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