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His Everything

April 17, 2011
By alyssabeliebs21 PLATINUM, LaGrange, Illinois
alyssabeliebs21 PLATINUM, LaGrange, Illinois
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And she left him there, sitting on the park bench. She stormed off in the direction of her house, sobbing into the sleeve of her sweatshirt. He couldn't believe she thought he'd given the temptation of another girl, when she knew he couldn't love anyone but her.

He stood up from the bench and announced with a shaky voice, “I never wanted anything to do with her.”

Thunder rolled above and her feet slowed to a stop, but she didn't turn around.

“I only agreed to go to her house to set her straight, to tell her to leave me alone. Not because I was interested.” He continued in a low voice but he knew she could still hear his every word from where she stood.

“She thought she could win me over right then, but she wasn't prepared for what I was going to tell her.” He paused and breathed deeply, trying to swallow his emotions. “I told her I was in love. With you. So deeply in love that there's nothing she could say or do to dig me out. I told her how you are my everything- my air, my water, my everything I need to live.”

He stopped as he saw her turn around and look at him with tear streaked eyes. More thunder rolled in the distance and a flash of lightning followed. Tears began to burn in his eyes as he poured his heart out some more.

“I told her how I'm nothing without you... Nothing. I said she wouldn't even have spoke to me in the first place if I was the person I would be if it weren't for you.”

He hadn't realized he'd been walking, pleadingly, towards her, and was now in arms length of her beautiful figure. The tears had begun to pool down his face, and his voice was nearly a whisper.

“Addison, I can't imagine what I'd be without you. I've never loved anyone more than I love you and I never will. I've given you everything, and I have so much more to offer- I'll stop at nothing.” His voice was barely audible and sobs clogged his throat.

Her glistening brown eyes filled with more tears and more fell from her eyes as well. Another clap of thunder cracked in the sky, followed by more flashes.

He barely mouthed his next words. “Please don't leave me. Please... I'm afraid of what I'll become.”

A sob escaped her lips and she threw her arms around his neck. She cried with her face buried in his shoulder. Then she whispered “I love you” into his ear.

He kissed her cold forehead and wrapped his arms tighter around her waist. Cool, wet rain started to fall and hit the pavement. It rained harder and harder on their faces. He watched as the raindrops rolled down her cheeks, washing away the tears.

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