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A Hidden Jewel

March 21, 2011
By Palistus SILVER, Everett, Washington
Palistus SILVER, Everett, Washington
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"Live as if you're going to die tomorrow, learn as if you're going to live forever"(slightly changed, orig. Author unknown)

She had found a jewel deep inside herself and she had wanted to walk where people could see her and gleam around it. Her name was Lily, and she finally had her self-confidence back! She wished that she'd found it sooner, but better late than never. Her girlfriend of two years wholeheartedly agreed, and was rather relieved to see the revolution in her partner, as she'd grown a bit.. tired, of having to re-assure her every hour on the hour. Though this was a bit exaggerated, and she was willing, it felt like it.
Tina had no clue why Lily used to feel that way, with her beautiful long blonde hair, and her blue eyes, her toned skin, Lily looked amazing. She was also incredibly nice, and sweet, and had an amazing personality in general, but no matter how many times she was told, Lily hadn't really listened.
Thankfully now she had snapped out of it though, as she liked going out in public, but Lily never wanted to.
Tina thought they looked pretty good together, with her shiny black hair, her pale skin, and her orange eyes.
One day, they decided to go to the Mall for some lunch.
“Tina, where should we go?” Lily asked her love.
“It doesn't really matter to me L.”
“But surely you have a preference..?”
Tina looked around the large room; past the small tables, large pillars, and trash cans. “Nope.” She said with a smirk.
“Well, maybe we can walk around a bit, if we can't decide, then I can always cook,” Lily grinned, she knew her girlfriend loved her cooking.
“Sure!” Tina smiled adorably at her, and leaned in for a quick kiss.
As they walked around, Tina regrettably began to notice onlookers giving them strange looks.
'The pigs' she thought, and ignored them.
“Well... I think we should head home, dearest.” Tina said, clasping Lily's hand in her own, staring into her sapphire eyes with her amethyst.
“Ok, I can agree to that-” she said, but was cut off.
“Well, if it isn't the golden carpets. Hey there ya' munchers, how 'bout I show ya' a real good time.” A large burly man who was staggeringly drunk, said.
“In your dreams, freak” Tina said at him, and started to walk away.
“I'm the freak, eh? You're just'a couple of ugly a** d***s, and you be callin' ME a freak?!” He roared, making Lily cringe momentarily at the harsh words. Tina was uncaring, but she shot a worried glance at Lily.
“I think your friend is startin' to see things my way! Com'ere baby” He motioned at Lily. Tina was shocked to see her actually walking... Why was she going forward..?
“Lily..?” She asked, startled and terrified out of her wits. Insults were one thing, but she couldn't lose Lily...
Lily finally reached the man, and promptly extended her hand, delivering a loud, hard slap, before briskly walking away.
Lily clasped her hands over Tina's as they left the mall, hearing the man's inaudible rage as mall security was trying to contain his raging form.
They drove home in silence, nor quite awkward, but not comfortable.

Back at home:

“I was scared in there..” Tina admitted as she cuddled Lily, wrapping her arms around her. Lily understood what she meant.
“Do you honestly think I'd leave you for some p****? We've dated two years, Tina. I'm never leaving you.
“Same to you... Just please don't let his words get to you.”
“They won't, I don't care what he, or anyone else thinks, as long as you approve, so do I.” Lily beamed at her girlfriend.
“Thanks.. I love you Lily.”
“Love you, too, Tina.”
“Now...” Tina said, leading her over to the couch, where she lit the candles she'd put in that morning, and dimmed the lights, putting on really obvious cheesy music. She looked deep into Lily's eyes as she got down on one knee, using a hand to clasp Lily's hand while her other dug in her pocket.
“Lily Jordan Hellens, will you marry me?” Tina brought out a small, but very flashy ring.
Lily grinned. “Hell yes.”

The author's comments:
This was my first original piece that was intended to actually be shared with others, and it's not very good, but I decided to upload it here for any criticism/comments people have, and to get a feel for how my romance writing is taken to get a feel for how I can improve it.

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